Thursday, September 20, 2018

Orlando Melbourne Airport: Trinidad Student Pilot Nishal Sankat Jumps Fence Tries to Hijack Vacant Airbus A321 at Florida Airport.

Terrorism task force investigating 'security breach' at Orlando Melbourne airport. The Joint Terrorism Task Force is overseeing the investigation into an overnight incident involving a man suspected of hopping a fence at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport and boarding a vacant American Airlines Airbus in a nearby maintenance hangar.  

Nishal Sankat received his pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration eight months ago. Sankat was “detained before he was able to start the engine.” According to the FAA, Sankat got his commercial pilot’s license on Jan. 10, 2018, which is also his birthday; he was born Jan. 10, 1996. His FAA “ratings” per the official website say he is a commercial pilot rated to fly, land and operate “multi-engine” commercial planes. He is also licensed for private single-engine planes.
Airport spokeswoman Lori Booker said Nishal Sankat made it into the plane's cockpit, but was detained before he was able to start the engine. Booker said Nishal Sankat "attempted to breach the flight deck" twice, breaking away once after having been detained by aviation mechanics, who later caught him again. Nishal Sankat, DOB 1/10/1996, has a valid Florida Drivers license, FL S523631960100, it indicated he lives at 100 Tucan Way in Melboune Fl, where he had 2 minor moving violations.

FACEBOOK PAGE HEADER OF STUDENT PILOT NISHAL SANKAT, yeah he is normal. The Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating and trying to determine a motive in the case, according to Orlando-Melbourne International Airport spokeswoman Lori Booker. Employees working on the plane saw the student pilot on the flight deck and told him, "Get on the ground, mister.
The 22-year-old student pilot, Nishal Sankat,  suspected of jumping a fence at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport and boarding a vacant American Airlines plane has been charged with a criminal attempt to steal an airplane. Authorities also booked the unnamed man on a visa violation, along with criminal trespassing charges. He is a former Brevard Tech student.  
The man, Nishal Sankat,  was a part-time student at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, where he studied aviation management and had completed some flight training, school spokesman Adam Lowenstein said. His name has been released it is Nishal Sankat, his red sedan was towed away.
Orlando Melbourne Airport: Trinidad Student Pilot Nishal Sankat Jumps Fence Tries to Hijack Vacant Airbus 321 at Florida Airport. What was this guys intended target? In the latest incident, a maintenance supervisor and a technician were aboard the aircraft when one noticed a shadow behind him. 

The employees asked for the student's identity and badge. When the student, Nishal Sankat, approached the cockpit, the maintenance workers grabbed him, held him down and took him off the aircraft. The A321 was next scheduled to fly to Miami at noon Thursday. Its last flight was out of Miami on Sunday.
A student pilot, Nishal Sankat, is in custody after he allegedly hopped a security fence early Thursday at Florida's Orlando Melbourne International Airport and boarded a passenger jet that was undergoing maintenance, an airport spokeswoman said. The student, Nishal Sankat. who is originally from Trinidad and had a Florida driver's license, parked his red sedan curbside around 2 a.m. before jumping the fence, running across the apron and boarding the American Airlines Airbus A321, spokeswoman Lori Booker said. "There obviously seemed to be planning involved," she said. A sticker on his car indicated he lived in the area at least recently, as did some of his Facebook posts, she said. She was not sure which flight school he attended.  
MELBOURNE, Fla. - Nishal Sankat a student pilot jumped a fence and boarded an American Airlines jet early Thursday at Orlando Melbourne International Airport before he was tackled by workers and arrested, officials said. Melbourne police, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating the incident, which took place in a maintenance area at 1 Air Terminal Parkway and forced authorities to close the airport. According to airport spokeswoman Lori Booker, the man, Nishal Sankat, parked curbside at the airport at 2 a.m., left his car running and jumped a fence before boarding a vacant Airbus 321.

Two workers, a technician and a supervisor, were on the plane and tackled the man, Nishal Sankat, when he wouldn't answer their questions, Booker said. One of the workers called police while the other held the man, Booker said. The man tried to get away, but the workers were able to hold him until police arrived and arrested him, according to Booker. The 22-year-old man, whose name has been released, Nishal Sankat, was taken into custody about two minutes after police were called, Booker said. It's not known if he had any weapons. The motive of the man, who is from Trinidad and entered the United States through Canada, is not yet known, Booker said. It wasn't immediately known if the plane, which can hold about 200 passengers, was fueled, according to officials. Booker said the man, Nishal Sankat, has a Florida's driver's license, and it's believed that he attends or attended a flight school in the area.

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