My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Sunday, September 29, 2019

SERIAL KILLER: Unsolved Murders Along Florida Interstate Highways of 'Lot Lizards' Linked to Long Haul Truckers Claims Private Investigator and FBI

An FBI initiative targeting serial killers who have a nexus to the nation’s highways continues to grow. The Highway Serial Killings Initiative, or HSK, has led to the identification of more than 400 suspects since the initiative began more than a decade ago. FBI Crime Analyst Christie Palazzolo says more than 700 victims have been identified—with at least one in every state but Hawaii, most of them working as prostitutes or 'Lot Lizards'. The FBI provides local investigators with detailed timelines of their suspects’ whereabouts, which can help connect suspects to other unsolved cases. Highways and the number of motorists are expected to increase over the next two decades. If these projections are right, we're only going to be seeing more. So, it's not too far a jump to say that we may be seeing more victims in the coming years as well. Unsolved Murders Along Florida Interstate Highways Linked to Long Haul Truck Drivers Claims Private Investigator and FBI. 19 Unsolved Murders Along I-4 Interstate Highway FBI Claims a Long Haul Truck Driver Is Best Cover Job For the I-4 Serial Killer.

Investigators have few leads because the slain women were mostly prostitutes, lot lizards, or drug abusers living on the fringe of society. Their bodies were dumped in remote or obscure locations. "Victims are often picked up at truck stops, lot lizards, or service stations, sexually assaulted and murdered. The victims' bodies are left in rural areas along a highway, often in separate jurisdictions or even different states from where they were initially encountered by the offender."
FBI Special Agent Ann Todd said. At least 10 serial killers, all of them long-haul truckers accused of murdering more than 30 women, have been behind bars since 2004. The FBI database includes 15 cases in a 30-mile radius of the I-4 corridor, as well as others near Interstate 95. FBI Special Agent Ann Todd would not discuss the specifics of those cases.
At least 25 long-haul truckers are currently imprisoned for serial murders. In 2009, the FBI revealed their database, the Highway Serial Killings Initiative, which tracks information about hundreds of murders that have taken place along US highways and tries to link some together by details. In the first four years of its existence, the program helped authorities to identify and arrest 10 men, believed to be responsible for over 30 deaths. Here are 10 known killers who made the open roads of America their grisly hunting grounds:
1). Keith Hunter Jesperson
2). John Wayne Boyer
3). Scott William Cox
4). Sean Patrick Goble
5). Wayne Adam Ford
6). John Robert Williams..Featured in 'The Killing Season' episode 6.
7). Dellmus Colvin
8). Bruce Mendenhall..
Featured in 'The Killing Season' episode 6.
9). Adam Leroy Lane
10). Robert Rembert Jr.

CONNECT THE DOTS: A&E The Killing Season Episode 6 “A Killer On The Road” seen November 26th 2016, Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Featured with insight into the I-4 Serial Killer in Florida who travels the roads from Tampa to Orlando to Daytona Beach. Episode 6 “A Killer On The Road” Episode Info: Josh and Rachel venture across the country to investigate long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers and uncover systemic failures of law enforcement that kept the group at large.
Unsolved murders stretch across the country, clustering the large network of highways and interstates that matrix the United States. These are the “missing” missing, victims disappear without anyone knowing because no one is looking and no one files a missing persons report. But even beyond this, these are victims that never receive justice (or even simply identification) because their killers cross state lines and information sharing is not mandated for any law enforcement agency in the country. 
States are supposed to report murders to the Department of Justice, but some report inaccurately, or fail to report altogether. “These serial killers know police and law enforcement agencies don’t talk to each other, they want to solve their case in their own jurisdiction not the one two counties over,” private investigator Bill Warner said. “The truckers know they don’t share information and they use that information to commit more crimes.” This is where the FBI comes in to coordinate all this information with the Highway Serial Killings Initiative, or HSK.
Why is it so easy for long-haul truck drivers to get away with violent crimes? A&E 'The Killing Season' A Killer on the Road Episode 6, Josh Zeman and Rachel venture across the country to investigate long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers after contacting private instigator Bill Warner and uncover systemic failures of law enforcement that kept the group at large. After private investigator Bill Warner's alarming revelation that there exists long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers terrorizing America’s interstate system, Josh and Rachel begin a cross-country journey to research these killers on wheels.
A&E The Killing Season: “Truck stop prostitution, lot lizards ... that is the lowest rung of prostitution. It’s pretty much the people that are absolutely desperate for money. The girls know that they’re sort of the bait out there for serial killers. They’re the blood in the water that the sharks just can’t resist. And they’re a part of our population that we’ve totally marginalised. If they disappear and you report them missing, and you say she’s a known prostitute, there’s no sense of urgency to find you. And there’s a chance, until someone finds a body, they’re not even looking for that person.”
While hitchhiking, the A&E filmmakers encounter women who work truck stops, despairingly referred to as “lot lizards,” and hear first hand accounts of the dangers they experience everyday. As Josh and Rachel delve deeper, they uncover systemic failures in law enforcement allowing these mobile killers to run wild. A disturbing confession by a former trucker, serving a life sentence for murder, propels Josh and Rachel on a hunt for his accomplices. "If there is such a thing as an ideal profession for a serial killer, it may well be as a long-haul truck driver." — FBI.

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