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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Terrorism: Al-Qaeda draws new recruits via Internet; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2 July 2008 (AKI - By Hamza Boccolini) - Al-Qaeda is using the Internet to recruit vulnerable young people to its terrorist network, according to a programme aired on Saudi Arabian TV late on Tuesday.

Umm Osama, the founder of al-Qaeda's first women-only website, al-Khansa, joined several others on the programme to discuss how they renounced jihadist ideology. Among those who sought a response to this question was an imam from the Medina mosque, Saleh Ibn Awad al-Mudamsi, and the father of a young al-Qaeda suspect held in an Iraqi prison.
The programme entitled, 'Our Problems' began with an introduction from the host who said: "There are more than 5,000 jihadist Internet sites." "How can we protect around 5 million Saudi users who who use the Internet every day? How can we be sure that we won't suffer the consequences of extremists' propoganda?"

The powerful broadcast presented the testimony of Saudi 'turncoats', members of al-Qaeda forums who had been arrested by police and then renounced their allegiances after re-education. The first to speak was Abu Azzam al-Ansari, one of the editors of the jihadist magazine, Voices of Jihad, published to web users from 2004 to 2007.
"The Internet is a means open to everyone and this is its strength," he said. "I began using it because of my desire for the real news on what was happening in the world, because I was convinced that the United States was telling lies. "I began to use the Internet to research news of the mujahadeen, in Afghanistan, in Iraq," he said.

"When you are on these sites you don't know with whom you are communicating and you don't worry about it. You only think you are communicating with a person who loves Jihad."

Umma Osama, from the women's only jihadi website, al-Khansa, spoke of her experiences."I had Internet at home and I joined jihadist forums. It was there I discovered the existence of a new world, an open world. "Through these forums I got to know many people who like me were very active and fervent Islamists."

A young Saudi, Abu Omar, shared his experience. "At the beginning I went to the Internet to look for news about Jihad, then to listen to the messages of Osama Bin Laden and Abdelaziz al-Muqrin. Listening to these speeches I was taken by them."

The danger of al-Qaeda is recognised by the Saudi government which has arrested 701 jihadist suspects in the past six months. Only half of them are Saudi citizens while the rest originate from several other countries in Africa (MOROCCO) and Asia.

Of those arrested, 520 remain in prison, accused of "activities motivated by deviant ideology", an official term used by Saudi authorities to indicate links to al-Qaeda.


Al Qaeda's Car Bomb Ring in America, The Stolen Cars of Al Qaeda (the small boy in the pic survived).

The Stolen Cars of Al Qaeda: How a Private Detective in Florida (Bill Warner)discovered a new global terrorist connection Written by Atty. John Loftus, research and background investigation by private investigator Bill Warner, WBI Inc Terrorism Research Ctr.

What if Al Qaeda has found a new method to launder money around the world? In his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee, terrorism expert Steven Emerson made a chilling prophecy. He said that hewould not be surprised someday to find an international network of stolen car rings raising money for terrorism,and shipping cars to the Middle East to be made into car bombs. Emerson did not know that Bill Warner, a Florida Private Investigator had been secretly working on this issue in Tampa and Sarasota since 2003 as a paid Confidential Informant (CI) for a federal agency.

Warner has uncovered documentary evidence that stolen cars from Florida were being shipped to Al-Qaeda front companies in Dubai, U.A.E., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Aqqaba, Jordan. Furthermore, Warner claims that he has provided Federal agencies with a "smoking gun" document; a copy of the bill of lading from a Tampa used car lot shipping a vehicle directly to what appears to be an Al Qaeda front company in Saudi Arabia. Even more embarrassing to the FBI, Warner showed the federal agents that the suspected used car lots in Florida all had a common link: these used car lots were either owned by convicted terrorist Sami Al Arian or run by one of his associates in Tampa, one of whom is currently on the No Fly list.

Recent history has demonstrated that there are few religious-ideological barriers in the world of international terrorism. The secular Ba'athist regime in Syria works closely with Hizballah, as a secular Ba'athist regime in Iraq has developed ties to al-Qaeda.It would be a mistake to assume that Islamist international terror groups are driven primarily by the religious associations with radical Sunni or radical Shiite Islam. These groups have their own geopolitical interests in bridging this great Islamic divide - particularly their antipathy for the United States and its allies.Warner’s evidence has been analyzed by an organization of active and retired police, military and intelligence professionals.

Their conclusion is that Warner has indeed uncovered the tip of an international car smuggling ring that finances terrorism worldwide. At first, authorities were incredulous that a terrorist financing network so large could have escaped their attention. Partly as a result of Warner’s ground breaking discoveries, arrests of Muslim car dealers connected to money laundering for terrorism have now been made in at least twenty five cities around the world, including Salt Lake City Utah, Anaheim CA, Chicago IL, Buffalo NY, Houston TX, St. Louis MO, Toledo OH, Tampa FL, Sarasota Fl, Los Angeles CA, Tustin CA, Arlington VA, Miramar FL, Madrid Spain, Jeddah SA, Medina SA, Jubail SA, HamburgGR, Niggiat Japan, Dubai UAE, Tangier Morocco, LondonUK, Amman Jordan, Toronto CN, Ash Shuwaykh Kuwait,and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Even the skeptics are turning around, and, instead of crediting a private citizen Bill Warner, have intimated that the car connection was one of their own discoveries as part of good police work in the global war against terrorism: Inspector John E. Lewis, deputy assistant director of the FBI for counter terrorism said the origins of the vehicles in question were un earthed by tracing the vehicle identification numbers, or VINs. Some of the automobiles can be easily identified, specialists said, while others have had their VINs ground down or have been fitted with fake ones. Investigators believe the cars were stolen by local car thieves in US cities, then smuggled to waiting ships at ports…"Black Cars" .

