Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What's Wrong with the Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Facility at Ed Smith Stadium Sarasota Fl, It's Sinking Into the Landfill

What's Wrong with the Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Facility at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota Fl It's Sinking! Sarasota's Ed Smith stadium was built on the site of a landfill, a dump site. When you become head grounds keeper for a world-class baseball field, you don’t expect it to be built on top of a landfill. But, for Dan Thomas’ Ed Smith Stadium, training facility for the Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota, Florida, that’s exactly what happened. Beneath the 2.5 acres of manicured 54 Bermuda grass lies an old landfill. “We don’t have the best growing conditions,” admits Dan. “It’s been a difficult time to get the grass growing consistently. And, when we do renovations, it’s not unusual to find trash and maybe even a tire or two.” "A lot of the irrigation work has some interesting objects around it. We have had irrigation lines running through a car, underground. When we have had irrigation line breaks and we dig the holes to repair them, we’ve pulled out full-size car tires, women’s purses, etc. It’s interesting what we find in the ground here, said Dan Thomas.”

HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES: Sarasota County to use $16.5 Million of tourism money to fix Ed Smith baseball stadium despite business community outcry. The Sarasota County Commission on Tuesday decided to shift money from the tourism promotions budget to pay for repairs on the deteriorating Ed Smith Stadium, despite pleas from local merchants devastated by toxic red tide who claim the marketing money is vital to keeping their businesses alive.A unanimous commission voted to move promotions funds generated by the tourist development tax away from marketing the county to help cover repair costs to the spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles, which will need $16.5 million in fixes over the next 10 years. The work includes renovations of two fields, a new irrigation system, lightning protection, defective resin flooring repairs, fencing, roof replacement and parking lot repairs. The county and the Baltimore Orioles each contribute $150,000 annually to a capital expense fund, but those contributions won’t cover the repairs. According to the county’s memorandum of understanding with the Orioles, it is responsible for anything the fund cannot cover, parks officials have said.  
The Orioles’ estimated economic impact in the county is $97 million. “You don’t want your county beginning to breach contractual obligations on major repairs. This isn’t more lighting or more fancy flags along the rim. Part of the building is sinking,” Commissioner Al Maio said, adding he is sympathetic to the plight of local business owners. Before the commission rendered its decision, business owners begged the board to find another way to fund the repairs. A teary-eyed Paul Parr, operator of 12 vacation rentals on Siesta Key, told commissioners he rented only two units during the month of September, adding that his business is on the brink of collapse because it was hit so hard by red tide. “My situation is desperate. I’m about to go out of business,” Parr said, stressing the importance of area promotions. “I’m about to lose my investment.

THE SARASOTA NEWS LEADER WRITES: ‘Bed tax’ Revenue to Cover Resin Flooring Repairs of $67,637 at Ed Smith Stadium after Sarasota County Paid $1.1 Mill in Jan 2018 to Replace all the Resin Flooring? Who's Zoomin Who at Ed Smith Stadium as Sarasota County allocates $67,637 to make repairs to the MMA resin flooring on the 1st and 2nd floor concourses in August 2018, just months after Sarasota County paid for all the Stadium concourse defective resin floor replacement  to the tune of $1,079,300 in January 2018, what the hell? SEE https://sarasotanewsleader.com/shift-in-county-allocations-of-bed-tax-revenue-proposed-to-cover-repairs-at-ed-smith-stadium-and-to-help-pay-for-mote-marine-aquarium/
County Commissioner Charles Hines, who chairs the council, explained that the MMA resin flooring in Ed Smith stadium was defective. He and his colleagues felt the county needed to go ahead and replace it in December 2017 and January 2018, he added, even though the county has continued to seek a resolution of the issue with the construction manager Gilbane that handled stadium renovations for the Orioles, they sued Gilbane in November 2016. 
We don’t want you to think that … we’re not seeking to get [the money] back, $1,079,243.00 ,” he told the council members. Delaying the installation to after Spring Training 2018 would require the additional cost of temporary and unsightly repairs to make the surfaces that are failing safe for the baseball fans. So they went ahead and replaced all the resin flooring, “approximately 39,687 square feet of exterior floor topping materials on the 1st floor and 2nd floor concourse at Ed Smith Stadium.” see http://sarasotanewsleader.com/contractor-at-work-to-replace-defective-flooring-at-ed-smith-stadium-before-orioles-begin-spring-training/
"The county’s Procurement Department had approved what is called a “single-source request” NO BID CONTRACT on Aug. 10, 2017 the memo added. The form explaining that process said, “With a deadline for completing a major portion of the work before Spring Training in 2018, there is not time to allow multiple vendors to provide test patches and prove their products, systems and methods are successful. … Delaying the installation to after Spring Training 2018 would require the additional cost of temporary and unsightly repairs to make the surfaces that are failing safe,” the form added. The money for the work was to come out of a TDT fund set aside for capital projects and events, the memo noted." see http://sarasotanewsleader.com/contractor-at-work-to-replace-defective-flooring-at-ed-smith-stadium-before-orioles-begin-spring-training/
Sarasota County knew defective MMA flooring problems existed all over Ed Smith stadium creating trip hazards for the unknowing baseball fans prior to the start of Spring 2017 baseball games. County Commissioner Charles Hines, who chairs the council, explained that the MMA flooring in ed stadium was defective and needed to be replaced.

MMA resin flooring at Ed Smith Stadium Sarasota Fl was unsafe for fans during the Baltimore Orioles 2017 Spring Training baseball games and Sarasota County knew it. Photos were taken in November 2017 and at that time no repairs had been made to any of the defective MMA flooring, they were found in the exact same condition as on March 30th, 2017 when the baseball fan injured his knee on the 2nd floor concourse defective flooring LEADING TO THE STAIRCASE. Defective MMA Flooring at Sarasota's 'Ed Smith Stadium' Baltimore Orioles During 2017 Spring Training Games Caused Fan to Severely Injure Knee On Staircase, County Balks at Paying his Extensive Medical Bills, loss of past and future income and compensation for his loss of quality of life, the fan now has a permanent limp.
On a side note: The Baltimore Orioles Baseball team have reached a new record low. Baltimore suffered its 108th loss of the season Tuesday, 9/18/2018, a 6-4 loss to the Blue Jays that left them 43-108, 60 games out of first place and breaking the 1988 team's mark for most losses in a single season in the team's 65-year history. The 2018 team went on to a 47 win-115 loss finish for the 2018 season, a total embarrassment for the Orioles Baseball organization. The Baltimore Orioles had the most losses, 115, of all teams in Major League Baseball. “It’s as difficult as it was yesterday,” manager Buck Showalter said of the team matching the 1988 team’s loss total.

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