My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Friday, August 09, 2019

Bradenton City Council Candidate Eleuterio Junior Salazar Jr Fights Mental Illness and Fronts for Far Left Communist 'Answer Coalition'

Bradenton City Council Candidate Eleuterio 'Junior' Salazar Fights Mental Illness and Fronts for Far Left Communist 'Answer Coalition'. TROUBLEMAKER: SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES, Eleuterio “Junior” Salazar, 32, was scheduled to speak about immigration at Manatee Universalist Unitarian Fellowship on Friday night. Eleuterio “Junior” Salazar, the only candidate for the Ward 5 seat on the Bradenton City Council, has a troll. Through the anonymity of the internet, someone has been releasing sexually charged and offensive Facebook posts to the public that were allegedly authored by Salazar to stir his uncontested campaign.
  photo credit Eleuterio 'Junior' Salazar Facebook
Now, it’s led to the cancellation of 32-year-old candidate Eleuterio 'Junior' Salazar’s speech on immigration at Manatee Universalist Unitarian Fellowship church in Bradenton. Church president John Isham, saying there was a “concern for security” regarding Salazar and his campaign staff, canceled the discussion via text message Thursday, less than 24 hours before the event. In a statement sent out at 9:43 p.m. Thursday, Shaun Lehoe, Salazar's campaign manager, said the campaign received a text message from Isham that read, “Please cancel your engagement at the Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship tomorrow night. Because of our concern for the security of our members, we need to insist that you do not attend. John Isham President.” Bradenton City Council Candidate Eleuterio 'Junior' Salazar, age 32 , Fights Mental Illness, Divorced, began drinking heavily, his weight shot up to over 300 lbs, he was Baker Acted when he became dangerous to himself or others, and Fronts for Far Left Communist 'Answer Coalition'. As Dean Wormer at Faber College in the movie Animal House would say, "Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son".
BRADENTON HERALD WRITES: In May of 2018, Manatee County sheriff’s deputies went to Salazar’s home after a report of a fight between Salazar and another man. According to the deputy’s report, Salazar said he and the man got into an argument and the man shoved him and put him in a headlock before they were separated. Salazar suffered minor injuries. The other man was taken to jail on a charge of domestic battery. Manatee County court records indicate Salazar was also divorced in 2013. The Bradenton Herald identified four accounts with Salazar’s name and photo on Facebook. Some of the screenshots sent to the Bradenton Herald include text posts, while others are shared images or posts. The posts included misogynistic references to sex. There also were references to drugs and alcohol. They included:
Ok I’m out on the prowl tonight so if I act a fool or become a hoe, minda [sic] business!!!” “I have a great idea to get rid of red tide. ... Y’all ready?! So, everyone who voted for Trump should get naked walk into the water and open their mouth. Eventually we will drain the swamp.” “So let me get this right ... y’all got money for sombreros but askin [sic] for free school supplies?!” “What kind of drunk are you? Sadly, I’m a crier or super sexually aggressive #dontjudgeme” “These drugs with the left over alcohol from last night is (smiling hugging emoji)“ The Bradenton Herald found posts on other accounts with Salazar’s name that said: “Stay tuned for the next season of: BHHS (Bald Headed Hoe [expletive]) okurrrrrrt” “I must admit... I like dem [sic] freaky girls!” Facebook. Salazar posted profile pictures with a filter in June that said “Love is love, Happy Pride Month.” Some of the screenshots provided to the Herald included graphic homophobic language. In a Sept. 12, 2016, Facebook post that was one of many sent to the Herald, a status on an account with Salazar’s name and photo read: “In April I decided to move into the ‘hood’ or the less fortunate side of town because I really wanted a feel for my city. But boy let me tell you I can’t get used to this lol.” This was around the time he ran for mayor. Salazar filed in December 2015, and the election was held November 2016. 