According to law enforcement surveillance, each car lot could ship an average of five used cars a month to the Middle East, where they have been resold for $30,000 to$45,000 (with some luxury cars selling as high as $75,000). That could earn as much as a quarter of a million dollars per month, or three million per year per car lot. Just from the few dozen car lots that are know to law enforcement, terrorist groups have the potential to raise close to one hundred million dollars per year.

Al Qaeda’s car smuggling system has been in operation for more than a decade. Conservatively, more than a billion dollars from the car connection has gone to the cause of global terrorism in the last ten years. Next to narcotics, the used car connection is possibly the largest source of terrorist funding in the world. Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeldt, author of "Funding Evil" and one of the world’spre-eminent experts in terrorist money laundering, knows that groups like Al Qaeda have changed their tactics from year to year.

The list of stolen commodities includes honey, counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs, CD and DVD music disks, pirated copies of films, phony designer garments and handbags, baby formula supplements,"blood diamonds" and on and on.

The Car Bomb Connection;Al Qaeda did not invent the stolen car smuggling system;they copied it from the Soviet Union. Saleh Al Oufi was a loyal follower, and in 1994 quickly established a used car dealership in Medina, Saudi Arabia, as his commercial cover for Al-Qaeda.Al Oufi and his clan were familiar with covert operations and were no strangers to terrorism. One of Al Oufi’scousins, Majid Moqed Al-Oufi, was one of the 9/11 hijackers on the plane that hit the Pentagon.

AL Oufi’s business partner in the innocent sounding "Holy Water" export company was Ramzi Yousef, a major terrorist planner in his own right.

Saleh Al Oufi knew that his partner Ramzi had planned the first twin trade towers attack in 1993, and then came up with the "Bojinka plot" with KSM to blow up dozens of US aircraft over the ocean. Al Oufi knew that Ramzi came by his terrorist talents naturally: Ramzi’s uncle was Khalid Sheik Mohammed, chief architect of the 9/11 attacks.For a humble used car dealer, Saleh Al Oufi had an unusually high percentage of terrorist friends and relatives.

Family members have publicly confirmed reports that Al Oufi was close to Usama Bin Laden, and had met with bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar shortly before the 9/11 attacks. Al Oufi told his family that he had met the two Al Qaeda leaders both in Augustand September of 2001, and Al Oufi himself went back to Afghanistan following the US led attack.

In 1994-1995, Saleh Al Oufi used his commercial cover as a used car dealer to travel across Europe. Saudi government sources acknowledged that they could not rule out the possibility that AL Oufi could have used the trips to establish links to terrorist cells in Germany andthat AL Oufi’s used car business was a perfect cover for money laundering. One of his used car stops was Hamburg, Germany, where a young man named Mohammed Atta later found employment selling used cars in the open air car market on Feld Street.

While it has been confirmed that Al Oufi’s cousin Moqed participated with Atta on the 9/11 attacks, it is not known if Al Oufi the car dealer ever met with Atta the car salesman during Al Oufi’s trips to the Hamburg car markets.

In 2003, Bill Warner, a private investigator from Sarasota Florida,began retracing Saleh al Oufi’s footsteps. That is notexactly what happened, but the exact method is confidential. The terrorist tracing technique that Warner invented was so unique that one federal agency hasasked us not to disclose it. Another agency told us that when they ran Warner’s list of suspected terrorist cells through a Defense Department database, the computer name matches "lit up like a Christmas tree."

Warner’s research was quietly supported and corroborated by a network of retired and active intelligence officers, who volunteered their time to form the international Intelligence Summit, a non-profitorganization. Its purpose was to form a private-public partnership to fight the global war against terror. When a bureaucratic roadblock was hit inside the government, the Summit served as a back channel to go around it, and get the job done in the private sector.

The debate about Warner’s stolen car theory first became an international controversy in November 2005, at the prestigious Wilton Park conference, in Sussex, England. In short, Warner alleged that Muslim car dealers around the world were exporting stolen vehicles to support Jihad. The older cars were usually shipped to Saudi Arabia or Jordan to be driven to Iraq and made into car bombs. Newer models were sold for cash in Dubai and the proceeds were wired to Karachi, Pakistan and given to Al-Qaeda.

When Al Qaeda wanted to support a terrorist operation in a foreign country, they simply opened a used cardealership and shipped them cars stolen from another country to sell. Warner’s thesis was simple: "the cars are the cash."

Four used car lots in Tampa had one other thing in common: they all had a connection to convicted terrorist Sami Al Arian. On one day in October 2004, one of Al Arian’s usedcar dealers made just one little mistake. They left four dock receipts on the dashboard of four cars about to beshipped overseas; a Chevy SUV, a Ford and two Mercedes.

Warner photographed the Dock Receipt in one of theMercedes. The dock receipt laid out the details of the shipping connections. The document confirmed that this ten-year-old Mercedes was about to be shipped to the Middle East. This car does not appear to have been stolen, but purchased at auction. Not that it would really make much of a difference if this particular car had been stolen because there is no way to trace it.

Warner points out that two years after the Mercedes was shipped to Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Florida’s bizarre computersystem continues to show that the car is still registeredto a Finance Car Dealer in West Palm Beach. Warner says, "This is the used car dealer racket, the dealer is never shown as the registered owner of the car. There is nothing for an intelligence agency to trace.

It happens all the time. "Except that this time, Warner photographed the dock receipt. It showed that the old Mercedes was to be taken by truck transport to the Jax-Port in Jacksonville, and then by rail to Savannah, Georgia.

Why ship an old car all the way to Georgia to be placed ona ship, when the Port of Tampa has such a fine export facility?

