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Saturday, March 06, 2010

2 Miami women charged with running student visa fraud ring at Florida Language Institute which opens in 1995, 9/11 pilot Hani Hnajour in Miramar Fl 1996.

2 Miami Fl women charged with running student visa fraud ring at Florida Language Institute (ELS) which opens in 1995, 9/11 pilot Hani Hnajour arrives in Miramar Fl during 1996 to attended a english luangage school (ELS) he also lists another Florida ESL on his 1997 visa application.

March 04, 2010, By Alfonso Chardy, The Miami Herald.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have arrested two women in Miami and charged them with operating a major student visa fraud ring through which they tricked the federal government into granting at least 150 student visas to foreign nationals who were not students, agency officials and the U.S. attorney in Miami announced Thursday.

Jeffrey H. Sloman, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and Anthony V. Mangione, special agent in charge, ICE Office of Investigations, Miami Field Office, described the scheme at a news conference.

An ICE media advisory called the operation the ``largest single visa fraud takedown in [the] agency's history.'' The visas involved foreign nationals fraudulently enrolled as students at Florida Language Institute, 947 SW 87th Ave., according to a grand jury indictment in the case. 

Florida Profit Corporation .....FLORIDA LANGUAGE INSTITUTE, INC. ELS
01/20/1995 -- ANNUAL REPORT and 01/29/1996 -- ANNUAL REPORT
947 SW 87th Ave
Miami Fl 33174

Hani Hanjour, believed to have piloted the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, carried a student visa that authorized him to study English in the United States, (in 1996 he was in Miramar Fl just north of Miami, what language school (ELS) was listed on his 1996 visa application ???).

Hani Hanjour's 1997 visa application lists the ELS or ESL Center at 105 W. Univesity Blvd. Melbourne Fl, see above, he is in Florida in 1996 and in 1997 supposedly at a english language school (ESL). 

There is no ELS school at 105 W. Univesity Blvd. Melbourne Fl,  the ELS in the USA directory of English language schools and programs in reality is the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) 150 West University Boulevard Melbourne Fl.

Whether foreign students show up for their assigned courses in U.S. schools became a major issue in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, when federal investigators discovered some of the terrorists had student visas and did not properly use them. One of the attackers, in fact, entered the United States as a student, Hani Hanjour, but never showed up for classes in a language school in California.
Hani Hanjour landed in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Dec. 8, 2000, and told an airport passport control officer that he intended to live in Oakland, Calif., to take English-language courses (ELS).  He never showed up for his courses, he knew the scam well..............

During their stays in the United States at least six of the 9/11 hijackers violated immigration laws. Officals have noted Jarrah’s failure to adjust his status while he was in flight school and the violations by Atta and al Shehhi.

In 1996, Hani Hanjour came into the United States through Miramar Florida, and asked his brother for help.  Abulrahman Hanjour asked family friends, Susan and Adnan Khalil, if they would be willing to put up Hani as a favour to him. They agreed, although they had since moved from Tucson to Miramar, Florida (north of Miami).

Hanjour obtained a student visa in March 1996 and arrived in Miramar Fl, USA on April 2, 1996 (what Florida language school did he list on his student visa application).  

Hani hanjour lived for a month in Miramar Fl, (north of Miami), where the Khalils provided accommodations for him. Many of the hijackers will later live in this part of Florida. A nearby mosque is run by radical imam Gulshair Shukrijumah, (his son Adnan el-Shukrijumah), who appears to associate with Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi in 2000 and 2001.

9/11 pilot Hani Hanjour came back on a student visa in December 2000 but then did not attend the English language school for which his visa was issued. Nawaf al Hazmi overstayed his term of admission by nine months. Suqami overstayed his term of admission by four months. None of these violations were detected or acted upon by INS inspectors or agents.

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FBI Supervisor Special Agent Richard Teahan on top ten fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger the coin collecter.

FBI Supervisor Special Agent Richard Teahan;  We have a dedicated task force solely to look for James Bulger. Its mission is to locate and apprehend Bulger, and as well as seeking anyone who harbors, aids, or abets his continuing to be a fugitive. As you’ll see, we’ve got two FBI agents, two Massachusetts Department of Corrections officers, two Massachusetts State Police, and two analysts. 

Bulger is charged with: narcotics, extortion, money laundering, conspiracy to commit murder, and a range of other conspiracy charges. He is charged with 19 counts of murder. He ran a violent criminal enterprise in Boston, manipulated his own community, terrorized his own community, took advantage of young girls, extorted, committed violent acts in the very city that he came from.

Regarding James “Whitey” Bulger's childhood, born and raised in the project of South Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a very insular community, part of Boston, and is – was and is really known to be predominantly Irish Catholic immigrants. Bulger’s parents were from Ireland. And Bulger’s brothers and sisters, one, including William Bulger, who is – who was the president of the Massachusetts Senate, a very influential political figure in Boston and also the president of the University of Massachusetts, and resigned under pressure due to James J. Bulger’s fugitive.

There’s public knowledge that Bulger was a top-echelon informant for the FBI. His handler was John Connelly. Connelly handled Bulger from 1975 to 1990, and also operated Stephen Flemmi in the same capacity.

Ultimately, John Connelly was prosecuted in 2002 for obstruction and conspiracy in regard to his handling of Bulger. As I mentioned earlier, it goes to the infiltration that the Bulger criminal enterprise operated in Boston, to include a state police trooper, to include a Boston police officer, and others.  As I mentioned earlier, you know, the infiltration into law enforcement – FBI agent supervisor, you know, Massachusetts State Police, Boston police, clerk of courts Jack Bulger, and others that, you know, we have yet to find that, you know, we believe are harboring Bulger’s fugitive status.

