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Drug Activity in Newtown Sarasota Fueled Armed Robberies, Burglaries, Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping and Multiple Murders Since 2011

Drug Activity in Newtown Sarasota Fueled Armed Robberies, Car Burglaries, Prostitution, Vehicle Thefts, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping and Multiple Murders, since at least 2011. Over the last 7 years and most recently during the last 7 months, since the murder of Travis Combs and the apparent kidnapping of Jabez Spann, I have done on site surveillance of the Newtown section of Sarasota Fl, mostly around N. Orange Ave and 22nd Street and areas on the North Trail, RTE 41. Multiple Murders on Mean Streets of Newtown from 2011 through 2017 appear to be robberies gone bad or drug related, all of them are a blight on Sarasota Fl. I have gone over arrest reports of certain individuals at the Sarasota County Clerks Office that link to Newtown. All my information obtained on a Newtown nucleus of violent thugs seen in this article are compiled from Sarasota County Sheriff and SRQ Police Arrest Reports, Probable Cause Affidavits, Florida State Prison Records, State's Attorney Indictments, Sarasota County Clerks website ClerkNet 3.0, and articles researched in local Newspapers, all of which are PUBLIC RECORD. I also obtained first hand informant statements from some of the female victims of Newtown drug dealers and pimps. I observed out in the open drug sales on 22nd Street near N. Orange Ave in Newtown. I had also observed the open drug and prostitution activity on the ‘North Trail’ section of North Tamiami Trl in Sarasota Fl that runs from Panama Dr all the way up to University Ave and run by thugs out of Newtown, be afraid Sarasota, be very afraid!
PIMP & DRUG DEALER: Ronald E. McBride III Sarasota, DOB 11/12/1993, was found guilty on six (6) felony charges including Human Trafficking sexual on November 15, 2016. This is the first case, locally, where a suspect has been found guilty of Human Trafficking. McBride was found guilty of Human Trafficking (sexual), Aggravated Assault with a Weapon, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Robbery with a Firearm, False Imprisonment and Sexual Battery. $60 A TRICK: Ronald McBride III, 22, of Sarasota began coaching and grooming the victim on how to trade her body for drugs and money last November. The relationship quickly became abusive. “He became violent. Increasingly violent over the time period that he was essentially pimping this particular victim,” says Brooke Kernan, assistant state attorney of the 17 Judicial Circuit. The victim told police she had to give all the money she made to McBride because, “He owns me”. “She was not out there on her own doing this on her own freewill,” says Kernan.
Ronald McBride is a product of the Newtown section of Sarasota his earlier arrests for drug possession and robbery with a gun listed addresses on 24th Street and then on 29th Street Near N. Orange Ave in the Newtown section of Sarasota Fl. Ronald E. McBride III is currently in the Lancaster Correctional Institution Florida State prison system. Ronald E. McBride III is doing a 50 year sentence with a release date of December 15th, 2065.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING SEX & DRUG TRADE NORTH TRAIL SARASOTA FL: There appears to be a steady stream of drugs and sex for sale activity on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl and in the hotels/motels that line Rte 41. One day within 5 minutes of my setting up surveillance on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, just south of Myrtle Ave, I spotted a blond woman walking the street and using hand signs to motion passing cars (Johns or drug customers) to pull their cars behind a closed fast food joint. First she got in a blue 2000 Toyota registered to a guy in St Pete Fl who is 56 years old, they drove to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens at 3701 Bay Shore Road Sarasota made the drug deal in the car in the parking lot and then drove back to the closed fast food joint where he dropped her off. Two minutes later a older man in a silver SUV picked up the blond hooker behind the closed fast food joint on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, they drove across the street to the Goodwill Store parking lot at 3333 North Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl, see map, and completed their drug deal in the car , both of these drug deals happened within 11 minutes, busy street.