"So does Miami," Warner explained. Either port was a lot closer than Savannah. "Of course, the Tampa shipping lines might ask for extra documentation because the ships have to pass right under the nose of the CentralCommand Headquarters at McDill Air Force Base, and the Miami port is the only one in the country that bothers to x-ray the export containers to see if there are undeclared cars inside. "For a ring of cautious car thieves, Savannah is the next,best place to go.

Once there, the cars can be placed on a container ship out to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On theMercedes dock receipt, the typed-in destination of "Dubai" had been crossed out, and the word "Jeddah"written in. Chevy and Ford SUV’s may have been the vehicle of choice for transporting terrorists, but when it came to car bombs, AL Qaeda had a clear favorite, also American made: GMC Suburbans. These vehicles were strong enough to be packed with a heavy load of explosives with out flattening the springs and giving away the threat to an American sentry.

According to Interpol, a GMC SUV can carry 4000 pounds of explosives, vs. 1000 pounds for a luxury car, vs. 500 pounds for a Japanese compact. The American made GMC SUV’s had more kill capacity. Moreover, the GMC SUV’s looked like the typical kind of cars that American contractors drove, so there was a built in cover as the car bombers snuck up on the American soldiers guarding the checkpoints.

The Iraqi Baathists kill with IED’s buried in the street that blow upwards, the"foreigners" of Al Qaeda prefer car bombs because they blow sideways and cause more damage in a crowd. Al Qaeda does not care about Iraqis; Al Qaeda’s mission is to start a civil war. As AL- Zarqawi put it in a letter to Osama Bin Laden: if we allow these elections to succeed, we shall have to leave Iraq and find another country. SaudiArabia was no longer home.

In the meantime, the cars keep loading onto the roll on-roll off ships, and the car bombs keep killing the innocent.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator


From Shiite Used Car Dealers In Tampa, Florida To Iraq Via Dubai:Cars To Fund Terrorism Story by Bill Warner wbipi terrorism research ctr."

A vital financial asset of the Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr (Shiite) Mahdi army in Basra Port Iraq is smuggled cars (from Dubai) purchased from the profits of stolen oil, see The Guardian 11/17/07 and Al-Sharq al-Awsat 11/11/07 newspaper reports.

There are numerous used car dealers in Tampa from Iraq and Gaza (Shiite) who are sending vehicles to the Middle East (Dubai) and then into Iraq in what appears to be in support of terrorism. The car smuggling appears to transcend Sunni and Shiite lines as both the Mahdi army and al-Qaeda in Iraq rely heavily upon profits from the vehicles to continue with their terrorist activity.

The Guardian; Hayaniya Square in Basra is a busy intersection leading to a poor and run-down neighborhood. The square is dominated by a painting of six men dressed in casual trousers and jackets, behind whom loom the faces of Moqtada al-Sadr, the leaderof the Mahdi army, and his father, Muhammad Sadiqal-Sadr. The six men, described on the mural asmartyrs, are Mahdi army commanders who were killed by the British The day before our meeting, the energetic Iraqi army commander in the region, General Mohan, whose 8th division is in charge of security in Basra, banned illegally imported right-hand drive cars from the streets of Basra.

The Mahdi army controls the ports and the smuggling of these cars. The ban was aimed at draining a vital financial asset of the militia. Within a few hours of the ban, an Iraqi army checkpoint in Basra seized a smuggled car with some Mahdi gunmen inside.

Basra-Iraq's Second Largest CityControlled by Militias and Mafias An anonymous reporter of the London-based daily al-Sharq al-Awsat, draws a grim picture about the situation in the port city of Basra, Iraq’s second largest city. The city is controlled by religious parties-affiliated militias that roam the streets with their weapons to establish their influence on various segments of the life in the city and to enforce strict religious conduct. Most significantly, the militias and mafias control the major ports on Shatt-al-Arab waterway for the smuggling of oil by dhows, motor boats and small tankers whose lack of maintenance has caused the complete pollutionof the river. The smuggling starts by drilling holes in the main oil pipeline which carries oil to oil terminals which causes more pollution on theground.

Money gained from the smuggling of oil is used to import cars and contraband material. In one port,there are currently 4000 cars which fall below the specifications established by the government, smuggled by one of the controlling families in that particular port. The police force’s loyalty is to the militias rather than to the government. The commander of police in the city said 3500 police officers draw salaries while staying at home. He added that there is not a single major crime committed in the city in which a police vehicle of personnel is not involved.

"Sheibani Network" led by Abu Mustafa Al-Sheibani and "Qazali Network" led by Qayis Khazali, Shiite terrorists working out of Basra Iraq, funded by Iran's Quads Force and smuggled cars, were responsible for the Karbala raid on Jan 20th 2007, 5 US Soldiers were killed.

The Karbala raid, as explained by the Iraqi and U.S.officials, began after nightfall Jan. 20, while U..S.military officers were meeting with their Iraqi counterparts on the main floor of the Provisional Joint Coordination Center in Karbala. Iraqi officials said the armored black GMC Suburbans were waved through an Iraqi check point at the city's edge. The Iraqi soldiers believed it to be American because of the type of vehicles, the distinctive camouflage U.S. uniforms and the fact that they spoke English. One Iraqi official said the team leader was blond, but no other official confirmed that.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A license plate from a car registered to Iraq's minister of trade was found on an SUV used by the gunmen who killed five American soldiers in the city of Karbala, an Iraqi police official said. Maj. Gen. Qais al-Maamuri, a police commander in Hilla, said the plate had been stolen from a BMW that belongs to Abdul Falah al-Sudani, a member of the Shiite Muslim Dawa Party. He said Sudani wasn't a suspect in the attack.

