My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Sunday, February 10, 2019

US Military War Veterans Buried at the Sarasota Memorial Park Cemetery 'Sand Pit' are Disrespected by Owner Clifford Work and his Groundskeepers.

US Military War Veterans (AND OTHERS) Buried at the Sarasota Memorial Park Cemetery 'Sand Pit' are Disrespected by Owner Clifford Work and his Groundskeepers. The Sarasota Memorial Park Cemetery 'Sand Pit' is home to scores of veterans from World War I to World War II and Vietnam, including my father and grandfather.
Almost all of the bronze or granite headstones have sunk into the soft sand and/or are covered by small oak leaves, sand, broken tweeds and weeds, most of the cemetery has very little grass or sod.
I did a drive around - walk about of all of the Sarasota Memorial Park Cemetery 'Sand Pit' today, Sunday Feb 10th, 2019, and found the Cemetery ground conditions outrageous and deplorable. Most of the Cemetery to the south of the main entrance is just sand and weeds, there is no grass and there does not appears to be a working sprinkler system.
In Florida if you let your grass die on your lawn you end with just weeds and sand, without the grass there is no strength to the top level of dirt on top of the sand and it just blows away. The Groundskeeper position by definition is "responsible for cutting grass, trimming grave markers, assisting in burials, and helping keep grounds in good condition. Groundskeepers also participate in the grounds maintenance and landscape projects to include, but not limited to, mowing, trimming, foundation installations and tree trimming".
World famous Russian artist Count Ossip de Perelma is buried in Sarasota Memorial Park Cemetery with no marker or headstone. Born in Odessa, Russia in 1876, Ossip Perelma also known by several variations of that name, including Ossip Perelman and Count Ossip de Perelma. Ossip Perelma studied at the Imperial Academy in Petrograd and Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. After immigrating to San Francisco in 1915, he became a protégé of Senator James D. Phelan and active in the local art scene. With Phelan's contacts, he soon was well-known for his portraits of President Woodrow Wilson, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (when he was Sec of the Navy), General of the Armies John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing and other famous people. While in the U.S. again, he continued painting, traveled widely, and eventually arrived in Sarasota’s artists’ colony in the fall of 1950.

 Ossip de Perelma 
Photo added by Wonderer.. Ossip de Perelma Birth 14 Jun 1876 Russia. Death 15 Nov 1950 (aged 74) Saratoga, Putnam County, Florida, USA. Burial Sarasota Memorial Park Sarasota, Sarasota County, Florida, USA. Plot Block B Lot 4E Space 10 Memorial ID 121177734· View Source.

A short time later
in the fall of 1950 Ossip de Perelma was stricken with a heart attack and died on November 15, 1950 in the Municipal Hospital, since renamed the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. His body was removed to Wilfred T. Robarts Funeral Home, where a search was begun for someone to notify and to claim the body. Robarts wrote letters to France and Russia, to consuls, and embassies, and to all whose names appeared in the artist’s effects. There were no responses. 
Portraits done by the artist include "Le Skieur" by Ossip De Perelma.
In early October 1956, nearly six years after receiving the Count’s body, Mr. Robarts located the artist’s wife, an American woman he married shortly after returning to the U.S. She was in Florida’s mental institution in Chattahoochee as a result of a brain injury suffered in an auto accident shortly after they were wed. Wilfred Robarts, known for his many kindnesses, paid for the funeral and arranged for the Reverend Monsignor Charles L. Elsander, rector of St. Martha’s Church to officiate at the services. Mr. Robarts said, "The Count had been with us for so long, (6 years), we had come to feel close to the friendless old fellow, so we did the very best we could for him." Count Ossip de Perelma died in Sarasota in 1950 when he was 74 years old, he was buried in Sarasota Memorial Park six years later in 1956 in Lot 4E, Block B in Section 10.
Outrageous Conditions at Sarasota Memorial Park Cemetery Where War Veterans Are Buried Like My Father Robert Warner and Grandfather John Slavin. ABC7 News writes, By Rebecca Fernandez | February 4, 2019 at 3:48 PM EST - Updated February 10th at 4:18 PM SARASOTA (WWSB) - People are asking the operators of Sarasota Memorial Park to improve the grounds where their family members are buried. "It’s been nothing but a struggle,” Carol Hart explained.
Hundreds of people are buried there, along with military veterans like and Colonel Druid E. Wheeler US Army World War I and World War II, even some well-known celebrities. However, when you enter the grounds, all you see are overgrown weeds and burial markers falling into disrepair.
"We carry in our car a little broom that we always clean our burial markers off with every time we come to pay our respects,” said Hart. The horrific conditions make visiting their loved ones even harder.
"These are deplorable conditions for those who have passed. I can’t move my husband, his ex-wife and her son to another place because it’s too expensive, so I have to deal with this and I’d like to see it get corrected,” Hart tells us.
Since the cemetery is owned privately, Sarasota County can only help these grieving family members in terms of code violations, which the cemetery’s owner, Clifford Work, pays every time even though he filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Now, family members have filed complaints with the state to see if it is able to step in and do something. This is something Florida State Senator Joe Gruters should look into.

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