My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
My website is dedicated to articles on crime and terrorism and those perpetrators who commit the crimes. Duties of a Licensed Florida Private Investigator, Private Investigation Definition Class "C" — the investigation by a person or persons for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to any of the following matters: a. Crime or wrongs done or threatened against the United States or any state or territory of the United States, when operating under express written authority of the governmental official responsible for authorizing such investigation. b. The identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any society, person, or group of persons. c. The credibility of witnesses or other persons. d. The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned property or escheated property, or heirs to estates. e. The location or recovery of lost or stolen property. f. The causes and origin of, or responsibility for, fires, libels, slanders, losses, accidents, damage, or injuries to real or personal property. g. The business of securing evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or in the trial of civil or criminal cases and the preparation therefor. A Class “C” or Class “CC” licensee may perform bodyguard services without obtaining a Class “D” license.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Florida State Senator Joe Gruters files bill to prohibit smoking on public beaches no wonder he is the conscientious rising star of the Republican party

The Most Littered Object in the World are Cigarette Butts. Florida State Senator Joe Gruters files bill to prohibit smoking on public beaches no wonder he is the conscientious rising star of the Republican party. First-time violators could be punished with a fine up to $25 for 10 hours of community service. Smoking Prohibiting the smoking of tobacco on public beaches; providing civil penalties; authorizing a law enforcement officer to issue a citation as prescribed by a county or municipality to any person who smokes tobacco on a public beach, etc. 1/2/2019: Filed.

Alabama bans smoking on public beach” via The Associated Press — The sugar-white sand in Gulf Shores is Alabama’s most popular half-mile stretch of public beachfront. This area also is undergoing $15 million in renovations and city officials want to keep it looking nice. So, in June, city officials adopted a wide-ranging list of regulations that included an Alabama first: The public beachfront became smoke-free. The ban is part of a national trend as politicians try to keep popular attractions from looking like ashtrays and turning away tourists. In Florida, lawmakers are considering legislation that would implement a wide-ranging ban on smoking at any public beach, empowering law enforcers to cite offenders. “What Florida is doing is not surprising,” said Grant Brown, recreation and cultural affairs director with the city of Gulf Shores, comparing smoking bans on beaches with restrictions to smoking at outdoor athletic stadiums.

