My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Thursday, May 09, 2019

If you Travel the Roads in Manatee County or over the Bridge to Holmes Beach the Cops are Reading the License Plate on Your Car and Your Info.

If you Travel the Roads in Manatee County or over the Bridge to Holmes Beach the Cops are Reading the License Plate on Your Car and Your Info. In Florida, it is a criminal offense to knowingly attach to a vehicle a license plate or license tag that has not been lawfully assigned to such vehicle. Attaching a Tag or Plate Not Assigned is a misdemeanor, with penalties that may include and jail and, more often, the creation of a permanent criminal record.Millions of cars travel Tampa Bay-Sarasota-Bradenton area roads, so it’s hard to know every car or every driver behind the wheel.Until now. Some local law enforcement agencies are using license plate readers. The technology can scan every single license plate in its view and alert officers whether there’s a hit against a national database, for example, if the license plate registers as stolen or is part of an outstanding warrant or if the tag is not assigned to that car. Here are the law enforcement agencies using license plate readers:
Manatee County Sheriff's Office: 8 readers in patrol cars.
Pasco County Sheriff's Office: 5
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office: 30
Polk County Sheriff's Office: 11
Sarasota County Sheriff's Office: 1
Clearwater Police Department: 4 readers
New Port Richey Police Department: 2
Sarasota Police Department: 2

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Drivers making their way in and out of Holmes Beach are officially scanned as they come and go now. New license plate readers have been installed on Manatee Avenue, East Bay Drive and the south end of the Island on Gulf Drive. This is the first full week of use for the five new readers and already, the Chief of Police said they’re already stopping crime. A robotic voice filled Chief Bill Tokajer’s police car, letting him know that a camera had captured a ’medium priority alert.’ “They’re coming from different directions,” he showed on a computer. "This [car] is on Manatee Avenue, leaving the Island.” The medium priority alert sounds often, sending a ping to every police unit that someone is driving with a suspended or revoked license or registration. Every once in a while, they get a “high priority alert.” Those are people like wanted criminals, sexual predators and stolen cars. “Within three hours of having this system up and running, we had our first stolen vehicle that entered the Island,” said Chief Tokajer. Because of the cameras, Holmes Beach Police knew exactly where to find them.

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is cracking down on some serious criminals thanks to a new tool: license plate cameras.The cameras do the work of a human in a fraction of a second and have closed a number of cases, but the future of the program is hitting some roadblocks. Along a busy stretch of Cortez Road in Bradenton, a message board is set up to warn drivers to slow down. But, this big contraption holds a little secret. A built in license plate camera scans every single car that passes by and checks it against data bases. "Any way that we can fight crime and get the bad guys off the street, we're all in," said Manatee County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dave Bristow. Since September, the sheriff's office has used cameras in two message boards and five patrol cars. Thanks to the technology, deputies recovered 22 stolen vehicles, 15 stolen license plates, five wanted suspects and two missing people. If that's not enough, within a ten day span, they made three homicide arrests.The technology is not cheap. Each one of these cameras cost $15,000. The department is trying to figure out a way to afford more.
Sarasota Vice Mayor Liz Alpert Votes NO on License Plate Readers for City While Mayor Shellie Eddie Interfered in Active Murder Investigation of Travis Combs, What the Hell? LONGBOAT KEY, FL March 20th, 2018 (WWSB) by Ray Collins- The police chief of Longboat Key says solving crimes got a lot easier when the town installed surveillance cameras that can read license plates five years ago. Chief Pete Cumming said it helped catch the man who killed two workers last August at the Zota Beach Resort. He says they were able to check the tape and see a car speeding off the key shortly after the homicides.
Chief Cumming says the cameras have helped in a variety of ways. "If a car is stolen, we're going to get an alert, if its registered owner has an arrest warrant, we're going to be alerted that that person has come on to the island or at least the vehicle has. If there's a missing person involved or a sexual predator, we're going to know that," Cumming said. So while police in Longboat Key are pleased with these cameras, the City of Sarasota isn't interested. Commissioners recently voted to approve new high-tech red light cameras for $70,000 thousand dollars a month but they turned down the option of having those cameras read license plates to help solve crime. Vice Mayor Liz Alpert mentioned an invasion of privacy, even on a public road. "You can be tracked anywhere you go," Alpert said. But the 8th Circuit in Missouri Finds No 4th Amendment Violation In License Plate Scanning System in a August 2015 ruling. Cumming's counterpart in Sarasota, Chief Bernadette Dipino, was disappointed the City voted against the cameras. "We are gathering information to take back to (Sarasota County) commissioners for their reconsideration in the future," she said. 
SARASOTA COUNTY (WWSB) - License plate readers. Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at ABC7 News at 7, Alan Cohn was joined by Susan Nilon of the ACLU, private investigator Bill Warner and ABC7 News reporter Duhane Lindo. "American Civil Liberties Union released a new report on how license plate reader surveillance has become the most widespread location tracking technology in the US. Usually the trackers are mounted on cop units, bridges and light poles and most commuters are unaware that their every move is being monitored." During my segment on License plate readers Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 on ABC7 News at 7, Alan Cohn was joined by Susan Nilon of the 'Nilon Report' (ACLU) and private investigator Bill Warner, all Susan Nilon of the 'Nilon Report' (ACLU) could talk about was how you are being tracked here, and here, and here, by License Plate Readers and all your information is cataloged and stored by law enforcement, total nonsense, no such database exists, the LP Readers access your DMV records that you supplied and that is it.  
License plate readers aren’t just to catch you running red lights, they can also be used in criminal investigations. They were a key element in catching the man charged with a double murder last year in Longboat Key. But the city of Sarasota has voted not to add license plate readers to its systems, big mistake! MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - March 7th, 2018, The University of South Alabama is using a new tool to help prevent crime on campus. License plate reading cameras have been installed at six entrances to the school. They've been there since January. USA Police Chief Zeke Aull says during that time they've been quite effective at allowing police to monitor for people who may have been banned from the campus or are responsible for some type of criminal activity.

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