VIDEO ABOVE, Sarasota Police Department Published on Feb 28, 2017 SARASOTA, Fla. – Across the country more than 1,000 towns and counties are stepping up tactics to deter men who buy sex. They include seizing vehicles, community service, "john" school, license suspension, public shaming and reverse stings. To learn more, CBN News rode along with police in Sarasota, Florida, on one of these operations. Sitting in the back of one of the undercover cars, we watched as a female undercover officer, posing as a woman for sale, began walking up and a down the sidewalk in a commercial part of town early on a Thursday afternoon. Within minutes she had attracted two buyers and for the next couple of hours a steady stream of customers kept her and another undercover female officer busy. Like many other communities, Sarasota employs several tactics to deter sex buyers. They're taking advantage of a new state law that raised the penalty for conviction of soliciting a prostitute from $500 to $5,000. Sgt. Rob Armstrong oversees the sting operations and says the higher amount is helping. "When the five thousand fine came into effect we saw a very large increase in actual trials," he said.
NORTH TRAIL PIMPS AND DRUG DEALERS "DEX and RO": Convicted Human Sex Trafficker Ronald E. McBride III is just one of many pimps and drug dealers who force their girls to work the North Trail of Sarasota doing tricks for $60 a whack, the girls also sell drugs to the 'Johns' with product provided by their pimp. "DEX and RO" have had their girls working the North Trail for years. "DEX and RO" do the exact same thing that Convicted Human Sex Trafficker Ronald E. McBride III did, only difference is that none of their girls would ever think of testifying against them or they could end up like Nikki Scott. There is no way to sugar coat the unsolved murder of Nikki Scott, she was involved with the drug trade and prostitution on the North Trail Rte 41 in Sarasota Fl. I keep getting tips from people who were also involved in the drug trade on the North Trail in SRQ or are linked to some of the drug dealers who work out of the motels on the North Trail in SRQ and the story is always the same, guys with street names like Ro and Dex killed Nikki. 
Dex and Ro have multiple arrests for drug sales and violent crimes in Newtown, time to put these boys behind bars. The mutilated body of Nicole Rose Scott was found in a ditch at the far East end of University Parkway off of I-75 on December 11th, 2011. University Prkwy and Bourneside Blvd Sarasota Fl is basically a dead end road with no lights or nearby neighbors, “a good place to dump a body“. The killer or killers would have no problem in getting out of their vehicle and dumping the body near the trees and then a quick getaway out of the area. It appears that Nikki Scott could have been at one of a series of Motels in the 4900 block of North Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl on or about Friday December 9th, 2011. It also appears that Nikki Scott might have been in contact with "DEX and RO" in the months leading up to her murder. According to a search warrant executed on December 11th, 2011, detectives and patrol deputies found the home of murdered Nicole Rose Scott, 29, unlocked and the television still on. Deputies confiscated numerous items to be checked for DNA, blood, fingerprints and clothing fibers to determine who may recently have been in the house in the 5400 block of Potter Street. Those items include beer bottles, water bottles, ashtrays, condom wrappers, cigarette butts, notebooks, a cellphone charger, a glass pipe, bed linen and a motel room key…. that room key appears to link to one of the series of Motels on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl.
FROM INFORMATION FROM A CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT (CI) ABOUT DEX AND NIKKI SCOTT….”Around the time of Nicole Scott’s murder (December 10th, 2011) I was staying at a motel Dex was renting out as well (Days Inn Motel on 41 Sarasota Fl) I was outside on the phone when I over heard a couple of girls accusing Dex for raping and killing a girl named Nikki. A couple of days later I was asked by Dex if he could use my phone, I said yes & he head towards his room saying he needs to go get a number that he wrote down, I walked down the hall with him, he told me to come inside while he looks, offered me a cigarette I seen 2 girls sleeping in the bed so I thought nothing of it being a bad idea. He (Dex) ended up locking me in the room and threatening to rape me, thankfully I was able to get away before anything happened. However while I was in the room I accused him of being crazy & I brought up the rumors I over heard of him murdering Nikki Scott & I said they were probably true. He reacted very violently once he hear her name, he began hitting me & told me, if I didn’t keep his name out of my mouth he would find out & he swore he would kill me no matter how far I ran he would find me. I’m not sure if this is going to help any, I just wanted to make it known he is very capable of doing what he’s being accused of.