Just quickly regarding Bulger’s flight, Bulger fled in January of 1995. He spent some time in – and I’m not sure you can see those, but New York, Louisiana, Florida, Wyoming, Mississippi, Chicago in 1996, Oklahoma for a short time, Alabama, California. And most of those locations were, you know, via driving a vehicle across the United States (he likes large, dark colored 4 door sedans, Mercury, Lincolcn, Ford).
Boston Irish Gang Boss Whitey Bulger (80) Sightings in Florida Top Out, "Whitey" Fits Venice Fl Profile Where 9/11 Hijackers Took Flying Lessons. The international manhunt for South Boston gangster James “Whitey’’ Bulger has focused more in the 18 months on Florida, where authorities have received numerous tips that the elderly fugitive is hiding, according to the FBI.   "We're getting an increase in leads coming from Florida,’’ FBI agent Richard Teahan, who coordinates the multiagency Bulger Task Force, told reporters at the FBI’s Boston office, during a briefing on efforts to capture Bulger, whose 80th birthday was Sept. 3, 2009.

None of the sightings have been confirmed, and many have been ruled out as look-alikes. Still, Teahan said the task force has taken the tips seriously, given that Florida is a popular retirement destination and Bulger owned a condominium in Clearwater Fl and had secret bank accounts stashed all over the state before he went on the run. Where would 80 year old Irish Gang Boss James "Whitey" Bulger, a white male, fit in on the Florida land scape? Where would an 80 year old white man, who walks the beach everyday wearing a ball cap and big sunglasses, "blend" in, not Daytona Beach during bike week, not Fort Lauderdale or Panama City Beach during Spring Break and not South Beach with the hard bodies.

80 year old Irish Gang Boss James "Whitey" Bulger, a white male, fits the profile of West Coast Florida cities like Sarasota and Venice, where as in Venice Fl the average age is 69 while the medium age for all of Florida is 39. The races in Venice Fl are: White Non-Hispanic (97.4%), Hispanic (1.1%), Black (0.5%), two or more races (0.5%), get the picture ?

Bulger had created an identity in New York. He actually wasn’t living there. He had created an identity there, created a New York driver’s license to show an alias identity. And as well as international travel, and I will get into that.  During this time – well, actually, prior to his flight, he traveled extensively in true name, held a true name passport and traveled frequently to France, frequently to Ireland, frequently to the United Kingdom, and also Spain. Bulger ran a criminal enterprise, and there are some accounts that he secreted in excess of anywhere in the neighbor of $10-$30 million.

Just a quick note on Catherine Greig. We believe that Catherine Greig is currently traveling with him. She was charged with harboring a federal fugitive, and there is an active warrant for her arrest currently. We believe that she is still traveling with him, and I’ll get into her characteristics as we proceed here.

Her background, quickly, is she’s a – she was born and raised in South Boston, lived in a place called Quincy, Massachusetts for a time. She has an affection for animals, very vain about her appearance, had had plastic surgery prior to flight. And she has a twin sister living in the Boston area currently. And again, she has – the aliases that you see are aliases that she has used in the past. Catherine Greig – extremely vain, as I mentioned, animal lover, you know, very – known to frequent, you know, beaches and long walks with Bulger, and was – and is compulsive about her teeth (goes to dental clinics).
Regarding his international travel and regarding his, you know, modus operandi, as we call it, this slide, you know, shows Bulger’s extensive ability to hide money and to, you know, not so much buy assets as to plan for a life on the run, had, you know, multiple options available to him, but in essence, he would hide money in locations all over the world, some of which we have yet to find.

As I’ll show you here, these are accounts that we’ve found, but there are numerous other accounts that we believe that we have not found. This is a bank account in Montreal, Canada. I should note that Bulger conducted a lot of travel to Canada, was a Montreal Canadiens fan and traveled there extensively, also, as you see, was, you know, locating money there.

Barclays Bank in London – we conducted an investigation which found that account and a safe deposit box in true name, but a significant amount of money in those accounts which were uncovered by us, again, under true name.

Just quickly regarding Barclays Bank again, Bulger enjoyed staying at the Meridian Hotel in Piccadilly Circus. That’s how we uncovered that he was staying there was that receipt. You see U.S. – you know, the $75,000 in that account and numerous collectible coins. He was an avid coin collector and most likely used those coins as a way of converting money into foreign currency to – in order to facilitate his flight.
Bank of Ireland – you know, regarding that account, you’ll see by the types of currency that he had in that account that he was very skilled at converting currency, holding various forms of currency that he would operate and move to different accounts. And again, collectible coins.

With the accounts in mind and with his ability to secret money in locations all over the world, you know, it shows his preparation, it shows his discipline in preparing that eventually he would have to become a fugitive. He obtained a driver’s license under the name of Tom Baxter in New York in the 1970s, held that identification until we uncovered it in the late 1990s. You know, he – every residence that he would – that he would manipulate and/or come to know, you know, various people and would utilize their residences, he would establish safes in those residences. And contained in those safes would be identity documents, money, passports, driver’s licenses, things of that nature.  James "Whitey" Bulger aka Thomas Baxter (NY drivers license) lactose intolerant, always wears ball cap with sun glasses, pays with cash $100 bills.

