My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Thursday, January 23, 2020

10 NEWS TAMPA: Sarasota County tells Olson's to remove rope fence and rocks from private Beach, but those aren't rocks.

The media, 10 NEWS Tampa, ABC-7 Sarasota, Herald Tribune, ABC-11 Tampa and SNN Sarasota are vilifying Michelle and Greg Olson who purchased their Beach home at 3935 Shell Rd Siesta Key Fl two years ago. According to the Sarasota County Property Appraiser the sale consisted of all the land as indicated by Sarasota County records (see photo above), a boat dock (into Big Pass) and 116 linear feet of Beach to the wet sand, as per LINE OF SAID LOT 4 A DISTANCE OF 116 FT M/L TO SHORES OF BIG SARASOTA PASS LINE OF SAID SHORES.
  photo credit Holmes herald tribune credit Dalseg ABC 11 news
UPDATE MONDAY 1/27/2020.....ROPE FENCE IS DOWN BUT....Some of the complaining and frustrated beach goers like Christina Lavender Holmes aka Christina M. Holmes and Marshall Dalseg Sarasota Fl have taken to the air-ways to voice their opposition to the Oslon's rightful claim to restrict public use of their private beach on Siesta Key. Mr. Dalseg kinda made a veiled threat on Friday 1/24/2020 on ABC-11 Tampa claiming "It's our public beach what are we waiting for"! Not so fast Marshall.
MONDAY 1/27/2020 CARLOS MUNOZ SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES: Marshall Dalseg, who was on the beach with friends, sat facing the barrier Friday. He was kicked off the beach over the weekend because he stepped on private property. Other beach goers could be seen walking in front of several property markers in the water. “A lot of stuff has changed and, unfortunately, it isn’t going for the better,” Marshall Dalseg said. We come here for tranquility. This is our peaceful beach, you know? Kick back and relax time. Do you see anybody shooting up or dirty diapers or urinating or defecating?” Marshall Dalseg says the rowdy behavior is rare on Shell Beach. “According to her statements, it happens all the time,” he said. “I speak for the general population that it’s not us. So that’s what the police are for, if you have some laws being broken, have them handle that, but don’t restrict us from having our own public access.” ABOUT BEACH ACCESS BLOCKED BY OLSON FAMILY.. Marshall Dalseq claims he speaks for the general population and that he and people he knows are not responsible for any late night activity on the Olson's private beach, so how does Marshall Dalseg explain the $75.00 parking ticket he got on Monday April 1st, 2019 for his motorcycle being parked in front of 4009 N Shell Rd across the street from the Olson home at 1:08 AM when the Public Beach Access #1 closes at 9:00 PM and there is no parking after 9:00 PM?
Siesta Key Homeowner complains of strangers on her property. What part about 'private Beach' in front of the Olson family home up to the wet water line don't you goofs get? Trespassers caught on Olson family private Beach Siesta Key Fl, Book 'em, Danno! 
And then we have this heavy set, bespeckled stranger on Olson's private beach taking surveillance photos of their home, stranger danger. He took off in a silver pickup truck when discovered, what's next a break in, burglary, home invasion, kidnapping?
   photo credit Christina Lavender Holmes Facebook
Christina M. Holmes recently went on some low rated obscure radio station in Sarasota and is making absurd, incorrect and dangerous claims that if the fence is still up "you can still cross it and are allowed to be on the other side", NOPE. Sorry Christina you are dead wrong and appear to be inciting strangers to trespass and harass Michelle Oslon, what is wrong with you? Christina you do not live on Shell Rd or Siesta Key this is none of your business and certainly your recent tirade on the air is putting the Olson family in danger of possible violent retaliation by some unhinged individual.
WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR FRONT LAWN? I find that the Olson's are showing great restraint with all the strange beach access people who trespass, do drugs late at night, urinate, take surveillance photos of their home and trash their private beach that unfortunately for the Olson's is right next to the Shell Rd Public Access #1 beach on Siesta Key. I would have great problems with a group of people who would trespass, do drugs, urinate, take surveillance photos of my home, and trash my front lawn late at night. In the words of the great philosopher and man of action Clint Eastwood, "Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have screwed with, that's me, now get off my lawn!

10 NEWS TAMPA WRITES: Sarasota County tells Olson's to remove rope fence and rocks from private Beach, but those aren't rocks they are a building material that dates back to early 1900's called 'Tabby' that was used to make docks when Siesta Key was part of Manatee County. 
SIESTA KEY, Fla. 10 NEWS The battle continues over a rope fence, rocks and "no trespassing" signs put up on Shell Road in Siesta Key by a homeowner. Beach-goers say it's blocking off beach access. Sarasota County's Environmental Protection Division sent a letter to the homeowners. In the letter, it says the rope fence is "unauthorized construction seaward of the Gulf Beach Setback Line." The letter also says the rocks installed on the shore along the fenceline have "no County permit history." After reviewing records, the county says historic aerial images shows the rocks on the beach were installed by a previous owner and have been there since 1974.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE with Carlos Munoz weighs in: Sarasota County began investigating the public complaint with photographs of the Olson’s installation of a post and rope fence, which extends along the north and south side of their property boundary. It was located on the open beach waterward of the hazard line, the letter states. Staff found rocks installed parallel to shore along the fenceline had no county permit history and may likely extend seaward of the hazard line. A review of county records historic aerial images shows “it was evident” that the rocks were installed by a previous owner prior to the Olsons’ ownership. NOT TRUE....The rocks are 'Tabby' a building material that dates back to early 1900's to 1920 when Siesta Key was in Manatee County. There was no iron rebar used in 'Tabby' like in reinforced concrete so 'Tabby' never rusted out and pretty much lasts forever.
      photo credit Sarasota County Historical Resources
The 'rocks' are actually 'Tabby' a building material similar to concrete that contained sea shells instead of gravel or stones or pebbles or iron rebar. Those rocks and boulders that Sarasota County is complaining about on the Olson's property, (on their private beach), and claim were put there by the prior owner in 1974 is partially true, but the 'rocks' aren't rocks they are an old fashioned building material called 'Tabby', and actually date back to 1913 when Siesta Key was part of Manatee County.  
     photo credit Sarasota County Historical Resources
Everybody is looking in the wrong place for old building permits for the 'rocks'. It appears that in 1913 the 'Tabby' rocks had been part of a dock built out over 100 feet into Big Pass by former Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel. 'Tabby' also appears to have been used for the foundation of Mayor Higel's Higel-Hurst Hotel that began in September 1914 and opened in March 1915, no north bridge to Siesta Key until May 1917. The Sarasota Times reported on September 17, 1914, "that plans have been drawn by a local architect and the hotel is assured. The hotel will have 20 bedrooms and a dining room large enough to accommodate 100 people." The estimated cost would be between $10,000 and $15,000. Work on the hotel began immediately. The contract for the foundation was awarded within a week. Plans were also drawn up for several guest bungalows to be built close to the hotel. Higel's plan included streets along which the bungalows would be built and sidewalks to the hotel. Higel-Hurst Hotel opened its doors on March 9, 1915, with more than 200 people attending the grand opening reception.

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