Monday, November 20, 2017

Contact SPD Detective Kim Laster If you Have Any Info on Murdered Travis Combs or Missing Jabez Spann In Sarasota at 941-364-7327

Contact SPD Detective Kim Laster If you Have Any Info on Murdered Travis Combs or Missing Jabez Span In Sarasota. Anyone with information about Spann’s whereabouts can contact the Sarasota Police Department at 941-316-1201 or Sarasota Crime Stoppers by calling 941-361-8477, or by going online at SPD Detective Kim Laster can be reached at 941-364-7327 or email her at
UPDATE Friday November 24th, 2017.... ABC-7 News... document states that detectives met with Lucille Tillery, grandmother of Jabez Spann. She told authorities that Reginald Parker confessed to her that he witnessed the murder of Travis Combs. During the conversation, Tillery says, Parker also admitted that he saw Jabez Spann exit a home at the time of the murder, and Jabez Spann yelled "oh my God. Y'all shot him." see
SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE — Three men chasing 31-year-old Travis Combs into a grassy field next to his aunt's home in north Sarasota (Newtown) shouted “give it up” to the man as he fled earlier this summer, according to a Sarasota Police Department report obtained by the Herald-Tribune this week. “I ain’t got it,” said Combs, surrounded by the trio in the empty lot in the 1600 block of 22nd Street. At the same time, Jabez Spann, a 14-year-old who lived about 200 yards away on 23rd Street, was leaving a friend’s house on 22nd Street, the report says, when he heard a single gunshot. It struck Combs in the chest. He fell dead. see
May 18. 2017.. Newtown Drug Wars Spill Out On City Streets of Sarasota Fl, 3 Drive By Shootings in 7 Days and drug dealer Alfa Victor Young was murdered May 18th at Leonard Reid Avenue and 32nd Street Sarasota Fl exact same area of recent drive by shootings no coincidences here. SARASOTA COUNTY — Detectives are investigating what they believe is a homicide after a man was found dead Thursday in a yard. According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, a resident found a man dead in her backyard at about 10 p.m. in the area of Leonard Reid Avenue and 32nd Street. The man was identified as Alfa Victor Young, 33, of Sarasota. He is believed to be the victim of a homicide, detectives say. A vacuum has been created by the murder of drug dealer Alfa Victor Young aka Trinidad on May 18th, 2017, it is very apparent with the 3 drive by shootings in the exact same area of where Alfa Victor Young’s body was found that competing drug dealers want his territory and others want payback for the murder of their pal Trinidad, it will only get worse! August 28th, 2017 Does Murder of Travis Combs Link to Disappearance of Teen Jabez Spann in Newtown Fl, FBI Takes over case.  Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or just plain old coincidences, well I don’t especially when it involves a missing teen who just happened to live a 2 minute walk from where a guy involved with the sale of drugs in Newtown was found dead. The death of Travis Combs whose body was found Monday, August 28, 2017 is a homicide.
Let's get real here, my articles are in NO WAY disparaging of missing teen Jabez Spann who as by all accounts is the all-American kid, football player, good student, on the straight and narrow and not deserving of what apparently has happened to him. My articles on Missing Jabez Spann are also in NO WAY disparaging of the Sarasota Police Department. I have been a licensed private investigator in Sarasota Fl for over 22 years, I am well aware as to what goes on in Newtown. My articles are published in the attempt to produce any leads that I could pass onto the Sarasota Police Department (SPD).  
For the past 22 years I have made it my passion and dedicated my time, at my own expense, to expose on the run Murder Suspects, Islamic Terrorists, Criminals, Drug Dealers and Sex Offenders that live in your community by posting their name, address, photos, criminal history along with any websites that they own or promote. By doing so I have made myself and my family a target for retribution. I have no paid sponsors nor do I work with anyone else, there are no donation requests on any website of mine.

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