You know, he is 80 years old probably frequenting, you know, healthcare facilities in whatever country that he may be residing or town that he may be residing. So, you know, that would probably play in more as time goes by here, is what facilities is he utilizing for healthcare. And again, just a loyal IRA supporter and very proud of his Irish heritage.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

New York City Blogger Pamela Geller Support Of The Neo-Nazi EDL Group, So Who Are The Nazis? Meet Atlas’s Thugs.

Recent post by Max Blumenthal  "So Who Are The Nazis? Meet Atlas’s Thugs".  Mr. Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author whose articles and video documentaries have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Huffington Post,, Al Jazeera English and many other publications. He is a writing fellow for the Nation Institute. His book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party, is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller.

On 03.04.10, By Max.....In the days leading up to Israeli Apartheid Week’s opening event at Columbia University, leading anti-Muslim blogger Pam Geller posted an image of an SS officer with the name of one of the event’s speakers, Ben White, emblazoned on his uniform. (The image recalled placards held by far-right settlers depicting Yitzhak Rabin in an SS uniform just days before he was assassinated.) Geller was among the crowd at the Columbia event, making sure to catch White’s eye as he walked to the podium to speak. He told me that she mouthed to him, “You’re a Nazi.” The day after the event, Geller posted another characteristically juvenile screed describing White as “Nazi boy.” There is little reason to engage a figure like Geller on the merits of her deranged characterizations.

Pamela Geller’s attacks on White are worth discussing only in light of their irony. She is, after all, a fervent supporter of a British fascist group comprised of soccer hooligans and skinhead thugs who have delivered sig heil salutes en masse at their rallies while also displaying Israeli flags — a most bizarre melange. Geller’s endorsement of the shadowy fascist group, called the English Defense League, highlights the reorganization of the British far-right around an anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist platform designed to cultivate alliances with influential online fanatics like her.

How I wish I could be there to stand with the English Defense League,” Pamela Geller pined. So what happens at a typical EDL rally? According to a report by Wales Online, at an October 2009 rally in Swansea by the EDL’s Wales-based affiliate, the Welsh Defense League, “onlookers were confronted with scenes of jeering men giving Nazi salutes.” At another rally in Stoke on Trent in January, intoxicated EDL activists in black masks attempted to break through police lines to assault anti-racist protesters around the block, injuring several police officers in the process, more from this source...

Revealed: English Nazis plot to bring terror to streets of Scotland, Combat 18 thugs to rally with Stephen Gash’s Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) and EDL  Combat 18 (or C18) is the “armed wing” of the far right British neo-Nazi organisation Blood & Honour. Combat 18’s involvement has been suspected in numerous deaths of immigrants, non-whites and other members involved in a bloody civil war inside the group. The “18″ in its name is commonly used by neo-Nazi groups, and is derived from the initials of Adolf Hitler; A and H are the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet. Members of Combat 18 are barred from joining the British Prison Service and the Police.
Anders Gravers on L. and Anti-Islamic businessman Stephen Gash on R.

Anti-Islamic Carlisle-based businessman Stephen Gash, founder of group called Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE), helped organize an English Defence League protest in Harrow, Middlesex, which descended into violence.

Gash, 56, said: “Glasgow could be huge, without a doubt. A lot of the different firms down here seem to have buried the hatchet and are sickened by the rising tide of Islam. “Whether or not that is the case in Scotland, we will have to see. Glasgow may well be the biggest march yet.

“There will be a lot of English guys travelling up for the Glasgow march from all over the place – Bristol, Luton, Birmingham. A lot of the football firms like Aston Villa get involved. I (Stephen Gash) have a lot on but I will be going to Glasgow – it’s only 95 miles away from me.

Recent EDL demonstrations in Birmingham and the one in Swansea were infiltrated by Combat 18. “That’s what caused most of the trouble.” Gash organises a group called Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) which was set up “with the single aim of preventing Islam becoming a dominant political force in Europe”.
Stephen Gash said: ” I am proud of the development of the EDL and the WDL. I am delighted that they have started up, as they are really trying to get the message across.”
Police are still investigating the Welsh Defence League march in Swansea eight days ago, when a man was arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence.   “Another organiser, Chris Renton is a BNP activist from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Renton helped set up the EDL website. When his political links to the BNP emerged, the EDL publicly distanced themselves from him but he remains an important player behind the scenes.

Gash is also well known and was with the EDL in Birmingham. He also arranged the Harrow protest, although he was arrested and removed from the area before it started.” more from this source……………….
Fascist-Racist group Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) Linked To Right Wing Politician Geert Wilders and COMBAT 18 Group.  EDL is a fascist group with many names such as MarchForEngland, Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), CASUAL UNITED, COMBAT 18, National Front etc and all going under the BNP flag. They are racist groups, anti Muslim, black, Asian, basically any non white people in England. They want communities to divide & attack, one community at a time, today it is the Muslims tomorrow it is the blacks, next the Jews.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Dubai UAE Assassination Capital of the World with Sex, Crime, Cheaters and Terrorism

Bloody Deeds in Dubai, The Death of a Pop Princess Suzanne Tamim who was stabbed to death in her Dubai apartment, clues led back to the most elevated economic and political circles in Egypt. The murder is a story of sex, violence, glamor and secrets.Tamim was 31 when she opened the door to her luxury high-rise apartment in the Dubai Marina quarter in late July. Twelve minutes later, she was dead.
Her murderer did not stop at slitting her throat. In a bloodthirsty frenzy, he attacked her body with a knife, leaving dozens of stab wounds and nearly decapitating her, according to a Dubai police report. Then the killer slipped out of his bloodied clothes, pulled his hat down over his face to evade security cameras, and cleared out. Only 90 minutes after the deed, Tamim's suspected murderer caught a flight to Cairo. 

