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'They Didn't Have to Die' Murder of Georgann Smith & Kathleen Briles By Delmer Smith Was Preventable if FBI Processed His DNA in Sept 2008.

Delmer Smith Serial Sexual Killer. 'They didn't have to die', beaten to death by a mad dog rapist who had roamed the Sarasota-Bradenton area for over 5 months robbing, beating, and raping defenseless women while his DNA sample sat in a FBI lab waiting to be processed. Murder of Georgann Smith and Kathleen Briles by rapist Delmer Smith could have been prevented if FBI processed his DNA sample after his release from the TERRE HAUTE FCI on September 16th, 2008. Delmer Smith's Florida crime spree in Sarasota and Bradenton that included beatings, rapes and murders may have continued on for additional months, if not for the Sarasota Sheriff Dept, because the FBI failed to process the DNA sample obtained from former federal prison inmate Delmer Smith when he left the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana. The FBI had Delmer Smith's DNA on or about the end of September 2008 if they had processed his DNA sample the Sarasota County Sheriff Dept would have been able to match up Delmer Smith to his first rape on February 22nd 2009 in Sarasota and put a stop to his soon to become 'reign of terror'. Delmer Smith was finally arrested by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Dept on October 5th, 2009 for the home invasions based on other evidence than his DNA. The FBI failed miserably to protect Georgann Smith and Kathleen Briles, 'they didn't have to die'.
Cops had the DNA of the man who had been doing home invasion rapes in Sarasota on 3/14/2009 from the attack in the 5200 block of Carmilfra Dr Sarasota Fl, but did not know who he was due to the fact that FBI DNA records turned up no matches. Delmer Smith's DNA sample, given in September 2008 when he left Federal Prison wasn’t tested until September 2009, a full year later and after Delmer Smith murdered two women and raped at least 6 other women. The attacks in the Sarasota-Bradenton area appear to have lasted from Feb. 22nd to August 3rd, 2009 when Kathleen Briles was murdered. No test on Delmer Smith's DNA sample from prison until September 2009, what the hell?
Delmer Smith spent 15 years in Federal prison for armed robbery and while behind bars became pen pals with a woman who lived in Bradenton and others. Sarasota Serial Rapist and Murderer Delmer Smith Had Access to a Computer And An Email Address While in Federal Prison. This access to a computer appears to be how Delmer Smith hooked up with the older woman in Bradenton Fl and to who he married within a few weeks after his release on 9/16/2008. Upon his release from the TERRE HAUTE FCI September 16th 2008, Delmer Smith had over $5,000 in his prison fund, donations from lonely women all over the USA who had been in email contact with this dirtbag. The attacks in the Sarasota-Bradenton area appear to have lasted from Feb. 22nd to August 3rd, 2009 when Kathleen Briles was murdered. FBI DNA records turned up no matches because Delmer Smith's DNA sample, given in September 2008, wasn't tested until September 2009. DNA evidence linking the crimes to the suspect was available in February 2009 from the Sarasota County Sheriff Dept evidence collection team, but FBI DNA records turned up no matches because the suspect's DNA sample, given in September 2008, wasn't tested until September 2009 -- after the suspect had been identified from other evidence. Federal authorities acknowledged that they had had a DNA sample from home invasion and rape suspect Delmer Smith III during the months detectives say he attacked numerous women in their homes in a violent crime spree. But Smith's DNA had never been entered into the FBI's DNA databases, so authorities in Florida's Sarasota County didn't get a match from DNA they say Smith, 38, left behind in four rapes and two murders beginning on Feb. 22, 2009.
During Ex-Con Delmer Smith's Reign of Terror in 2009 My Office on Constitution Sq Was Central to All His Attacks, We Were Hunting the Masked Man. Back in May 2009 I was actively hunting the 'masked man' who turned out to be Delmer Smith. We did surveillance on some of the side streets off of Beneva Rd, Clark Rd, Proctor Rd, etc, just sitting doing surveillance and watching for a car cruising the neighborhood. It was later found out that Sarasota home invasion rapist Delmer Smith was driving a 2000 red SUV with Florida tag #M406CX, the vehicle was registered to Delmer Smith. Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight announced Smith’s arrest in connection with the local attacks at a press conference on October 5th, 2009. Representatives from several other agencies were present. Authorities say Smith stalked women, scouting their homes, and waiting until they were alone before attacking. Some were tied up, gagged and beaten, more from this source. Investigators in Venice initially questioned Delmer Smith following a bar fight. Although he was not arrested or implicated at that point, police chief Julie Williams said Smith's demeanor resonated with officers. "The violence in the bar fight in our community was notable," she said." We never had anyone that violent over nothing in a bar fight." Officers later followed-up with Smith and found an abundance of electronics in Smith's apartment. Knight said those electronics were stolen from the homes that were robbed. Manatee county authorities believe Smith may also have been the attacker in home invasions and other assaults in unincorporated Manatee and the city of Bradenton. Bradenton Police Department Deputy Chief William Tokajer said Smith is a suspect in the Feb. 16 2009 attack on a 52-year-old female jogger near Riverview Boulevard, and an April 20th 2009 home invasion on 32nd Street Northwest in which a couple in their early 60s were bound and beaten. Steube said his detectives are investigating whether Smith was responsible for three home invasions in unincorporated Manatee. Delmer Smith tied up the victims using electrical cords with his signature “two half inch knot”, once tied up and unable to defend themselves Delmer Smith beat his victims with the butt of his .380 Walther semi-automatic hand gun around the face. Delmer Smith savagely beat two 60 year old victims, knocking out teeth down to the roots from the male victim and breaking bones in both of the victims faces, more from this source….