Newtown Drug Dealer Dexter Johnson Jailed On Violent Rape Charge. June 19th, 2012, SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE. Sarasota Police say DNA enabled them to identify a rape suspect as a convicted criminal with an extensive local arrest record. Denied bail, Dexter V. Johnson, 51, of the 2700 block of Leon Avenue, is being held in the Sarasota County jail on a sexual battery charge. On Feb. 3, a woman told police she blacked out after leaving a bar (Rendezvous Lounge) and woke up hours later in the North Water Tower Park with life threatening injuries. The staff at Sarasota Memorial Hospital determined that the woman had been raped and sodomized. An analysis of DNA by Florida Department of Law Enforcement identified Johnson as the assailant. 

From the cold blooded murders of British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris by Newtown teen thug Shawn Tyson in April 2011 and the unsolved murder of Nikki Scott in December 2011 to the murder of Travis Combs in August 2017 and the accompanying disappearance of teen Jabez Span in September 2017 who appears to be a witness to Combs murder, Newtown is a no go kinda place. There were eight murders in Sarasota in 2011, all but one of which took place in Newtown, the historically black neighborhood that has remained dangerous despite years of effort and calls for a stop to the violence. Several members of teen killer Shawn Tyson's 2011 gang went on to commit drug crimes, burglaries and murder or attempted murder on their own after the murder of the two British tourists on April 16, 2011.

There was a nucleus of violent teen thugs in 2011 Newtown led by Shawn Tyson and his right hand man Steven Fields, who was in and out of prison 4 times, other members of the 'group' are  Steven R. Phelps, Curtis Campbell, Diandrew L. Clarkson, Shawn D. Whitfield, Treshaun Simmons, Jermaine Bane and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown residents through a series of robberies, burglaries, home invasions and shootings, they are now all in their mid 20's. It appears to me that the remnants and/or associates of Shawn Tyson's violent gang are alive and well in Newtown and have continued with their criminal enterprise. Following is an updated report on where they all are now. All my information obtained on the Newtown nucleus of violent teen thugs and their violent associates seen in this article are compiled from Sarasota County Sheriff and SRQ Police Arrest Reports, Probable Cause Affidavits, Florida State Prison Records, Sarasota County Clerks website ClerkNet 3.0, and articles researched in local Newspapers, all of which are PUBLIC RECORD.  
SUNDAY TELEGRAPH London April 24th, 2011…The teenage gunman charged with murdering two British tourists in Florida is linked to a notorious street gang that terrorized the Sarasota neighborhood for two years. The nickname Young Savage tattooed across the chest of Shawn Tyson ties him to leaders of the Second Line gang, DeAndre Tunstall, that operated in the Newtown district of Sarasota where the Britons were shot dead, according to a local crime investigator Bill Warner. The revelation of Tyson’s apparent gang association will fuel anger over the blunders by prosecutors that led to his release from custody charged with an earlier gun attack just hours before James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, were killed
It will add to suggestions of a pattern of troubled and sometimes violent behavior by Shawn Tyson, well before the incident for which he was arrested earlier this month. It will also raise fresh suspicions of accomplices to the botched attempted robbery of the two young Britons, whose bodies were found 40 yards apart after shots rang out in the small hours of the morning. Now it has emerged that the tattoo emblazoned on his chest links him to the feared “enforcer” of the Second Line gang, DeAndre Tunstall, responsible for a string of robberies and murders in the Newtown district that includes The Courts is now serving a sentence of life in prison.

Shawn Tyson is currently in prison doing life + 5 years
Current Prison Sentence History Shawn Tyson:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County
Prison Sentence
04/16/2011 MURDER 03/28/2012 SARASOTA
04/16/2011 MURDER 03/28/2012 SARASOTA
04/07/2011 AGG ASSLT 07/05/2016 SARASOTA
Shaun Tyson and his 'gang' were terrorizing the central Newtown area from at least the end of 2010. Tyson murdered the two British tourists April 16th of 2011. Written reports that I have obtained from the SPD indicate that Tyson and at least 4 other youths had been pointing handguns at others in the vicinity of the intersection of N. Orange Ave and 24th Street in Newtown in March 2011, Tyson also had been shooting at cars. Tyson had been carrying a Smith and Wesson Model 351PD 7-shot silver.22 Magnum Airlite revolver, ($600 gun). Shawn Tyson's right hand man was Steven Fields, who has been in and out of State prison 4 times, other members of the 'group' are  Steven R. Phelps, Curtis Campbell, Diandrew L. Clarkson, Shawn D. Whitfield, Treshaun Simmons, Jermaine Bane and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown. On May 5th of 2011 Jermaine Bane was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, he was in a car with his brother Joshua Bane who had an active warrant for aggravated assault with a firearm and the driver of the car was Treshaun Simmons, both Bane brothers were arrested. Shawn Tyson's 'gang' are all about the same age, in the 24 to 27 age bracket now, they all lived in the same area, they all carried handguns, they all did robberies together in groups of two, they all are violent and have violent firearm charges, two of them have been convicted of murder in separate cases and one has been convicted of attempted murder (on his father) in another case, and yet no one wanted to call them a 'gang'. 