The "Special Groups" operate throughout Iraq updated July 11th 2008..... They planned and executed a string of bombings, kidnappings, sectarian murders and more against Iraqi citizens, Iraqi forces and coalition personnel. They receive arms -- including explosively formed penetrators, the most deadly form of improvised explosive device -- and funding from Iran. They also have received planning help and orders from Iran.

One group leader was Azhar Dulaymi, whom coalition forces killed May 19. Bergner said the terrorist led the Jan. 20 attack on the Provincial Joint Coordination Center in Karbala that killed five U.S. soldiers. Dulaymi worked closely with Ali Musa Daqduq and Qayis Khazali, two men with direct links to Iran. Coalition forces captured Daqduq on March 20. “He is Lebanese-born and has served for the past 24 years in Lebanese Hezbollah,” Bergner said. “He was in Iraq working as a surrogate for Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force operatives involved with special groups.”

Daqduq, a member of Hezbollah in Lebanon since 1983, served as a bodyguard for Hezbollah leaderSayyad Hassan Nazrullah. He also led Hezbollah operations in large areas of Lebanon, Bergner said.“In 2005, he was directed by senior Lebanese Hezbollah leadership to go to Iran and work with the Quds Force to train Iraqi extremists,” the general said. “In May 2006, he traveled to Tehran with Yussef Hashim, a fellow Lebanese Hezbollah and head of their operations in Iraq. There they met with the commander and deputy commander of the Iranian Quds Force special external operations.” Daqduq also helped the Quds Force in training Iraqis inside Iran.

“Quds Force, along with Hezbollah instructors train approximately 20 to 60 Iraqis at a time, sending them back to Iraq organized into these special groups,” he said. “They are being taught how to use (explosively formed penetrators),mortars, rockets, as well as intelligence, sniper and kidnapping operations.”

The Quds Force also supplies the groups with weapons and a funding stream of between $750,000to $3 million a month. “Without this support, these special groups would be hard-pressed to conduct their operations in Iraq,” Bergner said. When captured, Daqduq had detailed documents that discussed tactics to attack Iraqi and coalitionforces. “He also had a personal journal that shows his involvement with extremist operations in Iraq,”the general said. “His diary also notes meeting with special group members who were targeting otherIraqis and coalition forces in the Diyala province using IEDs, as well as small-arms fire.”

Khazali was captured with Daqduq. He was in charge of these groups throughout Iraq since June 2006. He is an Iraqi who worked to develop the Iraqi groups into a network similar to Hezbollah. “It is important to point out that both Ali Musa Daqduq and Qayis Khazali state that senior leadership within the Quds Force knew of and supported planning for the eventual Karbala attack that killed five coalition soldiers,” Bergner said. “Ali Musa Daqduq contends the Iraqi special groups could not have conducted this complex operationwithout the support and direction of the Quds Force.“Ali Musa Daqduq and Qayis Khazali both confirm that Qayis Khazali authorized the operation and Azhar al Dulaymi, (killed) executed the operation.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Botched Sting: Killed With Gun She Was Supposed to Buy, Alone With No Training, a Young Woman Dies Working as Police Informant (CI) By BRIAN ROSS and VIC WALTER July 25, 2008.

People who work as a Confidential Informant (CI) for the police are on their own, the police appear to be giving them support and watching out for them but this is not the case, you are own your own in the "field", I know this for a fact, the following story just verifies my statement.

No training. A botched drug sting. A dead 23-year-old college graduate.

But authorities in Tallahassee, Fla., have yet to take any action against the police responsible for an undercover operation that led to the death of Rachel Hoffman, a recent graduate of Florida State University.
Police Chief Dennis Jones, interviewed for tonight's 20/20 broadcast, says he does not accept that his department is in any way responsible for the death of the young woman.

"Do we feel responsible? We're responsible for the safety of this community," Jones said, labeling Hoffman a "criminal" because she was caught twice with a baggie of marijuana.

"People we use as confidential informants are people that are familiar with the drug trade," the police chief said. In the case of Hoffman, her friends say she refused to inform on friends who smoked grass.

PHOTOS: The Life and Death of Rachel Hoffman
Are Pot Users Criminals? The Tragic Case of Rachel Hoffman
WATCH: Undercover Coed Found Dead

Instead, say the friends, police pushed Hoffman to work undercover against two men considered much bigger in the drug scene, and to try to buy a gun. A transaction involving a gun can bring much more serious charges. Former FBI agent Brad Garrett, an ABC News consultant, says it made no sense to use an inexperienced person like Rachel for a gun deal.

"You have her make the phone call, you have the bad guys come into the picture and you never have her go to them," said Garrett, a veteran of scores of such undercover deals. "You arrest them in the park and she's never exposed to the gun or the dope," said Garrett. In the Hoffman case, police sent her out alone, with only one or two officers trailing her.

The chief concedes she had not received any training as a confidential informant, or CI, before the dangerous mission. "As far as the training she receives, as far as training for, as a CI, we don't provide training for CIs," Jones told 20/20.
After the suspects twice changed the location of the meeting place, police say they lost contact with the young woman. Both her cell phone and her hidden microphone were apparently out of range, police say. (SHE FOLLOWED THE DRUG DEALERS 50 MILES SOUTH OF TALLAHASSEE INTO THE APALACHICOLA NATL FOREST AREA, NO CELL PHONE OR RADIO SIGNALS HERE, IF YOU LIVE IN THE AREA YOU KNOW THIS, AS THE DRUG DEALERS AND THE COPS DID)

"It's beyond my imagination how the police lost them," said Garrett. "It's clear no one followed her, and once they lost her she was just on her own." Chief Jones confirmed his men were not trailing her and did not have sight of her.

