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My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Wanted Armed & Dangerous: Cop Wanna-Be Ryan Flanzer Shoots Up 1350 Main St Sarasota He Gave $250K to Longboat Police Dept in Feb For License Plate Readers.

UPDATE: Sunday May 6th, 2018, Money Talks and Bullshit Nut Job Shooter Ryan Flanzer Walks on $7,500 Bail, WTF? Wanted Armed & Dangerous: Cop Wanna-Be Ryan Flanzer Shoots Up 1350 Main St Sarasota He Gave $250K to Longboat Police Dept in Feb For License Plate Readers. Nut Job on the loose in Sarasota FL, he links to MTV's Siesta Key TV nonsense 

RYAN FLANZER HAD A 'HIT LIST' AT HIS HOME! During the execution of a search warrant at Flnzer's home law enforcement located a 'hit list' which included several individuals in the Sarasota area. Sarasota Police seized eight firearms including an AK-47 during the search warrant of Flanzer's home, he is the man charged with shooting into a downtown condo over the weekend. Police took possession of those weapons almost immediately as part of the criminal investigation, but now, thanks to a new state law, those guns will remain with police until a judge rules Ryan Flanzer is mentally stable. Ryan M. Flanzer, who has lived at the Resort at Longboat Key Club for about nine months, told the Longboat Observer he’d initially wanted to donate his time to the Longboat Police Department — he’d grown up visiting the Key and when Ryan M. Flanzer walked around the house he would tell his parents he wanted to be a police officer. (NOT)
SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - The Sarasota Police department has identified a suspect in connection with the downtown shooting investigation Saturday. According to officers, at 12:10 p.m. Ryan M. Flanzer, 25, arrived at 1350 Main St. wearing a tactical vest and a badge. He identified himself as a process server and was allowed entry to the third floor (DID THEY CHECK HIS ID?). Once on the third floor, Flanzer allegedly fired several rounds into the door of Apartment 305 and fled the scene. SPD says at the time of the shooting the unit was unoccupied and no one was injured. At this time, SPD is attempting to locate the suspect, who is still at large and describe by officers as armed and dangerous.

UPDATE: Saturday May 5th, 2018, Channel 10 News Tampa. Sarasota police say Flanzer barricaded himself in a Westin Hotel room. The Crisis Negotiation Unit was called in, and talked him into surrendering. No shots were fired and no one was harmed, police say. On his Facebook profile, Flanzer claimed to work for the Longboat Key Police Department, but Chief Pete Cummings said that's not true. Cop Wanna-Be Ryan Flanzer had posted on all his social media that he was a crime prevention officer with the Longboat Key Police Dept, most prominently on his professional Linkedin page see

LONGBOAT OBSERVER Feb 18, 2018 by: Bret Hauff Staff Writer. The Longboat Key Police Department hopes technology upgrades to be purchased w
ith a private donation will help make law enforcement and crime prevention easier for its officers. A donation of $234,216.35 will enable the department to buy 25 laptop computers and software for its patrol vehicles and an enhanced license plate recognition system to replace cameras installed almost five years ago. All of this money came unsolicited from Ryan Flanzer, 25, a Scarsdale, New York, native who owns his own record label and manages talent and locations for MTV’s 'Siesta Key' program. Flanzer said he cold called the station, told them who he was and that he wanted to help.

Sarasota Cop Wanna-be Ryan Flanzer emailed Longboat Key Police Chief Peter Cumming and asked to be made a volunteer policeman. “He said, ‘I’d like to be a volunteer policeman with the police department. Can you make that happen?’” Cumming said. “I said there’s no way that can happen. You have to go through classes and training even to be a volunteer. That’s when he got annoyed.”  
Longboat Police Chief Pete Cumming told the Herald-Tribune on Saturday that Flanzer had “no affiliation with the Longboat Key Police Department other than being a generous donor earlier this year.” “He started putting things out on Twitter and Facebook that police lie and so forth,” Cumming said. “That surprised me. 
I had not seen that kind of behavior from him, said Longboat Police Chief Pete Cumming.” An Instagram post from a man named @ryanflanzer posted April 27 stated i’m ready for war I got machetes and swords for any crooked officer that thinks he was raw!! Chief Pete Cumming is on strike two.” 
 Ryan Flanzer
Ryan Flanzer Linkedin Page,
crime prevention officer (NOT).
Philanthropist, Crime Prevention Initiator & Entertainment Business
Longboat Key Police Department (N0T).

