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SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE PLAYED AGAIN: Andre Bryant subject of HT investigation freed in 2015 From Prison Fast Forward to 2017 Andre Bryant Killed in Botched Home Invasion

Bayshore murders started with home invasion: The events surrounding Saturday’s homicides started at about 3:55 a.m. when a woman returned to her home in the 1000 block of Harvard Avenue in Bayshore Gardens where she was accosted by four intruders including Andre S. Bryant, who forced her into a bedroom, according to information she gave Manatee County Sheriff’s Office detectives Sunday August 6th. SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE PLAYED AGAIN: Andre S. Bryant, 31, subject of a HT investigation freed in 2015 From Prison Fast Forward to 2017 Andre Bryant Killed in Botched Home Invasion of which it appears he was one of four thugs who forced the woman living at the home into her bedroom. It appears her boyfriend and another man showed up and there was a shootout, it appears Andre Bryant was wounded at the scene and fled in a vehicle with two of the other home invaders. It appears Andre Bryant was hit and bleed out and his pals dumped his body along the curb at the Walgreen's Pharmacy on Bahia Vista in Sarasota Fl. In June 2007, a jury found Andre Bryant guilty of approaching the open, passenger window of the wife of a Manatee County sheriff's deputy, Lori Cline's, car at a Walgreen's Pharmacy drive-thru on Manatee Avenue West in Bradenton and holding a gun against her 14-year-old son's head. Cline's 11-year-old daughter and her 10-year-old friend were in the back seat at the time. Andre Bryant, already on probation for drug charges, was identified by the victims as the robber and soon arrested. 

Everyone in the car held up by the gunman at the Bradenton Walgreen's Pharmacy drive through identified Andre Bryant as the perp. Andre Bryant was at the scene of the robbery in 2006 at the Walgreen's Pharmacy, he fled in a SUV owned by his girl friend's parents. Andre Bryant was followed by police cars and police helicopter, he fled to his gird friend's apartment and hid in the attic where he had rifles and a black handgun, he finally surrendered to the cops after a stand-off.

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HERALD TRIBUNE October 01, 2015 Andre Bryant-- Yvette Bryant was reading a handwritten letter from her husband, Andre Bryant, when her phone rang Wednesday afternoon. It was a Herald-Tribune reporter she has been talking to for more than two years. In fact, they had exchanged a few text messages Tuesday. “I have good news,” the reporter said. Her husband would be released from prison any day now. Andre Bryant, convicted of robbing the wife of a Manatee County sheriff's deputy at gunpoint at a Bradenton pharmacy in 2006, was released from prison Thursday afternoon after his conviction was set aside. On Wednesday, State Attorney Ed Brodsky announced, after reviewing new and original evidence in the case against Bryant, there was enough reasonable doubt to toss his conviction. He was not making a finding of innocence, however, he added. Andre Bryant was the center of a Herald-Tribune investigation that raised questions about the evidence used to prosecute Bryant, who has long maintained his innocence. That investigation was published in September 2014.That same month, the Herald-Tribune met with State Attorney Ed Brodsky to notify him of the upcoming story. The Herald-Tribune presented its findings to Brodsky, who said the State Attorney’s Office would re-examine the case.

Herald Tribune August 7, 2017 Andre Bryant...Three people are dead after a argument (home invasion) erupted into gunfire early Saturday morning at a Bayshore Gardens home, and among the dead is Andre S. Bryant, 31, a man imprisoned for nine years and released in October 2015 after new evidence created doubt about his conviction, and the Innocence Project of Florida took on his case. Manatee County authorities confirmed Saturday that Bryant was among those at the Bradenton home when an argument escalated into gunfire at 3:55 a.m. Saturday. Left dead at the home at 1103 Harvard Ave. were Rodney Williams, 23, of Tampa (victim), who was visiting someone who lived there, and Keith Lamar Jones, 28, of Jacksonville (attacker).
Manatee spokesman Dave Bristow confirmed late Saturday that Bryant, who was 20 when he was arrested in 2006, was at the Harvard Avenue house where the shooting occurred, (he does not live there). According to Manatee County authorities investigating the shooting, a woman reportedly returned to the Harvard Avenue home at around 3:55 a.m. Saturday and was accosted by four men, including Jones (and Bryant), who took her inside the house and forced her into a bedroom. The woman’s boyfriend, who has not been named, Williams and possibly a third unknown man then arrived at the house and were confronted by the intruders (Home Invaders). The woman told deputies that the men argued, and the two groups, both armed, exchanged gunfire. Williams and Jones were killed, the boyfriend was uninjured, and three of the men got into a car (including Andre Bryant) and fled the area. Andre Bryant's body was found later on the curb near the Walgreen's Pharmacy on Bahia Vista Sarasota Fl, it appears he was shot during the home invasion and died later.

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