"My understanding is that there was not eyes on at that point," Jones said.
Garrett, who reviewed the operation for 20/20, said police should have aborted the sting once the location was changed, even if it blew the deal. "Who cares if it blows the deal? It's all about safety. It's just a drug deal, that's all it is. There'll be one tomorrow," said Garrett.

Hoffman's body was not found until two days later, with multiple gun shot wounds traced to the gun she was supposed to have bought. The Florida attorney general's office says it is reviewing the handling of the case by the Tallahassee Police Department. Jones says his department is continuing its own internal investigation, but at this point he sees no reason to take any disciplinary action against any of his officers.

Bill Warner Private Investigator


U.S. student coming out of coma, July 25, 2008 Source: B92
BELGRADE -- The condition of Bryan Steinhauer, assaulted 10 weeks ago by Serbian student Miladin Kovačević, is improving. Steinhauer’s parents told a press conference that he was gradually coming out of his coma, he was regaining consciousness, and that he could communicate with his eyes. The U.S. student’s mother said that it had not just been a pub brawl, but a physical assault.

“Bryan used to weigh 60 kilos. Now he weighs less than 50. The serious injuries he received were the result of repeated blows to the head. He continued to be beaten as he was lying on the floor covered in blood. He was bleeding so much that his flatmate didn’t recognize him when he was carried out of the bar,” Bryan’s mother said, click image for VIDEO Bryan Steinhauer's parents statement of 7/25/08 about their son and the Serb animal Miladin Koacevic.

Kovačević and his two accomplices were originally charged with assault, before the indictment was later extended to include first degree assault and gang attack. “First degree assault means using instruments to cause grievous bodily harm. In this case, we are talking about the footwear (NEO NAZI BOOTS) with which Bryan was kicked repeatedly by Miladin Kovacevic.

These are serious charges and the defendants may be facing sentences from five to twenty-five years in prison,” said his lawyer Irvin Rauchman. Kovačević was placed in custody after the assault, but was later released on bail, while his passport was confiscated by the New York courts. However, after receiving a new passport from the Serbian consulate in New York, Kovačević fled the U.S. and is now on the run in Serbia. An Interpol warrant was issued for Kovačević, and American officials submitted an official note to the Serbian authorities on Wednesday demanding that Kovačević be returned to the U.S. by August 1.

Two diplomats who aided Kovačević in fleeing the U.S. have been brought before the Serbian Foreign Ministry’s disciplinary commission, and will most probably face criminal charges themselves (appears that bribes were paid by the Kovacevic parents to obtain the "temporary " passport).
Bill Warner
Private Investigator
WBI Inc Private Detective Agency
Sarasota F


Should the Geek Squad need private-investigator licenses?
A Texas law, now being challenged in court, says computer technicians could need PI licenses.
Annalyn Censky
Last Updated: July 21, 2008: (Fortune Small Business) -- In order to keep his business AustinPCTech legal, Mike Rife may have to become a real-life Sherlock Holmes. He fears that a new Texas law will require his small PC repair company to obtain a private-eye license, or risk incurring a $4,000 penalty and jail time.
As for why ... that's a mystery Rife hopes to solve soon.

Rife is a client of the Institute for Justice (IOJ), which filed a lawsuit against the Texas Private Security Board in June challenging a
new state law that, the IOJ says, would require computer repair companies to obtain private-investigator licenses. The IOJ is suing on behalf of Rife and several other computer-services firms.

The Texas Private Security Board filed a response Thursday with the Travis County District Court in Austin, claiming that the IOJ has no standing to bring the lawsuit. The board also offered the defense that it is "entitled to sovereign immunity."

Texas law regulates private investigators, a group overseen by the Private Security Board. A bill sponsored by Rep. Joe Driver (R-Garland) in the Texas legislature last year and passed into law expanded that definition to include companies that sleuth around in computer data.

Driver says he sponsored the legislation, which was part of a large omnibus bill, because the private security industry "needed cleaning up." The change wasn't meant to put computer-repair technicians out of business, he says. "If you're investigating or analyzing data, then you should need a little more credentials than someone who just repairs computers," he said.

Now, the law reads that any company that engages in the business of obtaining "information through the review and analysis of, and the investigation into the content of, computer-based data" needs a private investigator's license. Driver describes the distinction between computer repair and computer investigation in this way: If a client asks a technician to retrieve a specific file from the computer, that's fine. If a client asks the technician to dig around in search of criminal activity or to track the behavior of employees, that would constitute an investigation.

But Matt Miller, executive director of the Institute for Justice's Texas chapter, says the wording of the law is so broad that it leaves room for multiple interpretations. "If I bring my kid's computer into a shop to see what he's been looking at online, does that constitute an investigation?" Miller asks.
While the law, which went into effect last fall, has not yet been enforced against any computer-repair companies, the Private Security Board has issued warnings to technicians including a Best Buy (
BBY, Fortune 500) Geek Squad service in Houston.

That warning stemmed from a customer complaint alleging that a Geek Squad employee told a customer that he could help "investigate computer crime."
The warning, sent Oct. 17, states: "The review of computer data for the purpose of investigating potential criminal or civil matters is a regulated activity."
Miller points out that "civil" could mean a plethora of things. If a computer technician generates a report, documenting Internet histories, that could constitute a "civil" investigation.

The Private Security Board's aggressive response this week to the IOJ's lawsuit means that the debate, and the court case, will proceed - leaving Rife and his fellow technicians waiting a bit longer to hear "case closed, my dear Watson."
Bill Warner private investigator



Private Investigator Bill Warner has discovered that one of Yaser Abdel Said's very close brothers has been living in the Shrub Oak, NY area, about a 20 minute train ride from the Bronx NY. see Fox news video here in Westchester County NY.

