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My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Showing posts with label Breaking Bad in Dyersburg TN: Missing Robert 'Rob' Roberson and Jimmy Bingham and Murdered Karen Swift is There a Connection?. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Breaking Bad in Dyersburg TN: Missing Robert 'Rob' Roberson and Jimmy Bingham and Murdered Karen Swift is There a Connection?

UPDATED JULY 26, 2019, See more info below in this article about the struggle near her car: 'One would surmise there was some kind of struggle on October 30, 2011 near the car of Karen Swift that was found just off of Harness Road and Burnt Mill Road in Dyersburg, TN, this area would have been the crime scene. Whoever took off Karen Swift's clothes and threw them in the bushes in some sort of struggle near her car on October 30, 2011 would have left at least footprints, touch DNA on the clothes and shoes and possibly fingerprints on her shoes and jeans. Karen Swift was known to wear form fitting jeans, like seen in photo above, her killer would have had to remove her shoes to get her jeans off. The nude body (nothing but black panties pulled down) of Karen Swift was found near Bledsoe Cemetery on December 10th, 2011."

I get a strong indication of southern religious symbolism with Karen Swift's stripped nude and battered body found OUTSIDE the gates of Bledsloe Cemetery. Possibly someone close to the goings-on of the swinger lifestyle of Karen Swift, possibly someone who felt Karen Swift was getting too close to a married man's family in Dyersburg TN, maybe a brother or brother-in-law who has strong religious convictions killed her and left the body OUTSIDE of the consecrated grounds of Bledsloe Cemetery. It used to be that those who committed adultery were not allowed to be buried within the consecrated boundaries of a cemetery. Instead, they were buried just outside the cemetery on unconsecrated ground.

Breaking Bad in Dyersburg TN: Missing Robert 'Rob' Roberson and Jimmy Bingham and Murdered Karen Swift is There a Connection? From information I received today from a confidential informant in the Dyersburg TN area there seems to be a much larger picture in Karen Swift's unsolved murder. Since Robert 'Rob' Roberson and Jimmy Bingham have been missing for a long period of time and their relatives all claim this is highly unusual, more than likely foul play is suspected in both cases of the missing men. Is there a much bigger picture here in Dyer County that is not being investigated (on purpose) concerning Karen Swift and the missing men. What product brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month (or more $$$$$) in the Dyer County criminal underworld and is cause for those who disrupt or threaten the livelihood of the powers to be in this illicit 'ice' industry at 98% pure a quick trip to a dirt nap? Look I am not talking about the 'shake and bake meth crowd', drug bosses and higher ups in the Meth business don't waste any time in eliminating those who cause problems, "I Don't Like Problems" Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar was known to say before a guy got a hole in his head, "dead men tell no tales". There is no direct evidence linking Karen Swift or Robinson and Bingham to the Meth trade or any involvement directly by any of them, yet.
The Juárez Cartel appears to be shipping 98% pure Meth from Mexico super labs into Texas and onto the Dyer County TN area. The super lab Meth production region is centered on two large cities: Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Starting back in 2007 multiple drug cases were jointly investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Drug Investigation Division, the Dyersburg Police Department, the Dyer County Sheriff’s Department and the 27th Judicial District Drug Task Force, which is comprised of officers from the Union City Police Department and the Obion County Sheriff’s Department. In March of 2015, Jackson, TN – A task force made up of agents from the DEA, FBI, and U.S. Marshals Service, and law enforcement officials with the Dyer County Sheriff’s Department, Dyersburg Police Department, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, arrested seven people on federal drug trafficking charges.The arrests are the result of a year-long investigation in which law enforcement officials have seized illicit narcotics, U.S. currency, firearms, and drug paraphernalia. A federal grand jury in Jackson, TN returned the indictments on February 23, 2015, but they remained under seal until today’s arrests. Each indictment contained counts alleging violations of the Controlled Substances Act. The suspects arrested during the operation were:
•Miracle Pounds, 36, of Dyer County (already in state custody)
•Brian Whitt, 37, of Dyer County
•Robert Troy Anderson, 48, of Dyer County
•Christopher Dean, 40, of Dyer County (already in state custody)
•Amy Junior, 42, of Dyer County
•Nicholas Patterson, 42, of Dyer County
•Jonathan Murphy, 37, of Dyer County (already in state custody)
The charges in the indictments stem from the defendants' participation in a conspiracy to distribute and to possess ice and methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. “Over the last several years, we have seen an increase in the number of cases involving ice, a highly toxic and dangerous substance,” said U.S. Attorney Edward Stanton III. “Ingestion of ice, which is methamphetamine with at least 80% purity, and crystal meth causes profound and almost immediate physical, mental and emotional consequences, while the production process can also be deadly. 