UPDATE – Muslim Egypt tycoon Hesham Talaat Moustafa facing death gets retrial he had sexy singer Suzanne Tamim murdered in Dubai UAE, outrage !  CAIRO, March 4 (Reuters) – An Egyptian appeals court on Thursday ordered a retrial of property tycoon and politician Hesham Talaat Moustafa, who was sentenced to hang for paying a gunman $2 million to murder Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim .
Dubai Police confirm Mossad involvement in murder (humaterian extermination) of HamasTerror leader Mahmoud al MabhouhThe assassination of Hamas top militant, Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai grabbed the headlines recently. In February 2010, Dubai police disclosed that 11 members of the 18-strong assassination team carried European passports – six British, three Irish, one German and one French. The Police also confirmed that several of the assassins visited Dubai on related missions during the year, suggesting that the assassination was planned further in advance than was believed.

Many experts believe that the Israeli Intelligence Agency "Mossad" was behind the assassination. Dubai's police chief, Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim, told the Abu Dhabi-based newspaper The National that the Mossad “is 99%, if not 100% behind the murder” of Al Mabhouh.
Sulim Yamadayev, Former Chechen Rebel Boss, Assassinated In Dubai. Just last year an opponent of Chechnya’s Moscow-backed president, Ramzan Kadyrov, was shot dead in an underground car park of a luxury apartment block in Dubai. On March 29, 2009, Sulim Yamadayev was reported to be the victim of an assassination in Dubai, where he lived for several months as Suleiman Yamadayev and/or Suleyman Madov.  Major General Dahi Khalfan confirmed that Dubai police has detained a Russian national in connection with the assassination of Sulim Yamadayev. “There is a suspect but we are still investigating. Nevertheless, the case is clear and there is no confusion over what happened. An organized criminal group was behind the assassination,” he said.

Besides all the political assassinations, Dubai is witnessing a huge increase in the number of violent acts and sex-related crimes, the number of violent cases covered in local newspapers (The National) -almost every day-seems to prove the increase in violent acts.  A recent case that sparked anger across the UAE was the rape and murder of a 4-year-old Pakistani boy in the toilet of a mosque in Dubai, committed by a 30-year-old Emirati national.

Dubai and the 9/11 Hijackers; CNN reports, Mustapha Ahmed al-Hawsawi sent cash to lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta through bank accounts in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Al-Hawsawi, also known as Mustafa Ahmed, has been named as a co-conspirator in the indictment of Zacarias Moussaoui, who is accused of engaging in the "same preparation for murder" as the 19 hijackers who commandeered four U.S. jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania.
Al-Hawsawi's phone number was also found on a Federal Express package sent by Atta in early September 2001 from Florida to the U.A.E. The number was also used as a point of contact for a wire transfer to Ramzi Binalshibh, who was arrested in Pakistan in September 2002, and has admitted a role in planning the attacks.  Hijacker pilot Hani Hanjour opens an account with Citibank in Deira, Dubai, with a deposit of $3,000.

April 11-June 28, 2001: 9/11 ‘Muscle’ Hijackers Arrive in Dubai on Way to US The muscle hijackers arrive in Dubai on their way to the US.  April 11: It is not known when Ahmed Alghamdi first arrives in Dubai, but he leaves on April 8, traveling to an unknown destination, and returns on April 11;

April 12: Satam al Suqami arrives in the United Arab Emirates from Malaysia (see April 1-May 27, 2001);
May 7, 2001: Ahmed Alhaznawi arrives in Abu Dhabi from Karachi by plane;
May 13: Ahmed Alnami arrives in the United Arab Emirates by plane from Saudi Arabia;
May 26: Hamza Alghamdi enters the United Arab Emirates;
May 27: Abdulaziz Alomari arrives in Dubai from Malaysia (see April 1-May 27, 2001);
June 1: It is not known when Wail Alshehri first arrives in Dubai, but he leaves on May 29, traveling to an unknown destination, and returns on June 1 with Ahmed Alhaznawi, who previously arrived on May 7, but must have left in the meantime;
June 12: Saeed Alghamdi arrives in the United Arab Emirates from Saudi Arabia;
June 28: Salem Alhazmi arrives in the United Arab Emirates from Saudi Arabia. [US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, 7/31/2006, pp. 42-50 ]
The hijackers typically remain in Dubai for a few weeks before moving on to the US (see April 23-June 29, 2001). While in Dubai the hijackers purchase traveler’s checks:
April 28: Majed Moqed purchases $2,980 in MasterCard travelers’ checks from the Thomas Cook Exchange in the nearby emirate of Sharjah;
May 27, 2001: Ahmed Alnami purchases $10,000 of American Express travelers’ checks and Hamza Alghamdi purchases the same amount of Visa travelers’ checks in Dubai;
June 6, 2001: Ahmed Alhaznawi purchases $3,000 of American Express travelers’ checks in Dubai;
June 7, 2001: Wail Alshehri purchases $14,000 of American Express travelers’ checks in Sharjah;
June 24: Fayez Ahmed Banihammad purchases $4,000 of Thomas Cook travelers’ checks in Sharjah. [US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, 7/31/2006, pp. 44-48 ]

In addition, Wail Alshehri obtains an international driving permit in Sharjah on June 5. [US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, 7/31/2006, pp. 47 ] Some of these hijackers are assisted by plot facilitator Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi (see Early-Late June, 2001).