Read more here: City Council Candidate Eleuterio Junior Salazar Jr age 32 Fights Mental Illness, Divorced, began drinking heavily, his weight shot up to over 300 lbs, he was forced Baker Acted when he became dangerous to himself or others, and Fronts for Far Left Communist 'Answer Coalition'. Eleuterio Junior Salazar: as Dean Faber in the movie Animal House would say,"fat, drunk and stupid no way to go through life son".

   photo credit sarasota herald tribune sarasota fl
Before he’d turned 10, Eleuterio Salazar Jr. had already experienced more trauma than many people do in a lifetime. A separation from his wife in 2012, and their divorce a year later, upset his fragile balance. Like his father before him, he began drinking heavily and fell into a deep depression. He ballooned to over 320 lbs. His frequent absences and tardiness eventually cost him his bank job, but, for too long, cultural taboos about discussing mental health kept him from seeing a doctor. Hurting himself was one thing. But when he realized his lifestyle was endangering his daughter, Salazar at last sought help. The anti-depressants prescribed by a psychiatrist helped him. Salazar says. “I saw myself killing myself the same way my father did and reconnecting with him.” He was committed for treatment under the state’s Baker Act and sent for an involuntary evaluation to the Suncoast Behavioral Health center, spending the next week “lost in space.” Prescribed seven different medications, he returned home fearing “that I would wind up in the same shoes my father was in (signs indicate bi-polar). 

Answer Coalition' Supports Terrorist Groups Hamas and Hezbollah and is Anti-Israel so Why Does ABC7 Sarasota Give Them Air Time?

Bryan Ellis heads up Sarasota 'Answer Coalition' which supports terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah and is very Anti-Israel, so why does ABC7 Sarasota give them air time? Are the TV 'News' Reporters at ABC7 Sarasota that naive and uneducated about international terrorism? 
NEWSFLASH for the TV reporters at ABC7 Sarasota, the bad guys (terrorists) in the Middle East are Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Peoples Front for Liberation of Palestine and the PLO, the only good guy is Israel. According to the ADL: The following group, ANSWER, is the most influential anti-Israel group in the United States today. They stand out in that they are able to organize a significant number of events, have a national reach, use particularly vitriolic language against Israel and its supporters, attract people to their cause and affect the mainstream discussion about Israel:
1). Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER): In an effort to attract a wide range of support, the anti-Israel movement has long sought to frame its ideology as "anti-war" (BULL CRAP) and make common cause with the far Left and anti-war movements. Anti-Israel activists regularly describe Israel's policies as "imperialist" or "colonialist," terms that the anti-war movement can readily oppose as well. 
Sarasota Herald Tribune Reporter Elizabeth Johnson Panders to Communist Protesters of Answer Coalition Who Reject Free Election of President Donald Trump. In the never ending spewing of extreme far left rhetoric propaganda, the Sarasota Herald Tribune hits a new low by giving the anti-American Communist Group Answer Coalition front page status, how stupid. This group of 'Answer Coalition' social misfits and mooks should just pack up and move to Cuba, boats are leaving daily, Cuba, Si! America, NO! The left-wing press since the 1950s has chosen to ignore the repressive nature of this Stalinist Castro regime in Cuba that has done so much to try to harm America.

Does anyone at the Sarasota Herald Tribune ever do any fact checking of any sort? A.N.S.W.E.R., aka Answer Coalition supports Hezbollah. During a July 31, 2006, interview with Fox News, ANSWER's national director, Brian Becker, said: "Do I consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization? The answer is no." On Oct. 23, 1983, Hezbollah terrorists drove an explosive-laden truck into the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers.
Answer Coalition Communist scum burn our flag in NYC. If crack Sarasota Herald Tribune "reporter" Elizabeth Johnson had done just a minimal google search for 'Answer Coalition' maybe she would have realized she was pandering to Communists who hate the USA, or maybe she did?

Perhaps Elizabeth Johnson should have dome a little 'Doxing' of the anti-American Answer Coalition, (Doxing is a technique of tracing someone or gather information about an individual, group or organization using public sources on the internet). See her article here

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