2nd Shooter in British Tourist Murders Still Out There, Two Men at Scene One Conviction With Shawn Tyson. Who is the unsub 2nd shooter who was with Shawn Tyson when British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris were murdered in the Newtown Housing projects section of Sarasota Fl on April 16th, 2011 at 2:54 a.m.. SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE….British tourist murders: Two men at scene; one conviction. Police only solved half of the case with the conviction this week of 17-year-old Shawn Tyson in the murders of two British tourists. All along, witnesses said there were two men who surprised the two drunken Britons on April 16, when they were shot and killed as they staggered through the public housing complex. Court records from the Tyson case name Steven Fields, 19, as possibly being the accomplice. Fields has family in Newtown and has spent most of his teen years behind bars. He was convicted of robbery and aggravated assault when he was 14. When tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris were murdered, Fields was living with his mother in Tampa.
Now serving 14 months in prison for a car theft conviction unrelated to the murders, Steven Fields is scheduled to be released from prison on January 19th, 2018, so in a few days we will have this violent thug back on the streets of Sarasota. “We’re looking at him (Fields) and if we can develop probable cause to charge him, we’ll do so,” said Sarasota Police Sgt. Kevin Churchill. “Now that this conviction is done, perhaps people will be more inclined to help us and provide some information.”  Steven Fields was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang back in 2011 along with Steven R. Phelps, Diandrew L. Clarkson, Shawn D. Whitfield and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown.
Newtown thug Diandrew L. Clarkson arrested September 28th, 2015: According to a Sarasota Police Department news release, Diandrew L. Clarkson, 20, shot Daniel Ortiz, 44 — who was driving in the 1500 block of 25th Street Newtown on Monday evening — after Ortiz tried to buy $35 in drugs from him. Clarkson demanded Ortiz pay him $40 from a previous deal, leaned into Ortiz’s car and pulled a handgun from his waistband and shot Ortiz who later died. This dirtball Diandrew L. Clarkson was in Newtown selling drugs on the street. Diandrew L. Clarkson was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang back in 2011 along with Steven R. Phelps, Steven Fields, Shawn D. Whitfield and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown.
Current Prison Sentence History Diandrew L. Clarkson:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County
Prison Sentence
09/28/2015 MURDER   04/05/2017 SARASOTA
SARASOTA ABC-7- May 12th, 2013 Steven R. Phelps Jr was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang. Authorities have arrested a man in connection to the shooting of his own father. Steven R. Phelps Jr. has been arrested for Attempted Murder and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Phelps was arrested on Tuesday on the 1300 block of 21st Street in Sarasota. The arrest was made by members of the US Marshal’s Service, Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force. Detectives from the Sarasota Police Department and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office participate in the Fugitive Task Force and were involved in today’s arrest. 
Steven R. Phelps Jr and Curtis Campbell were arrested for an armed robbery on Leon Ave in Newtown in 2011. On March 18th 2011, two robbers put a gun to the head of a man working on an air conditioning unit in the 2400 block of Leon Avenue and demanded his money, with Curtis Campbell shouting “give it up”, they knew he had $950 in cash in his pockets. Sarasota Police arrested Steven Phelps Jr, 17, and Curtis Campbell, 18, for armed robbery. Steven R. Phelps Jr was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang back in 2011 along with Diandrew L. Clarkson, Shawn D. Whitfield, Steven Fields and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown. Phelps is currently in prison on the attempted murder conviction.
