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Newtown Residents Reginald Parker & Jabez Spann Witness Murder of Travis Combs, Jabez Goes Missing and Parker Won't Talk to Sarasota Cops, No Snitchin in Newtown

If a kid goes missing like Jabez Spann, no fuss, no muss, no struggle just vanishes without a trace who do you look for, SOMEONE HE KNEW. Newtown Residents Reginald Parker & Jabez Spann Witness Murder of Travis Combs, Jabez Goes Missing and Parker Won't Talk to Sarasota Cops, No Snitchin in Newtown. Travis Combs was murdered in an empty lot in the 1600 section of 22nd Street, see his red car in photo above, he was shot in the back. Travis Combs was shot on August 28th, 2017 at about 9:20 p.m. Travis Combs, his murder most likely drug related, as in May 2014 he was arrested in front of 2222 MLK Dr Newtown with 1.6 lbs of marijuana in the trunk of his car.
From information that I obtained on my own it has been discovered that Travis Combs was known to pull his vehicle into the empty lot on 22nd Street and sell marijuana from his car. It also became apparent to local Newtown thugs that Travis Combs would have large amounts of cash on him from the drug sales. Apparently Reginald Parker and Jabez Spann witnessed 3 local Newtown thugs rob and murder Travis Combs for his money. I will identify the 3 Newtown thugs that murdered Travis Combs in this article as Thug A, Thug B, and Thug C. The three thugs surround 31-year-old Travis Combs in his car in the empty lot in Newtown shouting “give it up” to Combs as he got out and tried to run. “I ain’t got it,” said Combs, surrounded by the trio in the empty lot in the 1600 block of 22nd Street on August 28th.
ABC-7 News… SPD document states that detectives met with Lucille Tillery, grandmother of Jabez Spann, missing since September 4th, 2017, over 120 days ago. Tillery told authorities that Reginald Parker confessed to her that he witnessed the murder of Travis Combs. During the conversation, Tillery says, Parker also admitted that he saw Jabez Spann exit a home at the time of the murder, and Jabez Spann yelled “oh my God Y’all shot him.” Apparently Thug A, Thug B, and Thug C saw Jabez Spann and did not see Reginald Parker who had just come out of a nearby rooming house. Thug A, Thug B, and Thug C have lengthy criminal histories in Sarasota County and elsewhere for drug sales, armed robbery, aggravated battery, etc, etc,. Reginald Parker told others that 'Thug C' shot Travis Combs and ran off with Thug B, Thug A got in Travis Combs car and drove off. If arrested and convicted of Armed Robbery and Murder of Travis Combs all three Thugs would be facing life in prison or the death penalty.

NO SNITCHIN IN NEWTOWN. Reginald Parker is a registered sex offender, he has spent 13 years in the Florida State prison system, in and out on 4 different occasions dating back to 1993:

Incarceration History Reginald Parker:
Date In-Custody Date Out-Custody
05/12/1993 05/02/1997
10/16/1998 08/01/2003
07/27/2005 05/04/2006
09/07/2011 04/23/2014
Herald Tribune, The police report that put Spann at the scene of Combs’ murder stems from the arrest of Reginald Lee Parker. Parker, 55, told three people that he witnessed the fatal shooting of Combs by 3 Newtown thugs, Thug A, Thug B, and Thug C who he knew and named two of them. His firsthand account was corroborated by another witness, a woman who also heard the gunshot and saw men running from the area. Parker was arrested Nov. 7 on an unrelated warrant for failure to appear in court and interviewed by detectives in jail. But according to the report, he changed his account once inside the county jail. When pressed by detectives, Parker denied telling anyone he saw Combs’ death. After he recanted, detectives brought the three people Parker spoke to about the killing into the jail, to confront him in person about his statements. Parker, again, denied witnessing the death. He has been charged with being an accessory to murder for allegedly impeding the investigation of the armed robbery and killing. Parker’s arrest report is the first of any official documents that indicate Spann witnessed the still unsolved death. The names of the 2 thugs that Parker ID in the shooting of Combs are in the SPD probable cause report. It appears that Thug C shot Travis Combs and fled on foot with Thug B, while Thug A stole Travis Combs car and set it on fire in Manatee County, destroying any evidence. Reginald Parker has been charged with 'Accessory After The Fact to 1st Degree Murder', Parker would rather go to prison that talk to Sarasota cops.
  NEWTOWN NO SNITCHIN: Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino said the case has left her department frustrated. DiPino said there are areas her officers want to search, but they are private property and without probable cause, officers cannot conduct those searches without consent (NEWTOWN). “We are doing everything we can, but it’s been very frustrating that we are not getting information from our community (NEWTOWN),” she said. “

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