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Tampa Serial Killer Howell Donaldson III Fits Profile of a Psychopathic Thrill Killer Just Like the Zodiac 'Because Man is the Most Dangerous Animal'.

Update December 2nd, 2017, Howell Donaldson III charged with all 4 murders in Seminole Height Tampa Fl. Cell Records of Thrill Killer Howell Donaldson III put him at a location in the 1300 block of E. Frierson Ave on October 9th at 8:47pm to 9:02pm, on October 11th at 8:18pm to 8:42pm and on October 19th at 7:51pm to 7:58pm, all the same nights as the first 3 murders in Seminole Heights. Too many people confuse cell site location data with GPS, Tampa Police were using cell site location date to get an approximate area where Howell Donaldson was on E. Frierson Ave, this data is accurate in a approximate area of 200 feet. Thrill killer Howell Donaldson III had a safe house to plan his murders and a place to hide out after the murders. This guy viewed the killing of his victims as a sport, he is a hunter killer, a thrill killer.   
Tampa Thrill Killer Howell Donaldson III Had Safe House Location in 1300 Block of E. Frierson Ave Seminole Heights to Plan and Execute His Murders according to his cell phone records, News at 7:00 PM. Thrill killer Howell Donaldson III apparently had planned and plotted his murderous spree in Seminole Heights to include a safe house or safe house location where he could hide his highly visible red Mustang with the black racing stripe while he set out on foot to hunt and kill perfect strangers, for the thrill of it. Giddens Water Park is in the 1200 block of E. Frierson Ave Seminole Heights very close to the 1300 block of E. Frierson Ave, there is a open parking lot surrounded by trees were a car could be parked. Police were looking for a guy on foot after the first 3 murders, no car had been seen. Howell Donaldson III killing time was between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm for the first 3 murders.
Thrill killer Howell Donaldson III was smart enough to know he had to hide the car he was driving, a highly visible red Ford Mustang with black racing stripes from the hood, to the roof and onto the trunk of the car. All the security tapes that were shown of the Seminole Heights serial killer had him on foot walking to the murder site and then running away from the site, no car was ever seen. Howell Donaldson planned, plotted and carried out his premeditated murders in Seminole Heights, he set up a safe house or safe house location, he wore dark clothes with a hoodie and he hid his car out of view from any security cameras and then left the area after the police frenzy died down. If ever there was a series of murders that demanded the death penalty this is the one.
Serial Killer Howell Donaldson III, who is only 24, did not take 'trophies' of his victims, he did not torture or sexually abuse his victims, he just shot them and ran away, a thrill killer, a hunter killer, a serial murderer. Serial Killer Howell Donaldson III in my opinion is a psychopath, he has no remorse for killing these four people in Seminole Heights, all random. The primary motive of psychopathic thrill killers is to induce terror in their victims prior to killing them which provides intense stimulation and excitement during the 'hunt'. The Zodiac murderer was a thrill killer. The inability of a psychopathic thrill killer such as the Zodiac and Howell Donaldson III to feel compassion or sympathy enables him to view the killing of his victims as a sport, he is a hunter killer.   
I will be on the Alan Cohn Show ABC-7 Monday, December 4th, 2017 at 7:00 PM, discussing Tampa Serial Killer Howell Donaldson III who murdered four people he did not know, three men and one woman between October and November 2017 in Seminole Heights, all random. The victims were young and old, white and black and his apparent motive fits the profile of a psychopathic thrill killer. Howell Donaldson III did not live in Seminole Heights, he lived with his parents on the other side of town and worked at McDonald's in Ybor city some 2.5 miles south of Seminole Heights. Howell Donaldson III's cell phone location data connected him to an address in Seminole Heights near the scenes of the first three murders on the same dates and times as those murders, according to his criminal affidavit. It appears Howell Donaldson III had a safe house to hide out at in Seminole Heights and plan his hunts and then return and watch the cops look for him, he did not drive that "I can see you coming from a mile away" red Mustang with a black racing stripe out of the area after the murders, he hid.