'Super Strength Street Meth’ Coming from Super Labs in Mexico. In a development reminiscent of the show "Breaking Bad," authorities say a methamphetamine that is nearly 100 percent pure is hitting U.S. streets. Super-strength methamphetamine from Mexican super labs is flooding streets in the United States. And no, this isn’t an episode of “Breaking Bad.” The average gram of meth a decade ago was 39 percent pure. Today, it could be close to 100 percent. The potency of the drug, like so many others streaming into the United States right now, including opioids like fentanyl, is just simple economics.“When you are wholesaling drugs like the Mexican drug traffickers do, their product is going to be a lot stronger. It’s going to come across the border pure. Then, as it travels, it will get cut and cut and cut,” said Amy Roderick, spokeswoman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). “Meth is a hard one to read because our meth production used to be domestic. Fifteen years ago, the meth production was all done here in the United States,” Roderick said. “Now the Mexican cartels have taken over all the meth production, so their meth seems to be purer than what we were seeing 10 to 15 years ago,” she added.
TRUCKLOADS OF METH SHIPPED FROM MEXICAN CARTELS TO DYER COUNTY TN: In the TV show 'Breaking Bad', Gus was the main guy in distrusting Meth through his fast food chicken fast food stores the 'Los Pollos Hermanos' restaurant chain using his trucks and storage facilities. Is there a 'Gus' in Dyersburg TN distrusting Meth from the Mexican cartels through his fast food chain stores using his trucks and storage facilities? Gus was ruthless in eliminating anyone who stood in his way from the millions in cash he pulled in from the distribution and sale of Meth, bodies were dumped in holes all over the place. In 2007 the FBI and the Dyersburg Police Department became aware of an ongoing drug trafficking organization in the West Tennessee area, specifically Dyer County, Tennessee with truckloads of Meth shipped in from Mexican drug cartels, who handled the weight, who stored it, who controlled the activity and distribution of the 98% pure Meth?
March 2019 Dyersburg TN Resident Patricia Wilson Sentenced to 20 Years Imprisonment for Federal Drug Trafficking in Meth Charges. Jackson, TN – Patricia Wilson of Dyersburg was sentenced to 240 months imprisonment for conspiracy to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute 50 grams or more of actual methamphetamine (Meth). According to information presented in court, beginning in early 2017, the FBI and Dyersburg Police Department became aware of an ongoing drug trafficking organization in the West Tennessee area, specifically Dyer County, Tennessee. The investigation, which lasted approximately one year, revealed that the organization was trafficking crystal methamphetamine (ice) from multiple residential locations within the City of Dyersburg. In order to further the investigation, agents also conducted traffic stops, obtained information from confidential sources, and made controlled purchases from the targets. The majority of the crystal methamphetamine (ice) recovered was tested at Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) laboratories and was determined to be 98% pure crystal methamphetamine (from Mexico). Wilson later admitted to investigators that she distributed the methamphetamine. The investigation further revealed that Wilson was responsible for the distribution of over 14 kilograms of ice during the time in question.
Crystal Meth, Mexican drug cartel floods Tennessee with Meth. Meth has long been a widespread problem in Tennessee, but years ago state law enforcement found themselves fighting the war on drugs on their home turf. Between 2002 and 2012, more than 16,000 meth labs were discovered in Tennessee, with many hidden in the state’s rural counties, using the wilderness to cover the foul smoke and stench produced by mixing chemicals. Small-time cooks also were known to mix meth in 2-liter soda bottles — often called the “Shake and Bake” method — which required virtually no lab equipment and could even be done in a moving car. "Meth never really went away. There is definitely more methamphetamine being used in Tennessee,". In Montgomery County cops busted two people for allegedly carrying 54 pounds of crystal meth with a street value of $2 million. It had been cooked in a high tech lab in Mexico then smuggled to Tennessee, where it would be worth more than $2 million on the street. Mexican cartels that had traditionally trafficked marijuana were now shifting their focus onto meth. Soon, cartel labs were producing meth that was far more potent than anything that had been cooked in Tennessee. "Cartels are shipping in product to our urban areas, and it's going out from there." Most of it is being made in Mexico by cartels. And sometimes its secretly mixed with fentanyl, which is even deadlier than heroin. Meth on the streets today, dubbed "ice," has a purity often close to 100 percent, much more lethal than the 50 percent purity of local one-pot labs.
The body of Karen Swift was found near Bledsoe Cemetary where a large metal cross sits off of Harness Road and can be seen from Highway 78. Karen Swift's body was found approximately 100 yards from the cross partially clothed and had multiple bone fractures. The report also stated Karen Swift was found in vines near Bledsoe Cemetery wearing nothing but black underwear that were pulled halfway down her thighs. Swift's body was too decomposed to determine if she was sexually assaulted. A pair of jeans and a grey zip-up top were found by side of the road close to where Karen Swift's Nissan car was found a mile from her home in Dyersburg, TN on 10/30/2011. 'Sounds like Karen Swift was beaten to death with a baseball bat and more than likely she was raped'. Karen Swift sure as hell was not killed in the Swift home or near her car, there would have been blood everywhere, ceiling to floor, multiple search warrants by cops found nothing at the home.

