My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Friday, May 17, 2019

Tampa Facebook Threat of Mass Shooting in Tampa by Juliana Cote and in Newtown Section of Sarasota by Curtis Campbell aka Tank Dawg, WTH?

Tampa Facebook Threat of Mass Shooting in Tampa by Juliana Cote and in Newtown Section of Sarasota by Curtis Campbell aka Tank Dawg, WTH? CRIMINAL CHARGE WRITTEN THREAT TO CONDUCT A MASS SHOOTING TAMPA, Fla. (FOX 13) - A woman in Tampa is accused of threatening to "shoot everyone" at a nearby elementary school. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said 26-year-old Juliana Cote made a public Facebook post on Thursday that showed a photo of a small, fake firearm accompanied by the shooting threat. Deputies showed up at Cote's home, which they said is near Egypt Lake Elementary School. According to investigators, Cote admitted to creating the Facebook post. Deputies arrested Cote and charged her with making written threats to commit a mass shooting or terrorism.  She was booked at the Falkenburg Road Jail, where she is being held on a $7,500 bond.
WRITTEN THREAT TO CONDUCT A MASS SHOOTING In February of 2018 Curtis Campbell Jr. made a Terroristic Threat of a Mass Shooting Posted on his Facebook Page, Curtis Campbell aka 'Tank Dawg' Newtown Sarasota Fl "I'll kill everything" Now what SPD? FACEBOOK QUOTES BY Curtis Campbell aka Tank Dawg. Curtis Campbell February 25 2018· "Y'all bring my name up in everything be for I let yu take over my street (22nd Street.) I'll kill everything. Somebody go feel my pain maybe everybody should".
Steven R. Phelps Jr and Curtis Campbell Jr. were arrested for an armed robbery on Leon Ave in Newtown in 2011. On March 18th 2011, two robbers put a gun to the head of a man working on an air conditioning unit in the 2400 block of Leon Avenue and demanded his money, with Curtis Campbell shouting “give it up”, they knew he had $950 in cash in his pockets. Sarasota Police arrested Steven Phelps Jr, 17, and Curtis Campbell, 18, for armed robbery. Steven R. Phelps Jr was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang back in 2011 along with Diandrew L. Clarkson, Shawn D. Whitfield, Steven Fields and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown. Phelps is currently in prison on a attempted murder conviction. Curtis Campbell Jr is currently on Felony probation.
I ran into this Curtis Campbell aka 'Tank Dawg' dude when I had my PI office on Desoto Rd Sarasota in early 2016. In January 2016 I was sharing office space with another private investigator who also happened to be a bail bondsman and operated a Concealed Weapon Permit training school along with classes for obtaining a Florida Security Officers license, he also had a Federal Firearms License to sell handguns and long guns. One day Curtis Campbell Jr and his pal with the long dreadlocks came in the store to obtain Concealed Weapon Permits, that is they would get their photos on a license that day and walk out with a CWP, same day service. The girl at the counter who waited on them explained they had to take the 8 hour CWP class first, then pass a test at the gun range, get their CWP certificate and apply to the State of Florida Division of License along with a current fingerprint card taken at the Sheriff's office and be able to pass a FDLE criminal background check (I doubt they could) and pay all applicable fees. At the time the CWP process would normally take about 6 to 8 weeks turnaround time, when told this Curtis Campbell Jr, said "fuck no we ain't doing any of that shit, we want out licenses today" and he was not kidding. 
I was in my office and came out to the counter area by the front door when I heard the commotion. At this point Curtis said to the girl at the counter, "we want licenses today so that my pal can carry his gun legal", at that point his pal in the long dreadlocks pulled a large caliber black semi automatic pistol from out under the front of his basketball shorts, he had a crotch pocket holster for his .40 caliber firearm. The dreadlocks dude had the pistol fully exposed and pointed in the downward ready position towards the floor in his right hand in my general direction, there are signs all over the entrance to the office for students to not bring in any firearms. 

I viewed this confrontation with Curtis Campbell Jr and his dreadlocks pal and the exposed firearm as a threat. No way the dreadlocks guy had a concealed weapons permit. Curtis Campbell Jr. continued to berate the girl at the counter and the owner came out from the classroom and told Campbell and his pal to leave the building, the dreadlocks dude had put the firearm away and both walked to the front door with Curtis Campbell getting louder and louder with his threats. As he left the office by the front door Curtis Campbell Jr turned and yelled back in that "y'all know who we are, you better have out licenses ready when I come back at 5 pm", he never did, he was banned from the office. I asked the girl at the counter as to who were those two mooks who just left after flashing a gun, she said, "oh that's just Curtis and Treshaun".

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