ABC7 News at 7 pm Sarasota with Jacqueline Matter took a weak stab at opposing views of State Senator Joe Gruters bill to ban smoking on public beaches by showcasing the far left liberal views of ex-con and ACLU president Michael Barfield. Ex-con Michael Barfield voiced his concern that homeless vagrants would be targeted by the cops for tossing their butts in the sand, Barfield is so full of it, he will use every opportunity he gets from ABC7 News to demonize people in law enforcement and they know it. Cop Hater Michael Barfield is the president of the Sarasota ACLU, he Couldn't Pass a basic Background Check to Flip Burgers at McDonald's. A convicted felon by his own admission and barred from calling himself a lawyer by the Florida Bar Association, Barfield serves as President of the Florida ACLU Sarasota and chair of the Legal Panel of the A.C.L.U.’s Sarasota Chapter.
Bills Sponsored By: Joseph Gruters FLORIDA (R)
  • Providing findings related to improvements to onsite sewage and treatment systems; adding registered septic tank contractors to the list of contractors authorized to make or install a qualifying improvement; revising the contract
    1/10/2019: Filed
  • Providing that certain dividends or premium refunds must be retained by the association's joint underwriting plan of insurers for future use, etc.
    1/9/2019: Filed
  • Requiring supervisors of elections to enter into agreements with clerks of the circuit courts to receive specified information; requiring the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to furnish monthly to the Department
    1/3/2019: Filed
  • Increasing the length of time before an election during which the Florida Elections Commission may not make public a probable cause finding and any related proceedings and records; prohibiting the Commission on Ethics from publicly
    1/3/2019: Filed
  • Revising the definition of the term "contribution" to conform to changes made by the act; revising the schedule governing campaign finance reporting for candidates, political committees, and electioneering communications organizations;
    1/3/2019: Filed
  • Providing an appropriation for certain projects related to the Indian River Lagoon Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan; requiring each wastewater facility that unlawfully discharges sewage into a waterway or aquifer
    1/2/2019: Filed
  • Directing the Department of Health to identify certain information for onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems, update the current database of such systems, and submit a report to the Governor and Legislature by a specified
    1/2/2019: Filed
  • Prohibiting the smoking of tobacco on public beaches; providing civil penalties; authorizing a law enforcement officer to issue a citation as prescribed by a county or municipality to any person who smokes tobacco on a public beach, etc.
    1/2/2019: Filed
  • Citing this act as the "Rule of Law Adherence Act"; creating provisions relating to federal immigration enforcement; prohibiting sanctuary policies; requiring state entities, local governmental entities, and law enforcement agencies
    1/10/2019: Referred to Judiciary; Infrastructure and Security; Rules
  • Prohibiting persons who are denied admission to, are excluded, deported, or removed from, or depart the United States under certain circumstances from entering or residing in this state, etc.
    1/10/2019: Referred to Judiciary; Infrastructure and Security; Rules
  • Prohibits dismemberment abortion; provides exception; provides penalties.
    3/10/2018: Died in Health Policy
  • Requiring the program to incorporate specified components to be considered an early childhood court; authorizing the office to hire a statewide community coordinator; requiring the Florida Institute for Child Welfare to conduct
    3/10/2018: Died in Messages
  • Specifies that animal owner who abandons animal has no expectation of privacy in animal's body or remains.
    3/10/2018: Died in Agriculture and Property Rights Subcommittee
  • Revises district boundaries; requires referendum.
    4/9/2018: Chapter No. 2018-178
  • Provides for name of child's guardian ad litem or attorney ad litem to be entered on court orders in dependency proceedings; requires court to advise parents during adjudicatory hearing of actions required to achieve reunification;
    3/10/2018: Died in Civil Justice and Claims Subcommittee
  • Recognizes historical, religious, & cultural importance of Jerusalem, supports recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel & relocation of U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, & applauds Federal Government for recognizing Jerusalem
    1/31/2018: ADOPTED
  • Provides exemption from public records requirements for certain identifying & location information of current or former public guardians, employees with fiduciary responsibility, & spouses & children thereof; provides definition
    3/5/2018: Laid on Table, refer to CS/CS/CS/SB 268
  • Authorizes malt beverage distributor to give branded glassware to vendors licensed to sell malt beverages for on-premises consumption; requires that glassware bear certain branding; provides an annual limit on amount of glassware
    4/2/2018: Chapter No. 2018-135
  • Prohibits person who engages in privileged communication, law enforcement crime stoppers coordinator or his or her staff, or member of crime stoppers organization's board of directors from being required to disclose privileged
    3/10/2018: Died in Criminal Justice
  • Designates act "Economic Redemption and Restoration of Constitutional Rights Act"; authorizes person suffering from legal disability due to criminal conviction to apply for relief; provides exceptions.
    3/10/2018: Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
  • Requires law enforcement officer to inform motor vehicle operator of certain rights; prohibits certain actions by officer; requires officer to record race & ethnicity of violator when issuing citation; requires law enforcement
    3/10/2018: Died in Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities
  • Creates State Board of Community Colleges; revises function & mission of Florida K-20 education system; revises provisions relating to postsecondary education.
    3/10/2018: Died in Post-Secondary Education Subcommittee
  • Requires each district school board to adopt rules for display of official state motto in specified places.
    3/10/2018: Died in Education
  • Requires that specified entities that take receivership of lost or stray dogs or cats shall adopt written policies & procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to quickly & reliably return animals to their owners;
    3/10/2018: Died in Careers and Competition Subcommittee
  • Provides an appropriation for The Renaissance Manor - Assisted Living Services for Mental Health Clients.
    1/9/2018: Bill is introduced or prefiled

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