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Media Never Ran Sketch Of Suspect In Kidnapping Attempt Of Heather Sullivan Who is Dead Ringer for Zach Adams on Trial for Murder of Holly Bobo

Media Never Ran Sketch Of Suspect In Kidnapping Attempt Of Heather Sullivan Who is Dead Ringer for Zach Adams on Trial for Murder of Holly Bob. Another girl attacked by Zach Adams, DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. - A woman said Zach Adams held a gun to her head and threatened to “gut” her with a knife. I received the sketch above of the man who tried to kidnap Heather Sullivan in January 2011 in Centerville TN, on October 10th, 2012 I ran the sketch and story on my website the same day, no newspaper in and around Centerville or Darden TN would run the sketch, I did.
ZACH ADAMS MURDER TRIAL:  In their opening arguments, prosecutors described chilling details: Adams, they said, asked his friend, Jason Autry, to help him dispose of Bobo's body after he had drugged and raped her. Thinking she was already dead, Adams told Autry he was going to "gut" Bobo's body so she would not float to the surface once they dumped her into the Tennessee River, according to the prosecution. Zachary Adams "took her. He raped her. He killed her. He discarded her. He covered it up. He bragged about it. And he almost got away with it,"

The TBI did not have a sketch artist for Heather Sullivan to detail what her attacker looked like, Heather Sullivan's family had to pay for their own sketch artist, what the hell?  In the 2009 Tennessee DOC mug shot photo above Zach Adams is standing in front of a height chart the number on the right 75 is in inches, 75 inches equates to 6′ 3″ tall and he appears to be about 160 to 170 lbs, he is too tall to be the man who kidnapped Holly Bobo, who was described by Holly's brother as about 5'10" and 200 lbs wearing camo gear.

Sketch of Suspect in Kidnapping attempt on Heather Sullivan in Centerville TN Looks Like Zach Adams, Heather is a young pretty Female with Long Blond hair just like Holly Bobo and Centerville in Hickman County TN is just east of where Zach Adams lives on Adams lane in Decater County TN, about a 35 minute drive on I-40. Zach Adams appears to be about 6′ 3″ tall from his booking photo above and with a slight build.  Nashville WZTV Fox 17: PI Bill Warner Says Murder Suspect Zach Adams Must Have Had a Partner and Someone Must Have Flipped in Holly Bobo Murder Case.  

From information obtained from a confidential informant I received a artist sketch of the man who tried to kidnap pretty blond haired Heather Sullivan in Centerville TN. On October 10th, 2012 I ran the sketch and story on my website no newspaper in and around Centerville or Darden TN would run the sketch. The alleged kidnapper appears to be a white male with dark hair, narrow face, dark eyes, very thin build and chiseled features, and looks to be 25 to 30 years old just like Zach Adams.

NOTE: In the artist sketch of 9/12 the HEATHER SULLIVAN kidnap suspect has a very pronounced chin, in the current mugshot from 3/03/2014, Zach Adams has a very pronounced chin, same guy! The hunt for kidnapped nursing student Holly Bobo took a twist in 2011 as it emerged another young woman living nearby suffered a similar attempted abduction. Heather Sullivan, 31, who lives only 45 minutes from the Parsons TN home where Holly was taken, said a ‘tall skinny man’ tried to grab her arm as she got out of the car at her home in January 2011 see.

Heather Sullivan of Centerville Hickman County TN reported that a tall, skinny man in a gray hooded jacket grabbed her arm as she stepped out of her home early in the morning, but when the glass top of a lamp she was holding fell and shattered, the potential kidnapper ran away into the nearby woods. Speaking to NBC news about Holly Bobo’s abduction early in the morning of April 13th, 2011, and a possible connection between the two, Heather Sullivan of  Hickman County TN said: ‘When I heard about it, that’s what I thought.’ Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, added he was not ruling out a connection.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation executed search warrants in the disappearance of Holly Bobo Friday after “receiving credible information” in the case. After three years of unanswered questions, Holly’s family and the community have renewed hope as investigators executed search warrants on the property. TBI Executes Search Warrants at Home of Meth Dealer Zach Adams In Holly Bobo Kidnapping Case, Zach Adams, his Facebook photo above, is in custody. Danielle Darnell, who lives in the area, says she and Holly Bobo’s mother saw three men acting strangely one week before Holly disappeared. She says she has known Zach Adams her whole life. Darnell says Zach Adams and two of his friends were following Holly Bobo at a coon hunt dinner. “Holly was on stage walking around the coon hunt. They basically stalked her a little bit,” she said.


Info from the Facebook page of Zach Adams aka Zachary Adams, indicates his favorite movie is “Taken” which is about young girls kidnapped and raped and sold into the sex slavery trade and his favorite book is The Turner Diaries a novel written in 1978 by William Luther Pierce (former leader of the white nationalist organization National Alliance) under the pseudonym “Andrew Macdonald”. The Turner Diaries depicts a violent revolution in the United States which leads to the overthrow of the United States federal government… Zach Adams joined Facebook on April 29, 2010, he graduated from Riverside High School in 2002, Parsons TN. ....Private Investigator Bill Warner investigative reports featured on TV, click on high-lighted link, with ‘Inside Edition’, ‘Fox News NYC’, ‘John Walsh’s AMW’, ‘CNN Headline News‘, ‘Fox News Tampa Fl’, “WBTV-3

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