The nude body (nothing but black panties) of Karen Swift was found near Bledsoe Cemetery on December 10th, 2011. Clothing discovered in bushes near the car of the mother-of-four on October 30th 2011 belonged to her, a friend claimed. A pair of jeans and a grey zip-up top were found by the side of the road close to where Mrs Johnson Swift's Nissan car was abandoned, a quarter of a mile from her home in Dyersburg, TN. 'They found her Halloween costume in the car. 'They confirmed [the clothing items] belong to her. They took DNA from her mother and compared it to DNA on the clothes.' 

"A screw in a radial tire will not go flat right away" there is no telling how long that screw in the tire of Karen Swift's car had been there before it went flat, PI Bill Warner. The rubber around the screw seals itself for a period of time, just depends the location of the screw in the tire when you park the car. A nail in a tire will leak air much quicker. Police have disclosed the tire was flat from a drywall / cement board screw which coincides with Karen Swift's clean up business on remolding job sites where sheet rock crews are known to leave drywall screws all over the place including the driveway.

Karen Swift was known to wear form fitting jeans, see photo above, whoever murdered Karen took off her shoes and jeans and zip up top on October 30 2011 and threw them in the bushes near her car and then left with her, without her clothes. When the body of Karen Swift was found on December 10, 2011 she only had on a pair of black panties pulled down to her thighs. One would surmise there was some kind of struggle on October 30 2011 near the car of Karen Swift that was found just off of Harness Road and Burnt Mill Road in Dyersburg, TN, this area would have been the crime scene. Whoever took off Karen Swift's clothes in some sort of struggle on October 30, 2011 near her Nissan car would have left at least footprints, touch DNA on the clothes and possibly fingerprints on her shoes and jeans. There might also have been some blood drops due to a struggle, so what happened Dyer County Sheriff? "Touch DNA is a forensic method for analysing DNA left at the scene of a crime. It is called "touch DNA" because it only requires very small samples, for example from the skin cells left on an object after it has been touched or casually handled, or from footprints." Looks like a big screw up to me.

I was directly working for David Swift in 2014 but only after he sent me his medical records. David Swift had 2 surgeries on his left knee, repair rupture left patella and quad tendon, most recent 4/26/2011 and then re-injured left knee again on 10/25/2011 (documented) since then had been wearing immobilizer hinged knee brace and using 2 crutches as per medical report which I have, impossible for him to move or carry a body on 10/30/2011 when Karen Swift was murdered. I since have had the same injury and similar surgery to my right knee, it takes over a year to recover, pain is constant.

Baseball bat assault injuries. ... Multisystem trauma was documented, with craniocerebral injury being the most frequent and the most frequent cause of death. Of the victims struck on the head, 26% sustained an intracranial hemorrhage. October 30th, 2011 Karen Swift was murdered in Dyersburg TN, her case is still unsolved. The sheriff’s department has never made an arrest. They say there is a person of interest, but so far they aren’t naming any names. Some people in Dyer County are concerned the killer could still be living among them. “They need to find out who did that because everyone is on edge as far as getting out and riding in the country,” said Rob Roberson in 2012, and who went missing and was last seen on Aug 30th, 2014. There are few clues as to where 48-year-old Robert Roberson is. He was last seen when his truck got stuck in a ditch in rural Dyer County southeast of Dyersburg. A female passenger with Roberson reportedly walked to a home on Holly Springs Cemetery Road and ask someone to call for help. But when Dyer County Sheriff's Deputies arrived, Roberson was gone.

Missing Robert Roberson and Murdered Karen Swift a connection? Dyer County deputies are asking for help finding a man who has been missing since Aug 30th, 2014 The sheriff said Robert Anthony Roberson, his photo above, has not been seen since late Friday night August 30th, 2014 when he and a female friend got stuck in a ditch on Holly Springs Cemetery Road in south Dyer County. Investigators said the female friend walked to call for help, but when she returned Roberson was nowhere to be found. According to Chief Investigator Terry McCreight of the Dyer County Sheriff's Office, the investigation into Roberson's disappearance is still active, though without many factual leads. "The investigation is ongoing and we're following the leads people are giving us, but we don't have anything concrete and the disappearance is suspicious," said McCreight. "I know in my heart something terrible has happened and I just want answers and results. Robert A. Roberson owned his own roofing company, C & R Roofing, where he taught his four boys how to work hard and taught them morals of life. Robert also owned and ran Roberson Road Service and Tattoo Temptations in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, over the years," shared Regina Roberson.