Current Prison Sentence History Steven R. Phelps jr:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County
Prison Sentence
11/21/2012 FLEE LEO- 06/20/2013 SARASOTA
11/21/2012 COCAINE POS 06/20/2013 SARASOTA
03/05/2013 MURDER ATT. 06/21/2013 SARASOTA
03/05/2013 W/GUN/CONC 06/21/2013 SARASOTA
On January 5th, 2018, Curtis Campbell, DOB 2/06/1993, address 1657 22nd Street Newtown Fl was back in jail again, he has since bonded out, DRUGS-POSSESS CONTROL SUB W/O PRESCRIPTION (METH), COCAINE-POSSESS: POSSESS COCAINE, SMUGGLE CONTRABAND: INTRODUCE INTO DETENTION FACILITY. Steven R. Phelps and Curtis Campbell were arrested for an armed robbery on Leon Ave in Newtown in March of 2011. 
On January 5th, 2018, it appears that a man by the name of Wheelock Minns-White was driving a stolen silver Nissan 4 door sedan with Fl tags on N Washington Blvd in Sarasota, he was initially stopped for no seat belt by the Sarasota cops near the intersection of 19th Street and Gillespie Ave. Curtis Campbell was sitting in the passenger front seat, upon finding out the car was stolen out of a Jacksonville Hertz Rental office on 11/27/2017 by Alexia Simmons, all the occupants were removed from the vehicle and searched, that's when the drugs were found.
Alexia Simmons was charged with vehicle grand theft, she has bonded out of jail. The stolen car's driver Wheelock Minns-White is an ex-con and convicted felon. Mug Shot for Curtis Campbell seen above as he was booked into the Sarasota County jail, arrested on 01/05/18 for multiple drug offenses. Curtis Campbell's listed address at booking was 1657 22nd Street Newtown Fl.

Sarasota Police Department

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE May 15, 2013, Shawn D. Whitfield Jr was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang back in 2011 along with Diandrew L. Clarkson, Steven Fields, Steven R. Phelps Jr and Joshua J. Bane that terrorized Newtown. Three teenagers were arrested as part of an operation targeting high-crime areas in north Sarasota, says the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office says the teenagers, Shawn Whitfield, 19, Tyler Radkey, 19, and a 17-year-old, are charged with 28 car burglaries, two vehicle thefts and fraudulent use of a credit card. Sheriff Tom Knight said the mission of the operation was to show that crime is not tolerated in the area. The Sheriff’s Office also arrested fifty other people on various charges, touting the use of data analysis to show “hot spots” for crime in the community. Shawn D. Whitfield Jr was released from prison on 7/29/2017, his listed residence upon release was 1682 22nd Street in the Newtown section of Sarasota Fl, just a few doors up from where Travis Combs was murdered on 8/28/2017 in the 1600 block of 22nd Street, "just sayin".
Stated Residence Upon Release From Prison Shawn D Whitfield Jr:
1682 22ND ST

Two associates of Shawn Tyson and his gang in 2011, Joshua Bane and Treshaun Simmons, turned out to be snitches at Shawn Tyson's trial to save themselves from jail time. SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE: At trial Murder defendant Shawn Tyson bragged about opening fire on two British tourists after he tried to rob them, a friend said that Tyson told her and another friend that he shot the men — James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24 — when they told him they had no money. Joshua Bane, 25, the brother of Jermaine Bane, is a former friend who testified against Tyson. Joshua Bane testified that the pistol was buried by a mutual friend, then dug up and handed to him to sell. Joshua Bane said he sold it on the street for $50 and spent the money on marijuana. Initially, Bane had been considered a suspect in the murder, Attorney Schlemmer said. Joshua Bane was arrested on two felony charges along with his brother on May 15,2011 a month after the shootings. He cut a plea deal that kept him out of prison in exchange for his testimony in the murder trial. Joshua Bane, 25, avoided 10 years in prison when he agreed to testify against Tyson, who he told the jury had frequently carried a .22-caliber handgun, sometimes pulling it out on people. Prosecutors called to the stand Treshaun Simmons, a friend of accused murderer Shawn Tyson, 17. Treshaun Simmons told the jury that the day before British tourist James Kouzaris and James Cooper were shot and killed he saw .22-caliber bullets in Tyson’s room. Forensics found both victims were killed by .22-caliber bullets, but tests could not conclusively tie the bullets to Tyson. Treshaun Simmons said he had gone to Tyson’s home to retrieve bullets for his gun, a 40-caliber.