Tampa Serial Killer Howell Donaldson III Fits Profile of a Thrill Killer Just Like The Zodiac "Because Killing People is so Much Fun". Thrill killers are perfectionists and often have narcissistic personalities. A college roommate said Howell Donaldson III had the best manners, dressed very well, and was a sneakerhead, a sneakerhead is a person who collects limited, rare, or flat out exclusive kicks usually Jordans or Dunks. Such perfectionists or narcissistic traits may drive thrill killers to pursue the goal of a perfect murder or delude them into thinking that they will never be caught and can outsmart the cops. The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated mostly in Northern California, a thrill killer, a hunter killer, a serial murderer. The Zodiac killer’s identity remains unknown. The Zodiac murdered victims in Riverside (near LA) Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29 were targeted, all random. The Zodiac wrote, "[Killing people] is so much fun. It's even better than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal. For the Zodiac Killer and other psychopathic thrill killers like Howell Donaldson III, the process leading up to the act of murder, the hunt, affords them the greatest satisfaction of their lives.
ZODIAC WANNA-BE: The suspect in the serial killings spanning a 51-day period that terrorized a Tampa neighborhood used the same gun in four killings, but had "no apparent motive," the city's top law enforcement official said Wednesday. The suspect, 24-year-old Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, admitted he owned the gun that was turned over to police Tuesday and that cracked the case, but did not admit to the killings, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said at a news conference. "He was cooperative, but did not tell us why he was doing this," he said. The police chief said the gun, a .40-caliber Glock, was the missing evidence authorities needed to connect the killings to the images previously released from surveillance video of the suspect leaving the area. "I don't think he wanted to get caught," Dugan said, adding that Donaldson gave the gun to his co-worker at McDonald's for "safe keeping." He allegedly told the co-worker that he wanted to leave the state. Ronald Felton was the last of the four victims to be killed, and was shot on November 14. Police said the victim, a construction worker and father of three adult children, was crossing at Nebraska and Wilder when a man dressed in all black came up behind him and shot him at point blank range in the back.
JUST 50 SOME ODD MILES SOUTH OF TAMPA THERE ARE 2 UNSOLVED MURDERS WITH BODIES DUMPED IN THE SAME KILLING FIELD: SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE Feb 22nd 2003 By MIKE SAEWITZ-- Riding slowly on a quiet, uninterrupted stretch of railroad, two freight train conductors were overwhelmed by a terrible odor. They stopped the train just north of 46th Street and Central Avenue, and followed the eerie smell to the woods. There they found the decomposed body of Zanniel Leverett, a 27-year-old Sarasota man who detectives say was murdered. A dozen Sheriff’s Office and Sarasota police detectives investigated the grisly discovery Thursday afternoon in north Sarasota. “We’re attempting to obtain all his most recent addresses and associates to find out how he met his demise,” sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Bell said. Bell would not say how Leverett died, or how detectives knew his death was a homicide. He also would not say how many days Leverett’s body had been in the woods, but reported that Leverett’s mother hadn’t seen him in a few weeks. The body was so badly decomposed that sheriff’s detectives had to identify Leverett through fingerprints. His body was discovered two blocks north of where the body of a Miami rapper was found in 1999. Sheriff’s detectives still haven’t solved the shooting death of Esco Hunter, 27. Leverett had been arrested in Sarasota County more than 20 times on charges including sale of rock cocaine, grand theft auto and armed robbery.
BODIES DUMPED IN NORTH SARASOTA KILLING FIELD: North Sarasota’s Killing Field Along Railroad Tracks Between 44th & 46th Street And Central Ave Two Unsolved Murders, Good Place to Dump a Body. Esco Hunter and Zanniel Leverett were both found dead in North Sarasota in a field along the railroad tracks between 44th Street and 46th Street running along Central Ave, Hunter was murdered in 1999 and Leverett’s body was found in 2003. How many more bodies will show up here?
On December 1, 1999 the body of Esco Hunter was discovered in a field near the railroad tracks in the area of 44th St. and Central Ave. Esco’s death has been ruled a homicide. Esco’s 1998 maroon van was found at the dead-end of Orange Avenue north of Myrtle St. The van had been burned as a result of arson. Esco was from the Miami area and was involved with rap music.
On February 20, 2003 the body of Zanniel Leverett was discovered approximately 200 yards north of the intersection of 46th St. and Central Ave in a field along the railroad tracks. Zanniel had last been seen in the first week of February. Zanniel a ex-con had a history of using and selling drugs. Zanniel’s death was ruled a homicide.

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