It is not clear who helps the others, although Dubai-based Ali Abdul Aziz Ali previously assisted some of the hijackers (see June 29, 2000-September 18, 2000), and Saeed Sheikh, who has Dubai connections, may also assist some of them (see Early August 2001). In addition, Victor Bout, an arms dealer who flies shipments for al-Qaeda and the Taliban through the UAE, is based in Sharjah (see Mid-1996-October 2001).

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Pentagon Shooter John Patrick Bedell 9/11 Truther and Right Wing Internet Nut

MSNBC...Pentagon Shooter John Patrick Bedell 9/11 Truther and Obama Hater; The shooter, identified as John Patrick Bedell, 36, of Hollister, Calif., died hours after being admitted to a hospital in critical condition, authorities said. They had no motive for the shooting. There were signs, however, that Bedell may have resented the military and had doubts about the facts behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The shooter walked up to the checkpoint at the Pentagon's subway entrance in an apparent attempt to get inside the fortified Defense Department headquarters. "He just reached in his pocket, pulled out a gun and started shooting" no more than five feet away, Keevill said. "He walked up very cool. He had no real emotion on his face." The Pentagon officers returned fire with semiautomatic weapons.

NBC News reported that one of the wounded officers was shot in the leg and the other was hit in the shoulder. Bedell's death was confirmed early Friday by Beverly Fields, chief of staff of the D.C. medical examiner's office; and Leigh Fields, medical legal investigator for the office. Both said Bedell's body had arrived at the medical examiner's office.

The assault at the very threshold of the Pentagon — the U.S. capital's ground zero on Sept. 11, 2001 — came four months after a deadly attack on the Army's Fort Hood, Texas, post allegedly by a U.S. Army psychiatrist with radical Islamic leanings. In the immediate aftermath Thursday, investigators did not think terrorism was involved but were not ruling that out and did not discuss possible motives.
President Barack Obama was closely following the case with updates from the FBI through his homeland security and counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan," White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said.  Law enforcement officials identified the suspect as Bedell, 36. They also said they were speaking with a second man, who might have accompanied the shooter, and were running his name through databases, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.....

Someone with the user name “JPatrickBedell” made it clear in a 2007 post on Wikipedia that he was determined to find out the “truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions” and see that justice was served in the death of Colonel James Sabow.

"I am determined to see that justice is served in the death of Colonel James Sabow, as a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes. My work to develop information currency is an effort to create a framework for information management that uses financial markets to create the economic signals (prices) that will effect complex human actions in the real world based on specified information. My desire for justice led me to violate what I think is one of the most unjust laws, cannabis prohibition, by growing 16 cannabis plants on my balcony in Irvine, CA from March 2006 to June 2006. I’ve posted the Orange County, CA District Attorney’s complaint for this offense at " .

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Long List of Muslim "Holy Warriors" Who Went To Strip Clubs Before They "Pulled the Pin".

Mohamed Atta and his Crew frequented the Cheeteh in Sarasota and several of the hijackers - including reputed ringleader Mohamed Atta - spent $200 to $300 each on lap dances at the Pink Pony strip club in Dayton Beach Fl.

Fort Hood Mass Murderer Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan came into the Starz strip club not far from the base at least three times a month, the club's general manager, Matthew Jones, told Army investigators building their case against Hasan plan to interview Jones soon.  "The last time he was here, I remember checking his military ID at the door, and he paid his $15 cover and stayed for six or seven hours," Jones, 37, said.

Muslim Terrorists Met at Strip Clubs in Sarasota, Daytona, Las Vegas and the Midway Invader in Mississauga Ontario, Eh ?
The New Locomotion Strip club is one of four strip clubs run by "The Cabaret Group" in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Kimberlee worked at Midway Invader in Mississauga; in 2006 and 2005 which is Mr. Sits bar.
That is where she thought that there was 'Muslim Meetings' going on in the late Winter and early Spring of 2006 in Mississauga Ontario. She suspected that something wasn't right about the way a group of Muslim men were acting.

The Muslim men came into the Midway Invader Strip Club as a group (and left the same way), they possibly met in the parking lot, there was an older Muslim man , about 40, who wore the Muslim skull cap and wore some of the traditional Muslim garb, there were 4 to 5 younger men, 20 to 29, who wore western clothes, loose fitting jackets and pants in the Hip-Hop fashion, they came into the Midway Invader Strip club on Friday nights, early, and sat in the loudest section of the club near the speakers.

The older Muslim man (40's) with the skull cap appeared to lead the "discussions" as the other younger men all leaned in towards him with great interest as to what he was saying, they all ordered bottles of water.

Kimberlee had no idea if those men she saw were any that were actually arrested in the June of 2006. She did complain to people about what she saw, managers, and friends etc., Because girls were going on stage, young girls and the Muslim men were sitting there; in a circle and not even moving there heads toward the stage were the young strippers were dancing.

Ontario Terrorism Suspects Face List of Charges in Plot, MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 5 2006 . The men who were arrested in a suspected terrorist plot to bomb several Canadian buildings faced a rash of terrorism charges, including belonging to a terrorist group, running training camps and smuggling guns and ammunition across the border, according to court documents released.
Osama’s Prodigal Son Omar bin Laden hangs out in Syrian strip clubs, Rambo said he was the son of Hitler.  ROLLINGSTONE INTERVIEW….It is after midnight when Osama bin Laden’s fourth-born son, Omar, leads me into a nightclub (strip joint) called Les Caves de Boys in the center of Damascus. Marked only by a small neon sign on a side street in an upscale quarter of the city, the basement bar is dark and secluded, enveloped by an air of exclusivity. Omar brushes past the two heavyset Syrian thugs at the door and picks a booth in the back.  

