My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Saturday, October 20, 2018

BILL WARNER INVESTIGATIONS Sarasota Fl has A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southwest Fl after 23 years in Business.

BILL WARNER INVESTIGATIONS Sarasota Fl has A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southwest Fl after 23 years in Business. BILL WARNER INVESTIGATIONS is a Florida based global research firm specializing in political violence, criminal profiling and terrorism since 1995. P.I. Bill Warner has worked on terrorism cases with the FBI, ICE and the U.S. Secret Service. 
PI Bill Warner is seen on ABC NEWS 7 Sarasota Fl, WTVT-TV FOX 13 Tampa Fl, Bay News 9 Tampa Fl, WFLA TV News Tampa Fl, WBTV News Charlotte NC, WFTS ABC News Tampa Fl, WKYT News Lexington KY, CNN National, FOX NEWS National NY, INSIDE EDITION National, and John Walsh’s AMW National. 
BILL WARNER INVESTIGATIONS was issued Florida Private Detective Agency License A-9500364 on January 3rd 1995 in Panama City FL. Bill Warner Investigations’ Same Phone Number, Same Location, Same Web Site & Same Florida Private Eye Agency for 23 Years. Bill Warner Investigations (941) 926-1926, Sarasota, FL 34231 website at 
On a scale of A+ to F Reason for Rating BBB Ratings System Overview - BBB records show a license number of A9520064 for this company, Bill Warner Investigations,  issued by Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services in 1995. Their web address is . - See more at:

RELIABILITY: Bill Warner Investigations has had the same phone number 941-926-1926, the same web site , the same location Sarasota Fl, and the same Florida Private Detective Agency License A-9500364 for over 23 years, since January 1995.  
“Cheaters”, We know all your moves. Don’t be “blindsided” by some online scammer check them out says private investigator Bill Warner. Call Bill Warner Investigations to find out the truth today at 941-926-1926 or email 
Bill Warner Investigations is a licensed Private Detective Agency in the State of Florida, License A-9500364, and has been in business since 1995. William Warner has companion Florida Private Investigator License C-9900446 and Florida Security Office License D-1231860. Private Investigator William Warner is licensed to carry a Concealed Weapon and has a companion Statewide Firearm "G" License that allows him to carry up to two concealed weapons most anywhere in the State of Florida. The authority of any such "G" licensee to carry a concealed firearm is valid in any location throughout the state of Florida while performing services within the scope of the license.
Sarasota P.I. Bill Warner investigative reports are featured in major Newspaper publications such as the 'QUARTZ-Fox News", PennLive, ‘UK Daily News’, ‘Sunday London Express’, ‘NY Post‘, “TAMPA RNC“, ‘NY Daily News‘, ‘Star-Telegraph’, “Tampa Tribune“, “Fox News National“, “London Sunday Telegraph“, ‘Village Voice’, ”Al-Qaida Website hosted in Phoenix The Arizona Republic“, “The Columbian Newspaper“, ”Bay News 9 Tampa“, “Cyber Vigilante FOX NEWS NY“, “In our view: Internet Censor (Bill Warner) Wednesday, May 7 COLUMBIAN EDITORIAL STAFF“, ”Canadian Press (CP)”, “The St. Petersburg Times“, “The Press-Register Newspaper“, “Do Cybersleuths Fight Terrorism or Cause Trouble“, ”The Press & Sun Bulletin Binghamton“, “Former Buc Player Hires Private Eye To Find Super Bowl Rings“, ”Yahoo News Canada“, ”Brooklyn Ink Newspaper“,…HONOR KILLER YASER SAID: TRACKING A COLD BLOODED MURDERER.
A&E The Killing Season Episode 6 "A Killer On The Road" Nov 26th at 10:00PM Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Featured on I-4 Serial Killer. 'The Killing Season' is an eight-episode docuseries four years in the making. The series, executive produced by Academy Award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney, starts out by digging into the four identified victims found on Gilgo Beach, searching for any clues towards the killer’s identity. But as Zeman and fellow documentarian Rachel Mills (Killer Legends) begin digging for answers, they start uncovering a string of similar murders down the East Coast, stretching from Long Island to Atlantic City to Daytona Beach. Was Long Island only the beginning? The answer is complicated and lends itself to the series’ title. As Zeman and Mills begin to uncover, the serial murder of sex workers has become increasingly frequent across the country. While four murdered women found in a drainage ditch behind a no-tell motel in Atlantic City might seem similar to the four identified victims on Gilgo Beach, their connections have more to do with how our brains work than a multi-city conspiracy to hide a serial killer.
Bill Warner Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota 941-926-1926 - SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at