From the beginning of the masked man's reign of terror in the Sarasota-Bradenton area I had been adamant about his link to the murder and rape of Georgann Smith on JoAnn Drive in Sarasota Fl on April 6th 2009 and beating Kathleen Briles to death on Aug. 9, 2009. Sarasota Bradenton Home Invasion Intruder Made a Mistake with GeorgAnn Smith, She Was Young, Not the Home Owner and a Black Belt in Karate. Posted: April 25, 2009 by pibillwarner. Georgann Smith, 37, had recently moved into the house on Jo-An Drive where she was murdered by Sarasota-Bradenton Home invader masked man, she was renting the house and was not the listed property owner (an elderly couple). Georgann Smith was not the typical victim of Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invader masked man, she was 30 to 40 years younger than the previous and subsequent victims, she was not listed as the owner of the house and she had a black belt in karate with multiple advanced degrees, 6th to 10th. Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invader masked man had his hands full with Georgann Smith, she was a fighter, she was not going to take it lying down, she more than likely pulled off his mask, she was a black belt in karate trained in self defense but going up against an armed intruder who obviously had no qualms about maiming, or now, killing a woman.
GeorgAnn Smith was a hero, she fought back against Delmer Smith, it may have cost her life, but there is no second guessing the situation, she was attacked and she defended herself, no black belt in karate (an expert in martial arts) is going to accept a hit in the head and possible sexual abuse without fighting back, it is just that simple. From information obtained from Georgann Smith’s sister it became apparent that ex-con dirtbag Delmer Smith had broken into Georgann Smith’s house, violently fought with her, then raped and murdered her. Sarasota Home invasion suspect Delmer Smith raped and beat to death Georgann Lee Smith on Joann Drive Sarasota, she was beaten to death with a baseball bat, she had been bound and raped, she had been home alone. Thirty-seven-year-old Georgann Lee Smith was killed in her home April 5th, 2009 in the 2100 block of JoAnn Drive in Sarasota, according to Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. Delmer Smith had not been charged in that case until just a few days ago. INFORMATION FROM Georgann Smith’s sister July 27th, 2011…They linked Delmer Smith to being in my sister’s home. I received a call earlier in the day and it was confirmed by the Detectives. The bad part is they can’t link him to her murder, because there is no evidence to prove it. The Lead detective re-submitted a piece of evidence to forensics to have a special test performed and that was the link. They found his DNA! I just don’t understand why we have to go through this. Yes, I’m very happy that he is behind bars, but I want his name in BIG BOLD LETTERS on a newspaper clipping saying that he was the one who BRUTALLY MURDERED Georgann, with a beautiful picture of her off to the left. She never received any coverage for her murder. Only that they identified the body of a deceased woman. That is horrible! I wish someone would step in and do an article on her because she was truly an angel. The State Attorney will not charge Delmer Smith because of lack of evidence, so we still do not have JUSTICE! The only justice there is is that he will never leave prison because of everything else he’s done to all the other women!   

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