TERROR chief Osama bin Laden’s son spoke of his happiness at marrying an eccentric Cheshire gran. Omar bin Laden, 27, issued a statement confirming he had re-tied the knot with Jane Felix-Browne, 52 . She has been married five times before. Jeddah scrap metal dealer Omar, the fourth son of al-Qaeda’s fugitive leader, hit back at critics in his homeland. The Saudi insisted his bride, who had a Jewish great-grandfather, was a Muslim of partly Kuwaiti descent.

Agents of terror leave their mark on Sin City, Las Vegas workers recall the men they can't forget, Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer Thursday, October 4, 2001. 'Samantha' says she lap danced for Marwan Al-Shehhi at the Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret during one of his trips there.

Samantha remembers the killer settling into the crushed red velvet chair, staring blankly up at her while she undulated her hips inches from his face.

He didn't look evil, she said. Not even interesting. Certainly not like a man who would, just three months later, hijack a jet and smash it into the World Trade Center to slaughter thousands of people in a suicidal fireball. To the 37-year-old stripper, Marwan Al-Shehhi simply looked "cheap." "Some big-man terrorist, huh?"

WORLD EXCLUSIVEOct 04, 2006--Venice, Daniel Hopsicker In a meeting at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s Venice bureau, which had ironically been our first stop in our search for Stripper Amanda Keller four years ago, to check in with reporter Earle Kimel. Atta may have been in Venice Fl as recently as April 2001,” Kimel had reported.

“Charles Grapentine, the manager of Sandpiper Apartments on Airport Avenue in Venice, said he remembers seeing Atta at the complex for about three weeks in April.  He said Atta was living in the apartment of Amanda Keller.” We asked him if he had any clue about what had happened to her. Was she just a reluctant witness? Or had she been frightened into silence?

Kimel knew a bit about recalcitrant witnesses: he’d found some strippers who had danced for Atta in a Sarasota strip joint, the Cheetah, but had then encountered resistance from the establishment's management when he began to ask them a few questions...They threw him out of the club.

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UPDATE - Muslim Egypt tycoon Hesham Talaat Moustafa facing death gets retrial he had sexy singer Suzanne Tamim murdered in Dubai UAE, outrage !

UPDATE 3-Egypt tycoon Hesham Talaat Moustafa facing death, gets retrial, OUTRAGE AS MONEY TALKS !

Thu Mar 4, 2010 11:14am court orders retrial of businessman over murder of sexy singer Suzanne Tamim IN DUBAI  UAE, SEE HER PHOTO ABOVE.
* Employees, others in court cheer ruling....* Father of convicted security man praises judge.

CAIRO, March 4 (Reuters) - An Egyptian appeals court on Thursday ordered a retrial of property tycoon and politician Hesham Talaat Moustafa, who was sentenced to hang for paying a gunman $2 million to murder Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim .

Moustafa, a member of parliament for Egypt's ruling party and former chairman of the Talaat Moustafa Group (TMGH.CA), was convicted in a lower court of paying Egyptian security man Muhsen el-Sukkari to kill Suzanne Tamim, 30, in Dubai UAE.

If this appeal had failed, Moustafa and Sukkari would have faced the gallows unless pardoned by Egypt's president.  Analysts said Thursday's decision in a death sentence case was not unusual but Moustafa's privileged background was likely to encourage talk about different rules for the elite. His original sentencing had caused surprise in Egypt.

"What makes Egyptians talk about politics interfering in this case is because the accused had a prominent position in the ruling party, raising doubts about the extent the law is applied to rich businessmen possessing political connections," said political analyst Nabil Abdel Fattah.

Judge Adel Abdel-Hamid said the court "accepts the request for retrial for both convicts" and that Moustafa and Sukkari's case would go to retrial in a criminal court, prompting some present in the packed chamber to cheer and ululate.

A statement issued after the ruling said the original verdict had "mistakes in implementing the law" and the original court failed to respond to several core requests of the defence.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Morocco terrorist net dismantled, Tetouan Where Boys Grow Up to Be Jihadis in Madrid and Where Terror Webmaster Yousef al-Khattab Lives

Morocco - Moroccan police have dismantled a terrorist network that was "active in several towns" of the north African kingdom, the state security service announced on Tuesday.

The network included six members who "were planning to commit terrorist acts inside the national territory," the security service said in a statement, without saying when the arrests took place. "Within the framework of efforts by security forces to combat terrorism and extremism, these services dismantled a terrorist network of six people imbued with Takfirist ideology...," the statement said.

Takfiris are a tiny minority of Muslims in Morocco, but they believe that society and its leaders have turned away from the narrow path of what they see as true Islam. The arrests were "recently" made in the towns of Taza and Oujda in northeast Morocco and in Kenitra, 40km north of Rabat, according to a security official contacted by AFP, Tetouan is in the Northeast of Morocco..

The "network is also accused of wanting to commit acts of violence against political figures, as well as holding up a bank", said the source, who asked to remain anonymous.
Many of the men involved in the Madrid train bombings came from one small neighborhood in the Moroccan city of Tetouan.