Joshua J. Bane was part of teen killer Shawn Tyson's gang back in 2011 along with Diandrew L. Clarkson, Steven Fields, Shawn D. Whitfield and Steven R. Phelps Jr that terrorized Newtown.
Prior to testifying at Shawn Tyson's trial, Treshaun Simmons had been wanted by the Polk County Sheriff Department and Sheriff Grady Judd in February 2011 for pointing a gun at a student at Webber Univ.
Polk County Sheriff's deputies are seeking the public's help in locating Treshaun Simmons, DOB 9/16/91, of 17705 Pebble Creek Court in Clermont. Treshaun Simmons has a warrant for his arrest for Aggravated Assault stemming from an incident that occurred on Monday, February 28, 2011, during which he displayed a firearm in an aggressive manner towards another student on the campus of Webber International University in Lake Wales. After this incident, Treshaun Simmons withdrew from school and hasn't been seen since. Treshaun Simmons did you ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie NY?
Treshaun Simmons was in the Sarasota County Jail as of 11/25/2017 on battery and firing a .40 caliber firearm in public charges he was doing 120 days, he got out 3/30/2018, the charges stemming from an incident on MLK Blvd in Newtown Sarasota Fl in the summer of 2017. The charges are 1st Degree Misdemeanors and Treshaun Simmons had a high combined bail of $125,000.00 for failure to appear for one of his court dates in 2017.
Wednesday, June 28, 2017, It’s the wild wild west in Newtown, click on image above to enlarge. Newtown Drug Wars Spill Out On City Streets of Sarasota Fl, 3 Drive By Shootings in last 7 Days and drug dealer Alfa Victor Young was murdered just weeks ago, all in same area, no coincidences here. A vacuum has been created by the murder of drug dealer Alfa Victor Young aka Trinidad on May 18th, 2017, it is very apparent with the 3 drive by shootings in the exact same area of where Alfa Victor Young’s body was found that competing drug dealers want his territory and others want payback for the murder of their pal Trinidad, it will only get worse, and it did on August 28th 2017 with the murder of Travis Combs in the 1600 block of 22nd Street and what appears to be the kidnapping of Jabez Spann!
Photo above taken 9/26/2017 on 22nd Street looking west towards 23rd Street where Jabez Spann lived in Newtown Fl. On 9/26/2017 I went to 22nd Street in Newtown to check out the neighborhood and what the visibility was to where Jabez Span was living on 23 rd Street, it was clear with no obstructions. While parked on 22nd Street I witnessed a drug deal right in front of me. I had noticed an individual on 22nd Street to the right of me talking on his cell phone and repeatedly walking towards N Orange Ave, the cross street. I witnessed a white late model Cadillac SUV come up 22nd Street and the individual on the street approach the rear drivers side passenger seat, I witnessed a hand to hand pass off of what appeared to be a cellophane envelope for cash, it was 3:00 pm for the dial-a-drug delivery.
SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE by Carlos Munoz — Sarasota Mayor Shelli Freeland Eddie intervened in the investigation of a murder in Newtown that could be connected to the case of missing teenager Jabez Spann after prosecutors attempted to contact a prominent Newtown pastor regarding the cases in late September, according to public records. Shelli Freeland Eddie, who also runs a private law practice in Newtown, represents Pastor Kelvin Lumpkin and wrote a letter on Sept. 28th, 2017 that he would invoke his “pastoral privilege” and refuse to answer any questions from investigators, according to a copy of the letter obtained through a public records request. The mayor serves on the board of Lumpkin’s church. Her letter came as investigators struggled to drum up new leads in the search for the 14-year-old Jabez and believed Lumpkin may have information about the late-August murder of 31-year-old Travis Combs, whose homicide is potentially related to the teenager’s disappearance, officials have suggested.

Bill Warner Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota - SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at