Crime Prevention consultant/ volunteer crime prevention officer (NOT).
Full Sail University
Longboat Key, Florida
Longboat Key Police Department (NOT)
Dates Employed Oct 2017 – Present
Employment Duration 8 mos (NOT)
Location Longboat Key, Florida

Ryan Flanzer is in Longboat Key, Florida.· · Started New Job at Town of Longboat Key Police Department October 21, 2017 — Crime Prevention
Longboat Key, Florida.  Crime prevention consultant,
"i’m a police liaison" (NOT).
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away on business Saturday for 29 days. please all inquiries go to my assistant @kayla___bae email :
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sigh ... it’s time to clean this world up a little and turn myself in.
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sorry for typos extremely angry since i’m a 25 year old with hand tattoos i was removed before take off so another passenger cud buy the seat because i don’t wear a suite and tie? and my tattoos...? @Delta u had no valid reason. ur officer agreed.

Ryan Matthew Flanzer‏ @RyanFlanzer 10h10 hours ago
since i have tattoos and didn’t put my luggage in overheard the first time asked .. when it was in no one why. i paid first class. they targeted me to get another man a seat. @Delta

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see they are robbing me .. avoiding me. i’m a police liason so ima go in and handle it in person you’re down ducking up my life @WellsFargo

Ryan Matthew Flanzer‏ @RyanFlanzer May 4
this the life .. i expose crooked cops. invest in incredible works of art i get by watching a movie with its sound off. and i’m making money in music .. i was gona retire after chris webby never paid me and i just lost maad money.

Ryan Matthew Flanzer‏ @RyanFlanzer May 3
i’ll start the man behind the police scamming of a young adult. which should be illegal. if it’s not. let’s use hashtag #PeteCummingsPoliceScam

Ryan Matthew Flanzer‏ @RyanFlanzer Apr 20
happy 4/20 everyone

Ryan Flanzer happy 4/20 everyone
Ryan Flanzer should have 'GOOGLED' Seth Bloom or hired a PI to check him out before giving him &300,000 for a non-existent business venture. HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES SUNDAY MAY 6th, 2018...Six days ago, Ryan Flanzer filed a lawsuit against Seth Bloom, the owner and manager of the bogus business Bloom and Czar. Bloom convinced Flanzer to invest $300,000 for a “once-in-a-lifetime outstanding opportunity” in the non-existent marine boat company. Bloom, who was convicted of fraud in 2014, said Bloom and Czar was a profitable high-end boat company with a “growing reputation” in the marine trade industry. Flanzer’s complaint, which was filed April 30 2018, stated that “Czar” had no assets and conducted no viable business operations and had no reputation in the local and regional marine trade. The company is charged with a count of common law fraud, fraud in the inducement, securities fraud, sale of unregistered securities, constructive fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of guaranty, money lent to Czar, and unjust enrichment. The complaint alleges that Bloom concealed from Flanzer that he had been convicted of fraud of a similar scheme in Iredell County, North Carolina, and in Sarasota County. His previous business entities, described as “shells, shams and alter egos of Bloom,” were “Monster Marine LLC” and “Goliath Group, LLC.” Flanzer agreed to invest a sum of $300,000 in exchange for ownership percentage interest in the company. Bloom and Czar promised to pay $6,500 a month for 10 years, plus the return of the a principal amount. 

Seth Bloom DOB 5/09/1991 is currently on State of Florida Felony Probation, begin date 11/04/2016 end date 10/25/2021. Seth Bloom got $300,000 from Ryan Flanzer in a bogus business deal in January 2018 after all of Seth Bloom's fraud convictions and Felony probation were public record, a simple Google search would have revealed all. ABC-7 WRITES: According to court records, the door Ryan Flanzer allegedly shot up on Saturday belonged to Seth Bloom, a man Flanzer is in the middle of a lawsuit with. Flanzer claims Bloom stole $300,000 from him. Bloom's former attorney, Sara Blackwell, says Bloom scammed her out of $10,000, never paying her for her services. Blackwell is the woman that Seth Bloom has listed as his attorney on the fraud case between him and Flanzer. She says she hasn't heard from Seth Bloom in at least six months and that she was not asked to and refuses to represent him. "He has been adding me as his registered agent on his businesses without my approval," Blackwell says. "He's been sued multiple times."

"Iredell County authorities have accused a Mooresville business owner of pocketing the money from the sale of others’ boats and trailers. Seth Bloom, 23, owner of Monster Marine in Mooresville, was arrested Monday and charged with four counts each of obtaining property by false pretense and conversion by bailee. He was jailed under $60,000 bond, deputies said. Investigators said they received several complaints in recent months from boat owners who had consigned their watercraft and trailers to Bloom, so he could sell them. Detectives said they determined that Bloom sold several boats and trailers to people who live outside Iredell County, then allegedly pocketed the money."

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