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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sarasota Police Department monitoring my website and downloading articles

Cops monitor my blog posts and appear to be assembling a dossier on me as a persons of interest. I have made my voice heard in the British Press, via the Sunday Express, about the continuing violence in Newtown (Herald Tribune bans my comments). SUNDAY EXPRESS "Is this why the Florida Britons were killed"? Newtown is a district that one man in Sarasota knows better than most. Bill Warner is a veteran private investigator who has called this area his patch for almost 20 years. “It’s horrible,” he says. “At any time of day there are drug deals being done and guys acting as spotters on the look out for police. There is a lot of crime and it’s not a nice place to be. You don’t go there at night, period. If I have to do surveillance work in Newtown I always carry a weapon.”  
I will choose my words carefully in my articles as I have been warned by a Sarasota Police Department detective that they are monitoring my website and downloading articles due to my involvement in the murder case of Travis Combs. I have and will continue to attempt to generate any leads as to who murdered Travis Combs in Newtown, all info I receive I will and have turned over to SPD detectives. I do not want or need or deserve an Obstruction of Justice Charge, and I do not want to be put in the "box" again and questioned by SPD Detectives as if I was one of the bad guys on Monday November 20th, 2017 at Sarasota Police headquarters. ABC-7 News reporter Adam Cellini was just coming out of SPD HQ on Monday November 20th, 2017 and saw me sitting in the waiting area, he approached me and asked, “Is everything cool“, I replied, we’ll see.

NY TIMES: Toward the end of the movie "Charlie Wilson's War," a CIA officer played by the pitch-perfect Philip Seymour Hoffman cautions the Wilson character (played by Tom Hanks) not to be too sure they have done "something glorious" by arming the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan and running the Russians out of the Country in 1989. To make the point, he tells the story of a Zen master who observes the people of his village celebrating a young boy's new horse as a wonderful gift. "We'll see," the Zen master says. When the boy falls off the horse and breaks a leg, everyone says the horse is a curse. "We'll see," says the master. Then war breaks out, the boy cannot be conscripted because of his injury, and everyone now says the horse was a fortunate gift. "We'll see," the master says again.

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