Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Serial Rapist & Murderer Delmer Smith and His Partner in Crime James Cellecz Are Both Back in the Sarasota County Jail Again

Serial Rapist & Murderer Delmer Smith and His Partner in Crime James Cellecz Are or Soon to Be Both Back in the Sarasota County Jail, Again. The State Attorney's Office in Sarasota Fl is finally charging 'Monster' Delmer Smith with the April 5th, 2009 rape and murder of Georgann Smith on Jo Ann Drive in Sarasota Fl. Sarasota County filed a detainer on January 22nd 2018 to the Florida State Prison in Raiford Fl for the transportation of Delmer Smith back to the Sarasota County Jail to stand trial. Ex-con Sex offender James Celleczisis back in the Sarasota County Jail, as of today 1/31/2018, on a failure to register as a sex offender, a 3rd Degree Felony. It will be just like old home week for Smith and Cellecz in the Sarasota County jail. What goes around does finally come around.

'They didn't have to die', beaten to death by a mad dog rapist who had roamed the Sarasota-Bradenton area for over 5 months robbing, beating, and raping defenseless women while his DNA sample sat in a FBI lab waiting to be processed. Murder of Georgann Smith and Kathleen Briles by rapist Delmer Smith could have been prevented if FBI processed his DNA sample after his release from the TERRE HAUTE FCI on September 16th, 2008. Delmer Smith's Florida crime spree in Sarasota and Bradenton that included beatings, rapes and murders may have continued on for additional months, if not for the Sarasota Sheriff Dept, because the FBI failed to process the DNA sample obtained from former federal prison inmate Delmer Smith when he left the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana. The attacks in the Sarasota-Bradenton area appear to have lasted from Feb. 22nd to August 3rd, 2009 when Kathleen Briles was murdered. FBI DNA records turned up no matches because Delmer Smith's DNA sample, given in September 2008, wasn't tested until September 2009. DNA evidence linking the crimes to the suspect was available in February 2009 from the Sarasota County Sheriff Dept evidence collection team, but FBI DNA records turned up no matches because Delmer Smith's DNA sample, given in September 2008, wasn't tested until September 2009 -- after the suspect had been identified from other evidence.The FBI had Delmer Smith's DNA on or about the end of September 2008 if they had processed his DNA sample the Sarasota County Sheriff Dept would have been able to match up Delmer Smith to his first rape on February 22nd 2009 in Sarasota and put a stop to his soon to become 'reign of terror'. Delmer Smith was finally arrested by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Dept on October 5th, 2009 for the home invasions based on other evidence than his DNA. The FBI failed miserably to protect Georgann Smith and Kathleen Briles, 'they didn't have to die'.

GeorgAnn Smith was a hero, she fought back against Delmer Smith, it may have cost her life, but there is no second guessing the situation, she was attacked and she defended herself, no black belt in karate (an expert in martial arts) is going to accept a hit in the head and possible sexual abuse without fighting back, it is just that simple. From information obtained from Georgann Smith’s sister it became apparent that ex-con dirtbag Delmer Smith had broken into Georgann Smith’s house, violently fought with her, then raped and murdered her. Sarasota Home invasion suspect Delmer Smith raped and beat to death Georgann Lee Smith on Joann Drive Sarasota, she was beaten to death with a baseball bat, she had been bound and raped, she had been home alone. Thirty-seven-year-old Georgann Lee Smith was killed in her home Monday April 6, 2009 in the 2100 block of JoAnn Drive in Sarasota, according to Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. Delmer Smith had not been charged in that case until just a few days ago. INFORMATION FROM Georgann Smith’s sister July 27th, 2011…They linked Delmer Smith to being in my sister’s home. I received a call earlier in the day and it was confirmed by the Detectives. The bad part is they can’t link him to her murder, because there is no evidence to prove it. The Lead detective re-submitted a piece of evidence to forensics to have a special test performed and that was the link. They found his DNA! I just don’t understand why we have to go through this. Yes, I’m very happy that he is behind bars, but I want his name in BIG BOLD LETTERS on a newspaper clipping saying that he was the one who BRUTALLY MURDERED Georgann, with a beautiful picture of her off to the left. She never received any coverage for her murder. Only that they identified the body of a deceased woman. That is horrible! I wish someone would step in and do an article on her because she was truly an angel. The State Attorney will not charge Delmer Smith because of lack of evidence, so we still do not have JUSTICE! The only justice there is is that he will never leave prison because of everything else he’s done to all the other women!

Back on Monday, June 03, 2013 Sarasota Serial Rapist Delmer Smith's Partner James Cellecz were both Back in Jail Again. James M. Cellecz, DOB 3/21/1978, had been arrested by Manatee County Sheriff Department for violation of probation, he sold (pawned) stolen goods obtained by his rapist/killer buddy Delmer Smith who just recently was sentenced to death for the murder of Kathleen Briles in Terra Ceia Fl. Delmer Smith sold and traded stolen goods to Red Barn Flea Market Dealer and Registered Sex Offender James Cellecz, Cellecz ended up doing 9 months on the dealing in stolen property charge. Delmer Smith was convicted of the violent murder of Kathleen Briles in Terra Ceia, Manatee County Florida, he beat her to death with an antique cast iron sewing machine. Dr. James Briles found his wife, Kathleen, 49, bound and bludgeoned to death in their Terra Ceia home on Aug. 3, 2009. She had numerous pieces of jewelry missing, including a gold necklace with a V-shaped pendant with diamond baguette diamond stones.

One day later, some of Kathleen Briles belongings were pawned at Pawn Star LLC, 4524 14th St. W., by 32-year-old James Cellecz, who was sentenced in April for providing false information to a pawn broker (he had only done 9 months and is back out). James Cellecz was arrested three months after pawning the items. According to sheriff’s reports, Cellecz told detectives that Delmer Smith III, who is charged in Briles’ slaying, had given him Briles’ jewelry to pawn a day after her body was found. James Cellecz listed his “Day Job”on arrest records in 2009 as working for TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES as a COMPUTER TECH, what access did he have to women’s private information. The number one item stolen in all of the Sarasota-Bradenton home invasions was laptop computers. How did Delmer Smith know that only middle aged women, living alone, where in the homes when he attacked, who tipped him off, was it James Cellecz? Sex offender computer tech James Cellecz must have been in on the home invasions, targeting homes, why else would Delmer Smith split the 'take' with him?  
James Cellecz, a registered sex offender, had preciously entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors in Sarasota on drug and failure to register charges, in exchange for testimony on several violent cases involving mad dog rapist Delmer Smith. In my opinion James Cellecz had a lot to do with the actual targeting of the women attacked by Delmer Smith. How did Delmer Smith know where multiple middle aged women were living and home alone, sex offender computer tech James Cellecz must have been in on the home invasions, targeting homes, why else would Delmer Smith split the 'take' with him?

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