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Publication of 9 Page 'Transparency for Florida' Affidavit regarding Sarasota School Board Lawsuit Crafted by Paralegal Michael Barfiled & Attorney Robert Watrous

 photo credit screenshot abc7 news at 7:00 pm with alan cohn.
Publication of 9 Page 'Transparency for Florida' Affidavit regarding Sarasota School Board Lawsuit Crafted by Paralegal Michael Barfiled & Attorney Robert Watrous. I have received anonymously the affidavit crafted by 'Transparency for Florida' in regards to the bogus Lawsuit put together by paralegal Michael Barfiled and Attorney Robert Watrous that was filed on 2 members of the Sarasota School Board and eventually on the Sarasota School Board itself. In the interest of transparency and the general public's inquisitive nature, I will publish the 9 page affidavit that was sent to me and the Sarasota Herald Tribune claiming paralegal Michael Barfield conned them, 'Transparency for Florida', into a lawsuit 'without merit' that eventually targeted the Sarasota School Board, see below. Interestingly ABC7 and ABC7 News at 7:00 pm with Alan Cohn has made no statement or provided any coverage concerning Michael Barfiled's devious plan and subsequent bogus Lawsuit filed on the Sarasota County School Board. ACLU president Michael Barfield and other ACLU minions are frequent flyers on ABC7 and ABC7 News at 7:00 pm with Alan Cohn. ABC7 News at 7:00pm liberal host Alan Cohn has repeatedly had members of the Sarasota ACLU, Michael Barfield & Susan Nilonon, on his show to demonize law enforcement specifically the Sarasota Police Department.

photo credit screenshot abc7 news at 7:00 pm with alan cohn.
August 2nd, 2018 THE SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES: Advocacy group says paralegal forced them to file suit against Sarasota School Board. Transparency for Florida says Michael Barfield coerced them into taking action over public records laws. More than two weeks after filing a lawsuit against two Sarasota County School Board members for not complying with public records laws, the advocacy organization filing the suit, Transparency for Florida, now alleges that they were coerced to do so unwittingly by local paralegal Michael Barfield. The affidavit, sent to Herald-Tribune reporters Thursday, alleges that the three people who sit on the organization’s Board of Directors never allowed Michael Barfield to use an email address that was supposedly connected with their organization, never established any sort of “attorney-client relationship” with attorney Robert Watrous, the attorney in charge of the suit, never “knowingly” voted for or requested the lawsuit and never authorized any attorney fees to Watrous or Michael Barfield. The affidavit alleges that Barfield told Plummer to open a corporate bank account in Transparency for Florida’s name and that he told Plummer to deposit $3,700, which Michael Barfield produced, into the account. He then told Plummer to withdraw that money as a cashier’s check that could be paid to Watrous. The document says that the board of directors did not allow a corporate bank account to be opened or a check to be issued. They do not know the origin of the $3,700, the affidavit alleges.
It would be helpful if this reporter would publish a copy of the actual affidavit so the public can understand the nuances. Yes Virginia there is an Affidavit, see 9 page report below:

 photo credit screenshot abc7 news at 7:00 pm with alan cohn.
I am not an attorney, but once a lawsuit is filed against a Florida Corporation or any Corporation, the Corp must obtain an attorney to even respond to the complaint. Once in Court, as a Complaint progresses, hours are billed by the attorney obtained by the Corp. (School Board- lawyers of Matthews Eastmoore). As the clock ticks and the Case drags on (also amid negative publicity) thousands of dollars are billed to the Corp by the Law Firm they choose. Eventually, as I have seen repeatedly, any Corp (like the School Board) will settle the case to save money (and face) and the Plaintiff will be awarded attorney fees and numerical awards which could range up to say $75,000 or more (there is a $200,000 cap on what Govnt entities are liable for). So Barfield and his crew's initial investment of $3,700 (where did cash come from) could net them up to 20 times what they spent and of course the resulting positive media exposure for Barfield and his crew doing 'good' for the citizens of Florida. Nonsense, this appears to me to be a scheme to defraud the School Board and cast negative media exposure on the 2 School Board members who are up for re-election this month. Under Florida Statute 817.034, the crime of Scheme to Defraud is committed when a person: Engages in a systematic, ongoing course of conduct; With the intent to defraud or obtain property or monies from one or more persons; By false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises, or willful misrepresentations of a future act. The penalties for Organized Fraud are based on the aggregate value of property or monies actually obtained during a Scheme to Defraud

Soooo paralegal Michael Barfield gives 'Transparency for Florida' financial advisor Nicholas Plummer, who is 74 years old and in failing health, $3,700 in cash on July 16th, 2018 and coerces him into opening a Corporation Checking account at CenterState bank in Riverview Fl in the name of 'Transparency for Florida'. Barfield then has Mr. Plummer obtain a cashiers check for $3,500 in the name of 'Transparency for Florida' to be given to Sarasota attorney Robert Watrous in order to file the resulting lawsuits on the 2 School Board members and the Sarasota School board, what the hell? Michael Barfield apparently told Mr Plummer that the funds ($3,700 cash) 'came from the fruit of unknown donor's donations to the Corporation". I'm sure the Florida Bar and the Sarasota County Sheriff could have some interest in the 9 Page 'Transparency for Florida' affidavit regarding the Sarasota School Board Lawsuit crafted by Paralegal Michael Barfiled & Attorney Robert Watrous.

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