No one thought it was strange when Muncif Ben Aboud disappeared from his crowded, unkempt neighborhood in the Moroccan city of Tetouan. Men are always leaving Jamaa Mezuak, as the quarter is known. And Muncif, who was 21, had ventured off before, roaming the worn medinas of Casablanca and Marrakesh, posing stiffly for snapshots to take home.
Forgive me if I have done wrong,” Muncif said. It was a phrase Moroccans use to bid farewell. He was going to Iraq, he said. He wanted to do jihad. Three months later, Muncif’s brother Bilal disappeared. Bilal was calling to say goodbye. He was in Syria with a group of strangers — some Turks, Moroccans and British Muslim converts — and he was heading to Iraq to become a suicide car bomber.

The people of Jamaa Mezuak Tetouan Morocco were no strangers to militant Islam. A few years earlier, five other men from the neighborhood said their own goodbyes. They went to Spain to seek their fortunes. But they became famous as key suspects in the bombings of four commuter trains in Madrid that killed 191 people on March 11, 2004. 
Tetouan Morocco - City said to be terrorist breeding ground. There is nothing isolated about Tetouan. This city of 400,000 on the northern tip of Morocco sits just miles from the Mediterranean Sea. It has long been a crossroads between Africa and Europe, a place steeped in many cultures and many links to Al-Qaeda and terrorism.

TETOUAN, Morocco,  (UPI) -- A Moroccan seaport 3,000 miles from Iraq has become one of the world's most fertile recruiting grounds for jihadists, U.S. officials say. In the past six years a group of at least 35 young men, all worshippers at the same mosque, have left their homes in Tetouan, a few miles from the Strait of Gibraltar, to become suicide bombers in Iraq, The Daily Telegraph of London reports.

U.S. intelligence traced at least nine of the men responsible for recent suicide missions in and around Baghdad to Tetouan and its surrounding area, the newspaper said. Local reports suggest another 21 individuals have left the area to seek martyrdom, following in the footsteps of five other men from Tetouan who blew themselves up in the Madrid suburb of Leganes when cornered by police in April 2004. Police believed they played a part in the train bombings in the Spanish capital in March 2004. The young men, all in their 20s, became disillusioned with the daily struggle to earn, their families say.
Queens jihadi Yousef al-Khattab created Revolution Muslim (RM) in 2007 to promote the ideas of Abdullah al-Faisal, a Jamaica-born Muslim preacher who served four years in a British prison for urging his followers to kill non-Muslims, including Americans, Hindus and Jews. Al-Faisal was deported from Britain to Jamaica in 2007.

In 2008, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence David Cohen said that al-Faisal was "the Caribbean equivalent of the Blind Sheikh" in reference to Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the Egyptian cleric serving a life sentence for conspiracy to blow up New York landmarks in 1993.

According to the RM Web site, one of the group's missions is to "support the dawa [propagation of faith] of our beloved Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal." In addition to being listed on the RM Web site as the group's "imam and spiritual advisor," al-Faisal appears to communicate with the group. An apparent letter from al-Faisal to al-Khattab on the RM Web site preaches a complete rejection of democracy and modern economics as a condition to being a Muslim. In addition, RM posts recordings of al-Faisal to its Web site and distributes CDs of his speeches on Fridays at locations throughout New York City.

Al-Khattab and his followers seek to bring about a global Islamic government that will abolish all other forms of governance, including "the dismantlement of western, secular dominance across the world," according to its Web site. This global Islamic movement will be achieved through propagation of the faith, or dawa, and through violence. According to By All Means Necessary, a pamphlet written by RM's spokesperson Younes Abdullah Muhammad, "preaching alone could never have achieved the fruit of the effort of a single day," a reference to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Yousef al-Khattab is now living in TETOUAN, Morocco where he can get close to his "roots" of terrorism.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Queens Jihadi Yousef Al-Khattab Sets Up Shop In Tetouan Morocco The Home To 30 Iraq Suicide Car Bombers

3/02/2010...Announcement, Asalam 3leikoum wr wb,This is the only official website of Yousef al-Khattab and the views expressed on www.RevolutionMuslim.Com passed December 12th 2009 when I resigned as Amir of that organization do not represent me, I am accountable for all that was said before that date. I am no longer a member of RM so please do not send me emails or posts pertaining to RM. Please do not hold my views to be those of the brothers at RM,I speak for myself and for no other group.

This being stated, brothers & the media have been asking me my position on the recent claimed attempted plane bombing in Detroit. My position is I denounce the bombing, just as I denounce the bombing of medical school graduates in Somalia. I also denounce USA foreign policy and USA terror attacks on Afghanistan,Pakistan,Yemen,Palestine,Somalia and all over the globe.

Barek Allah Feekoum,
Yousef al-Khattab
Tetouan, Morocco
Tel# 917-460-1195
(USA # in Morocco)

Yousef al-Khattab claims no link to terrorism and just wants to live the peaceful life in Tetouan, Morocco (see his photo above), but he is a liar.  Yousef al-Khattab has left the USA because the NYPD was just about to arrest him on bomb threat charges and I'm sure they were looking at any connections between Queens Jihadi Yousef al-Khattab and Queens subway bomb plotter Najibullah Zazi.

See my post, GUILITY, Al-Qaeda Agent Najibullah Zazi Admits to New York Subway Bomb Plot.