David Swift's Attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But there were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect. According to Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, he has looked at several people in Karen Swift's murder, but has narrowed it down to one. Karen Swift disappeared after a Halloween party at the Dyersburg Country club. Her car was found near her house and her body was found a month later not far from there near a white cross at a cemetery that had been previously searched. Sheriff Box says the person of interest is not a suspect and no suspect will be named until an arrest is made. Over a hundred prices of evidence are still being examined by the TBI Crime Lab. 
DYERSBURG, Tenn. — Police in Dyersburg are searching for a missing man. Jimmy C. Bingham, 45, of Dyersburg was reported missing to police June 24, 2018 according to a release from the Dyersburg Police Department. Jimmy C. Bingham kept in regular contact with family members, but no one has seen or heard from him since the weekend of June 17, according to police. He links to several Bingham family members involved with the Trafficking of Meth. Jimmy C. Bingham is described as a white man with brown hair and brown eyes standing around five feet eight inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a shirt, blue jeans, black and white Nike tennis shoes and a black and white ball cap. Officers used K-9 units July 15 during a search of areas based on leads in the investigation. The search did not reveal any leads that would help locate Jimmy C. Bingham, according to the release.
October 30th, 2018, According to Weakley County Sheriff’s Investigator Captain Randall McGowan, 69-year-old James Paul Bingham, Sr. of Union City is charged with possession of meth for distribution, manufacture or delivery; and 48-year-old Donna Adams of 628 Fonville Street in Martin, is charged with possession of schedule 2 methamphetamine with intent to resale, possession of schedule 6 marijuana with intent to resale and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Back in November 2007, 15 people indicted for possessing, distributing meth in Union City TN and Dyersburg TN including Paul Bingham Jr., 36 of Union City TN. Fifteen people — including several from Union City — have been charged in three separate indictments for their alleged roles in possessing and distributing methamphetamine in West Tennessee. A seven-count superseding indictment was filed charging Wesley Joe Morphis, 30, of Bogota, Jose Luis Sanchez-Galindo, 49, and Danny Espinoza, 24, of Dresden. The indictment alleges that Morphis, Sanchez-Galindo and Espinoza conspired together to obtain methamphetamine and then to develop a market for and distribute the meth throughout West Tennessee. Counts two through six of the indictment outline various dates on which Morphis, Sanchez-Galindo and Espinoza allegedly possessed, with the intent to distribute, a substance containing methamphetamine. The seventh count charges Morphis with possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office. A nine-count second indictment charges Janet Martinez, 28, Yolanda Martinez, 51, Paul Bingham Jr., 36, Cammie Armour, 39, Henry Allen, 22, Rachel Morgan, 32, Santiago Martinez-Amezuita and Juan L. Ayon, all of Union City, and Adolfo Ortiz-Alcazar, 24, of Martin with one count of conspiracy to obtain and distribute meth in Obion County and throughout West Tennessee. On March 15, 2007, 27th Judicial Drug Task Force (DTF) Investigators Shawn Palmer and David Crocker went to a home located at 502 South 6th Street, Union City, TN, the residence of a TN State parolee, Paul Bingham, Jr., a/k/a, Porky Bingham, and Mr. Bingham's girlfriend, Cammie Armour. Both Paul Bingham and Cammie Armour subsequently agreed to cooperate with case agents in the investigation of reported drug trafficking activities by Janet Martinez and other persons. On May 2, 2007, Cammie Armour, working at that time as a CS, introduced TBI Special Agent (SA) Mandy Chestnut, working in an undercover capacity, to Rachel Morgan for the purpose of purchasing crystal methamphetamine. On July 11, 2007, Paul Bingham provided Investigator Shawn Palmer with a voluntary statement. In that statement, Mr. Bingham admitted that, on June 20, 2007, at the request of Janet Martinez, Paul Bingham Jr made a trip to the Dallas, TX area for the purpose of picking up two (2) pounds of meth. Upon arrival at a Denny's restaurant, located on Camp Wisdom Road outside of Dallas, an unidentified Hispanic male placed the two (2) pounds of meth into his vehicle, inside a Gain detergent box. He was accompanied on that trip by Shane Glisson. Upon his return, Mr. Bingham delivered the detergent box with the meth to Janet Martinez' residence on South 6th Street in Union City TN. Janet Martinez paid Mr. Bingham $1,500 for making the trip. Oct 22, 2009 - Paul Bingham of Union City TN was sentenced to 78 months in Federal prison.

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