Murder in the Family: Honor Killing in America FOX News reporter Gregg Jarrett had a recent run in with this brother of murder suspect Yaser Abdel Said in Westchester County NY and the two almost came to blows. FOX News reporter Gregg Jarrett believes this brother of Yaser Abdel Said knows where he is hiding, see the FOX News special Saturday night 7/26/2008 at 8:00 pm, see video here.

Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner's Exclusive Interview with the aunt of murdered Sarah and Amina Said follows;
Yaser Abdel Said the accused Honor Killing Muslim father of Sarah and Amina Said is still on the run after the New Years Day murder of his daughters in Irving Texas, the Dalls Morning news has reported on the murder of Sarah and Amina Said as a Muslim Honor Killing by the father Yaser Abdel Said, as per a report of Jan 13, 2008.

Following information was obtained from an exclusive interview with the aunt Gail of the two murdered girls, Sarah and Amina Said on 4/23/2008. Accused murderer Yaser Abdel Said had two passports, a USA passport and an Egyptian passport.

Yaser Abdel Said had over $9,000 in cash hidden (from State welfare investigators.. no checking accounts) in his rental house that he shared with his wife Patricia, son Islam and the two murdered girls.

Patricia Said had taken $5,000 when she split on or about 12/25/2007 with the two girls, Sarah Yaser Said, 17, and Amina Yaser Said, 18, when she returned on or about 1/01/2008, she brought back most of the $5,000.

Son Islam, gets a monthly check form the State of Texas, some sort of mental disabilities, supposed to have been home schooled for the last 5 or 6 years. On the day of the murder 1/01/2008, Patricia Said (she drives an older mini-van) took Amina from her boyfriends house to meet Yaser at his cab, near the Said rental house, Sarah was in the front seat of the cab, they (the girls) never went into the Said rental house.

Yaser Said did borrow the cab he used to kill the girls, he owned no vehicles, his only work in the last 8 years or so was driving cab, Yaser Said was flying under the radar of the State of Texas. On the day of the murder 1/01/2008, Yaser Abdel Said took the Egyptian Passport and the $9,000 in cash and nothing else and then took the girls for a ride in the cab (premeditated and a plan was in play).

Yaser Abdel Said called brother Mohsen, on his cell phone, after the murders to meet for coffee (trouble meeting, need help), the 3 other brothers are tight with Yaser and would help, as per Aunt Gail.

The investigation so far has produced few solid leads as to Yaser Abdel Said's whereabouts, and they (cops) fear he may have fled the country, perhaps even to his native Egypt, although now other information has been discovered and the location in SHRUB OAK Westchester County is of prime importance, see the Fox News story Saturday 7/27/2008 at 8:00 pm, Murder in the Family: Honor Killing in America

Scars, Tattoos: Mole on right side of face, he wears sunglasses inside and out.
White/Male DOB 01-27-1957.....
SSN: 456-67-XXXX, Issued in Texas 1984
Black Hair - Brown Eyes--- 6-02 Tall 180 Lbs.

On Jan. 01, 2008, Said, Yaser shot and killed his daughters, Sarah and Amina.
Yaser Abdel Said is 51 years old, he had lived in Hurst, Arlington, Covington, Fort Worth and Lewisville Texas, he has realtives around the USA (

Irving Police have a Capital Murder Warrant for his arrest.
Criminal Investigation Division
Phones: (972) 721-3666 (972) 721-2751 (972) 721-2604 Fax: (972) 721-3607
Case Investigator(s): R. Johnson, J.Hennig, J. Schingle

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

WBI Inc Private Detective Agency
Sarasota Fl


U.S. tells Serbia it has 10 days to return thug, Miladin Kovacevic, accused in brutal beating

Click on image for Fox News video.

Miladin Kovacevic.......American officials in Belgrade have delivered a diplomatic note to the Serbian government, demanding that the towering fugitive charged with pummeling a college classmate be returned to the U.S. within 10 days. The note, excerpts of which were obtained by the Daily News, represents the first time the U.S. government has set a deadline for the return of Miladin Kovacevic, 21.

The U.S. has been pressing the Serbian government to hand over Kovacevic after he fled the country last month with a passport issued by a consulate member,
Igor Milosevic.

"It is imperative that the [Serbian government] remedy these outrageous actions committed by its official representative, Igor Milosevic, and ensure the immediate return of Miladin Kovacevic to the
United States for further legal proceedings and trial, not later than Aug. 1, 2008," the note reads.

American officials insist Kovacevic must be sent back to the U.S. because he was released into the custody of a diplomat following his release on $100,000 bail.
"Despite his presence in court when Mr. Kovacevic was ordered by the judge not to leave the United States, Mr. Milosevic issued an emergency passport to Mr. Kovacevic," the note reads.

The Serbian foreign minister has said Kovacevic, who is suspected of brutally assaulting upstate
Binghamton University student Bryan Steinhauer at a college bar May 4, would not be extradited.

Also Wednesday, Sens.
Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, both New York Democrats, told the Serbian Embassy's top official "that there would be significant consequences for Serbia if this matter was not resolved."

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Terrorists on the internet, Wake Up America ! “Terrorists don’t target Democrats or Republicans. They target Americans, and this is why we must face this issue as Americans. Members of Congress and the American public must know the threats we face from radical jihadist terrorists.

The Anti-Terrorism Caucus will give Congress the tools and resources it needs to communicate those threats to the public, as well as help them make more informed decisions when it comes to terrorist issues.”