Yousef al-Khattab was the subject of two NYPD open criminal investigations into "bomb threats."   I spoke with NYPD Detective on Sunday 2/15/2009 about Yousef al-Khattab, they have opened two criminal investigations on him, one about the threats against the Jewish School and temple in NYC and second they are also looking at him for the “bombs bombs bombs” cards sent out last July 2008 to Fox News reporter Kelly Vick and others in NYC, see Sunday, July 27, 2008. NEW YORK JIHADI, YOUSEF al-KHATTAB, BOMBS-BOMBS-BOMBS AND TWO RECENT FOX NEWS INTERVIEWS at link  

Tetouan, Morocco is crawling with Al-Qaeda agents, at least 30 of the suicide car bombers in Iraq have come from Tetouan, Morocco, more than any other place in the world. Suicide bombers are among the biggest dangers in Iraq. It's believed that some of those attackers come from outside the country. And now, researchers have traced dozens of them back to a single city in North Africa, in fact, a single neighborhood.

The city is called Tetouan; it's in Morocco. Look on a map and you'll find it close to the Straits of Gibraltar, close to territory controlled by Spain. So it's a border zone dominated by trade and commerce, much of it illegal. 

Bin Laden Said Behind Gibraltar Plot;
CBS) Three al Qaeda members told Moroccan officials Osama bin Laden commanded his fighters in December to disperse across the globe and make attacks on Western interests, The Washington Post reported. The three men, citizens of Saudi Arabia, told interrogators they escaped Afghanistan and came to Morocco on a mission to use bomb-laden speedboats for suicide attacks on U.S. and British warships in the Strait of Gibraltar, the Post said.

Three Saudi Arabians have been jailed for 10 years by a Moroccan court for plotting to attack Western warships.  The three men, accused of being part of an al-Qaeda cell, were found to have plotted to sail a dinghy loaded with explosives from Tetouan Morocco and ram it into ships in the busy Straits of Gibraltar.  Prosecutors said the plot was similar to the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, in which 17 sailors died.

The three men, Abdullah Mesfer Ali al-Ghamdi, 22, Zouhair Hilal, 26, and Hilal El-Assiri, 31, were convicted on charges of attempted murder, attempted sabotage with the use of explosives and belonging to a "criminal organisation" (Al-Qaeda).

Yousef al-Khattab's B.S. Bio;........ In the year 1988 I entered a Yeshiva and started my journey into the Orthodox Rabbinical racist cult. In 1991 I wed my 1st wife (then) Luna Mellul now Qamar al Khattab. She was from the Moroccan town named Tetouan and was attending the racist Orthodox Jewish girl’s seminary known as Breuers or Sampson Raphael Hirsh Bet Yaakov aka Bais Yakov. 1992 bought us the birth of my 1st child Abdel Rahman (formally Rachamim Cohen).

Alhumdulilah he was then as he is now my pride and joy. Upon the birth of Abdel Rahman we were living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the Satmar Hasidic community. I used to see all the lying and cheating, government scams and money laundering using the Synagogue and Yeshiva bank accounts and the poor hygiene of these folk, and was nervous for my new born son not to grow up like these folk.

We tried broadening our horizons and moved to the Ocean Parkway area of Brooklyn, later that year. 1994 till 1998 bought us the birth of 3 more wonderful children alhumdulilah. Hesibeh, Abdel Aziz (formally Ezra), and Abdullah (formally Ovadia) during these years I tried to convince myself that Judaism was a true path and I just didn’t understand it because I never read the entire set of Talmud and it 3 different ways of understanding it including the “hidden level”.

You see this is the trick in the rabbinical cult, you will not EVER finish learning all the rabbinic text thus u are subservient to the Rabbis (aka Elders of Zion) who will interpret Judaism for you. During this time frame the Rabbis saw that we doubted there beliefs thus constantly followed our family contacting all new friends and employers etc.

The Rabbis MUST ALWAYS know where you move to and who are your friends. The Rabbis were starting to be a big nuisance as were the Rabbinical Jews, so seeking a better future elsewhere we loaded up the family and moved to Palestine. (then like most westerners we were brainwashed to refer to the Jew entity as Israel).

September, 1998 we now arrived in Ghaza [Gaza] , or what the Jewish squatters refer to as Gush Qatif. Quickly my wife was turned off by the lies of the folk there and my son Abdel Rahman came running home from school one day saying “Daddy, my teacher doesn’t cover her hair properly, her dress is to short, they don’t learn Torah here and all they do is play”!

Maashaallah, my son was very correctl, so with no possessions or money we set off to find a home in the nearby Jew settlement of Netivot in occupied 1948 Palestine. Shas, a “religious political party” immediately helped us by providing a home and their private school system and my kids went from knowing NO Hebrew to being tops in there class alhumdulilah.

During our stay in Netivot I met a Muslim from UAE, and we had conversations for about two years where he would ask me questions about Jewish Aqeedah or Jewish creed, and then compare it to Tawheed al Elohiya a part of Islamic Monotheism. I would then go and ask major Rabbis questions about the Jewish creed and always got 60000 different answers.

The Jews can’t even tell you where there God is based on text; rather they say God is everywhere! (authubilah) One day I decided to go to the Arab souk and buy a translation of the meaning of the Holy Quran in the English language. Subhanallah!!!!! I could not put it down!! Every problem I had with Jews and Judaism was being addressed by Allah the Most High, in the 1st three chapters of the Quran Allah answered most of my doubts about Judaism. The Quran is firm with the Jews and invites them to a just truth (Islam) to save them from the hellfire their ancestors are currently in.

Today, March 3rd, 2010 alhumdulilah we live in Tetouan, Morocco  My kids’ alhumdulilah no longer remember Hebrew and their 1st language is Arabic. All are learning in Islamic Arabic schools alhumdulilah, and we thank Allah subahanahu wa tala for blessing us with Islam.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc