Tuesday, October 24, 2017

UPDATE: New Info Links Sex Offender Somorie Moses To LISK Murders, Somorie Celebrates Every Year the Day he Shot Himself in the Head.

UPDATE: New Info Links Sex Offender Somorie Moses To LISK Murders, Somorie Celebrates Every Year the Day he Shot Himself in the Head. From information received today from a confidential informant New York City it appears that Somorie Moses had a house in Queens left to him by an associate who died, the house may not have been publicly listed in Moses's name. Somorie Moses had possession of a large green van which he used to shuttle his sex workers to appointments, Somorie Moses only source of income was from the money his girls made doing tricks. Psychopath Somorie Moses thinks he is bullet proof, several years ago he shot himself in the head and survived, since then he celebrates the anniversary of the shooting as if it was his birthday, see letter he wrote to girlfriend while he was in prison, below.
See letter above in Somorie Moses handwriting that he sent to girlfriend while he was in prison during December of 2007.  In the letter Somorie describes the day he shot himself in the head on the streets Amboy Brooklyn NY. This is part 2 of a 8 part letter from Somorie Moses, he starts out, "for my tuff shit, who really gives a fuck, who I cut up or who I shot, that night on Amboy I was just tired, it was my darkest moment, my life was a burden, I could kill or be kill, but that day I was actually born, I celebrate every year on that day, pop more bottles than any other day of the year, I'm here for a reason".
Is Sex Offender Somorie Moses LISK the Long Island Serial Killer, he appears to have had a chop shop in East Flatbush Brooklyn NY and/or 112-48 205 St Albans NY Queens, he fits my profile. The head of a prostitute-girl friend whose torso and leg were discovered in a Bronx trash facility was found in the home of registered sex offender Somorie Moses, authorities said. Somorie Moses is/was a pimp and rapist who spent time in prison. Moses has been arrested eight times in the past, and was previously convicted of attempting to promote prostitution in the second degree and profit from prostitution of a child in a 2006 arrest in New York City, according to state records and sent to prison.
Somorie Moses murdered his girlfriend and dismembered her body — stuffing her head in a freezer, next to her foot with his name tattooed on it, sources said Monday Jan 23rd. Somorie Moses, 40, is facing a homicide charge after being arrested on Sunday Jan 22rd in the afternoon at his home in Flatbush. The longtime pimp is suspected of killing his girlfriend — a known prostitute — and throwing her limbs and headless torso in the trash, according to police sources.
The Long Island Serial Killer, LISK, reign of terror appears to start in 1996 and end on or about in the fall of 2012, just before Hurricane Sandy swept in on October 29th 2012. Sex offender and frequently arrested Somorie Moses, 40, a longtime Pimp in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn NY was sent to prison at the Gouverneur Correctional Facility on September 17th 2012 for three years on a gun charge, the exact same time frame LISK’s murderous activity stopped. Somorie Moses got out of prison on January 8th, 2016. It appears that all LISK activity stopped in the Fall of 2012 while Somorie Moses was in prison and now he (Moses/LISK) is back and chopping the head off of his sex worker girlfriend.

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