As we confront radical Islamic threats, we need to be aware that terrorists are using the Internet to raise funds, recruit, train, organize, mine data, share information, and plan attacks. We have learned that six jihadists used the Internet to plot to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix, N.J. The Justice Department reported the six men were learning how to make grenades and conduct terrorist acts via the Internet. This is becoming a common practice.

Thousands of jihadists from all over the world are setting up Web sites and chat rooms and teaching others how to use the Internet to create terror cells in their area. These terrorists are technologically savvy and are very successful in using the Internet to achieve their goals. The U.S. has stepped up its cyber terrorism divisions since 9-11, but we are still far behind the terrorists when it comes to the Internet.

They seem to always be one step ahead of our intelligence agencies and we can rarely locate and break up their communications. Terrorists on the Internet also use American privacy laws against the FBI and CIA. A terrorist in Pakistan can set up a Web site on a U.S. server and would be considered a U.S. entity under our privacy laws. This prevents our intelligence services from monitoring activities on these types of radical Islamist Web sites.

Terrorists frustrate our intelligence agencies because they use Internet techniques that can't be easily traced. They use encrypted messages in places like chat rooms that require passwords to read their communications. Multiple terrorists will use the same e-mail account so they can write and save draft messages to each other without sending an e-mail that can be traced. They are sending training and recruitment videos over Japanese video game Web sites because the traffic and file sizes are so large, intelligence officers cannot easily differentiate jihadist files from regular video game files.

They post pornographic sites as the front to their Web sites because they know government workers are forbidden to access pornographic Web sites and therefore cannot go further to access their actual Web site. Terrorists also use our Web sites against us. They can hack a Web site and post up information to their group's members just long enough to get their message out, and then will take it down before intelligence officers catch on. They also search through American Web sites to look for information on American military tactics, military armor specifications, and structural information on potential targets here in America.

The results have been disastrous as they have learned what weapons are most effective against our armor, how to best attack specific military formations, and how to take out targets as they did on Sept. 11. We must not allow the Internet to be a safe haven for terrorists. In order to shut down jihadists on the Internet, our laws need to be brought into the 21st century. We must amend our laws so our intelligence services can monitor foreign users hosting their Web sites on U.S. servers if there is just cause.

We need to make sure our laws are updated to the same speed as the advances in technology. We also need to add more tech savvy intelligence officers, who have a background in Arabic languages, to the CIA and FBI. Above all, all Americans need to be aware of what terrorists are doing on the Internet. We all need to educate ourselves on the threats we face so that we can protect ourselves against them. Only by being aware, can we face this threat and cripple the terrorist's ability to harm us.


Tampa's Ahmed Mohamed's remote control car video has gone operational in Iraq !  Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 24, an engineering graduate student and teaching asst at USF, pled guility to terrorism charges for demonstrating how to use explosives. According to officials familiar with the case, Mohamed was also arrested in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He produced a YouTube Internet video showing how to build a remote-controlled car bomb.

Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed Pled Guilty to Providing Material Support to Terrorists, on the hard drive of Mohamed’s laptop computer was an audio/video recording, approximately twelve minutes in length, produced by Defendant Mohamed. In that recording, Defendant Mohamed personally demonstrated and explained, in Arabic, how a remote-control toy car could be disassembled and how the components of its chassis could be rewired and converted into a detonator for an explosive device.

Sometime in July 2007, Defendant Mohamed had uploaded the aforementioned twelve-minute audio/video recording to the YouTube website. The audio/video recording that Defendant Mohamed produced was thus made accessible for viewing by others, both in the United States and abroad, through the internet. The recording was accessed hundreds of times by other persons.

Following quote is supposedly an English translation made available today 7/23/2008 of the remote control car bomb. "This post from al-Firdaws Forum is actually related to al-Ekhlaas and one of their major achievements in the field of technology. This is certainly going to give the US Administration a gigantic headache. This is what the Admin of al-Firdaws had to share: Bismillahi ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim, There are very glad tidings for the Mujahideen and their supporters, AlhamdulillahThe electronic engineers in Al-Ekhlaas Jihadi Forum (AHMED MOHAMED) invented a way to remote-control cars without the need of a driver!

They have made a long research with images in how to do it, and they claimed it worked successfully. Can you imagine how much this will help the Mujahideen?? They can now do huge and MANY operations without the need of martyrdom bombers.. Allahu Akbar.. that means they can kill many Kuffar (US Soldiers) in each operation without losing any Mujahid. Insha’Allah this research will be considered seriously by the Mujahideen and can be improved and enhanced. This reminded me when the Mujahideen forced down a spying plane, and then used it against the Iraqi Police after re-constructing it.. which was a precedent in the field of “remote-controlling”. Insha’Allah we are going to hear very good news from the lands of Jihad when they start applying this idea.

Allahu Akbar.. the Might belongs to Islam, but the hypocrites do not know
The link on the al-Ekhlaas forum regarding this major news can be accessed
here. The document which the al-Ekhlaas forum is spreading regarding this major setback for Washington can be accessed here.  
Some will look at this news item and mumble, “look at these terrorists…” But why! Why, when the American’s have their own remote-controlled robots which they use on the battlefield? Why can’t the Muslim’s have remote-controlled weapons which they can use on the battlefield? Is it because these people want Muslims to remain inferior in technology? Let such people know that the victory is in the hands of Allah and not anything else.

Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator at 


Representative Sue Myrick Has Strong Words About Online Terrorism. Capitol Hill is aware of Samir Khan, "Wake Up America","They use our Constitution against us and they know just how far they can go." "Come on America! Let's talk about it," says Republican Sue Myrick. "Let's stop being politically correct. Let's put it on the table!"

Samir khan was working at Convergys Corp in Charlotte, Samir Khan was fired by Convergys BEFORE WBTV aired their 3 segments on Khan, why would Convergys fire Khan without some sort of due cause , did he lie on his employment application ? UPDATE; Monday, December 22, 2008, CHARLOTTE JIHAD WEBSITE OF SAMIR KHAN SHUT DOWN, HE AND ABOUT 12 OTHER JIHAD SITES TERMINATED BY APNIC, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER

Posted: July 23, 2008 11:29 PM EDT The Internet and the War on Terror

WBTV Charlotte; We continue to receive lots of emails and responses tonight about our 3-part series focusing on a local website, which promotes Al-Qaeda.
The 22-year old north Charlotte Muslim man running it walks the line of Free Speech. Samir Khan is not doing anything illegal. He is showing pictures of dead Americans and promoting groups at war with our country. SEE UPDATE.. Monday, January 05, 2009, Charlotte NC Al-Qaeda Blog of Samir Khan Obtains New Life, Requests Allah to Kill Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner

In this third story, WBTV's Molly Grantham sits down with U-S Representative Sue Myrick. Samir Khan lives in her district. She's also the leader of the Anti-Terrorism Caucus in Washington D.C. One hundred twenty two Congresspeople are a part of that caucus, both Democrats and Republicans.

Myrick has some strong words about why we - all Americans - need to wake up.
Click HER IMAGE for the video to see the story.

"Come on America! Let's talk about it," says Republican Sue Myrick. "Let's stop being politically correct. Let's put it on the table!" The U.S. Representative says she wants to "put on the table," the fact terrorists are infiltrating American society, often through the Internet. "I mean, they are using the internet for training... Al-Qaeda is, other groups, Hezbollah, the rest of them," says Myrick.

"You know, if we are able to eliminate some of the key leaders of Al-Qaeda, it isn't the same anymore because they are still there in perpetuity on their tapes. They're still doing the training. They're telling people how to do everything they want them to do. They're recruiting people on the internet."

Myrick says she is familiar with the Samir Khan "situation". Myrick represents North Carolina's 9th District, which is where he lives. She says she has known about Khan's pro-Al-Qaeda site for awhile. She is also aware of what we first aired in Tuesday night's story: Khan was working at the south Charlotte branch of Convergys Corporation. Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man Samir Khan, Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites Bill Warner

"How surprised were you to hear Samir Khan was working at a company with a governmental contract?", Grantham asked the Congresswoman. "Well, not that surprised," Myrick replied. "Because this is a very big problem."
To be clear, when Myrick said "this", she meant the general issue of terrorism is a very big problem. As we mentioned in Tuesday's story, Convergys tells us Khan had no dealings with government contracts or client information.

The company spokesperson also said the branch Khan worked didn't deal with government contracts. Capitol Hill is aware of Khan. The north Charlotte blogger spoke with the New York Times last fall under the condition they hide his face for their online video. At the time he told them, "The American government is losing this war. And the Muslims are winning this war."

When we recently asked him about his statements to the Times, he stood by them. "If it's on tape, then take it as is. You don't need my explanation," he said. In that same interview he also told WBTV he is not helping recruit for Al-Qaeda, or for terrorism. He didn't answer the question on whether he was anti-American.
Myrick won't say whether or not her office is investigating Khan... saying she's not going to talk specifically about an individual.

But she does say - emphasize even - how much she wants to get dialogue going in this country about the realities of terrorism. Things, she says, like an enemy of America using the web to promote Jihad on an English-speaking site.
That can be a calculated move by radicals.

"They are making a special effort now to recruit blond-haired, blue-eyed Americans, like you, who don't fit the mold, very frankly," she told Grantham. "It's easier to infiltrate that way." Infiltrate while following the laws of the U.S. Constitution. "They aren't doing anything, illegal," says Myrick.

"But they know that, don't they?" asked Grantham. "Yes they do." "They walk the fine line." "They do," Myrick agreed. "And they use our Constitution against us?"
"Yes," said Myrick, "They use our Constitution against us and they know just how far they can go."

Rep. Myrick Unveils “Wake Up America” Agenda
(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) released her “Wake Up America” agenda. Rep. Myrick’s goal in releasing her agenda is to alert, and educate, Americans to terrorist threats here at home posed by radical Islamic extremists. This is her agenda, this is not the agenda of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

This agenda is the start of Rep. Myrick’s work on these issues. As she moves forward on these points, she will update the public on her findings.
Her ten point agenda is below.
1). Will call for a government investigation of all U.S. military chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi.
2). Will call for a government investigation of all U.S. prison chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi.
3). Will call for the Government Accounting Office (GAO) to investigate the selection process of Arabic translators in the FBI and DoD.
4). Will call for the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) 501(c)(3) non-profit status which restricts “lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.”
5). Introduce a bill to make the preaching, publication, or distribution of materials that call for the death of American citizens, attacks on the United States Government or Armed Forces, or the financing of the means and/or operations to accomplish these acts, acts of sedition and/or solicitation of treason.
6). Will call on the Government Accountability Office to conduct an audit to verify the total sovereign wealth fund investment in the United States.
7). Will attempt to cancel scholarship student visa program with Saudi Arabia until they reform their textbooks.
8). Will introduce a bill to restrict R-1/R-2 religious visas for imams who come from countries that do not allow reciprocal visits by non-Muslim clergy.
9). Will introduce a bill to cancel contracts to train Saudi police and other security forces in US Counterterrorism tactics until the Saudi’s certify the prosecution of Al Qaeda financiers, like Yasin al-Kadi, and the detention of repatriated Guantanamo terrorists that keep being released into the general population after being “rehabilitated.”
10). Will introduce or sponsor a bill to block the sale of sensitive military munitions, especially Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), to Saudi Arabia.

Bill Warner, Private Investigator