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Monday, August 21, 2017

New Name in Holly Bobo Murder Case is Rapist Terry Britt Who Delivered Your Early Morn Newspapers

New Name in Holly Bobo Murder Case is Rapist Terry Britt Who Delivered Your Early Morn Newspapers, Terry Britt was always the guy who I figured had kidnapped Holly Bobo. NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -A new name has come up in the case of murdered nursing student Holly Bobo: sex offender Terry Britt. His name came up in court for the first time last week, but it’s not the first time we’ve heard it. The mother of two of the murder suspects, Cindy Adams, said his name will come up when this long-awaited trial finally gets underway. Jennifer Thompson, the attorney of Holly Bobo murder suspect Zach Adams, said something at a motion hearing last week many might have missed. “The tape recorded interview of Terry Britt on 5-10-13,” Thompson said. She said recordings of Britt and other evidence hasn’t been given to her by prosecutors.

SAVANNAH, Tenn. September 19th, 2017– In a twist late in Zach Adam’s death penalty trial the TBI former lead investigator in the case of Holly Bobo’s disappearance says Zach Adams is innocent. Terry Dicus was the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s lead investigator in the case from the day Bobo went missing on April 13, 2011 until the middle of 2013, when he was taken off the investigation. But against the testimony of other witnesses, including TBI Special Agent Brent Booth, Dicus said Tuesday that Zach Adams, who is accused of the aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape and felony first-degree murder of Bobo, is innocent. Dicus ruled out Zach Adams as a suspect in Holly Bobo’s disappearance early in the investigation into the 20-year-old’s disappearance in April 2011. Dicus said Zach Adams' name, along with the names of Jason Autry, Shayne Austin, and Dylan Adams, came up within the first week of Holly Bobo’s disappearance. He says the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation did check out their alibis, contrary to testimony presented last week by TBI Special Agent Brent Booth. “They kept coming up for stupid reasons,” Dicus said. Out of dozens of people whose cell phone records didn’t match, or who didn’t fit the physical description of the man Clint Bobo saw taking his sister, Dicus began directing agents from the TBI and FBI to look at Terry Britt. “Have a seat. This is going to take a while,” Dicus told defense attorney Jennifer Thompson when asked about why Britt was considered a suspect. Among those reasons were his criminal history — Britt is a registered sex offender who lives near the Bobo home — and his alibi.  “His alibi was garbage,” Dicus said. That alibi was his wife, and Britt told agents that he and his wife were doing renovations on their house, which included replacing a bathtub.

Did Violent Sex Maniac Terry Britt Kidnap Holly Bobo, Terry Britt Was Your Early Morn Newspaper Delivery Guy in Parsons. Decatur County TN man, Terry Britt, has a long history of violent sex crimes and is now in custody in the Madison County Jail after he was indicted on charges that he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a Jackson TN woman. A Madison County TN grand jury indicted Terry Lee Britt, 53, of Parsons TN, according to court records. He is charged with two counts of aggravated kidnapping and one count each of sexual battery and attempted rape.The indictment says the incident happened in September 2008. Terry Britt is accused of kidnapping the Jackson woman, forcefully engaging in sexual contact with her and trying to rape her, the indictment said. Prosecutors took the case directly to the grand jury, and Britt was taken into custody after he was indicted. Dirtbag Terry Britt is 5′ 11′ tall and over 200 lbs, he is a match for the man who was seen kidnapping Holly Bobo Wednesday @ 7:40 am April 13th 2011 Darden TN. Terry Britt is listed as a “violent sex offender” on the Tennesse Sexual Offender Registry see link

“Terry Britt's been alleged that he would go out and pick up girls and ladies and then take them somewhere,” said John Mehr, Special Agent in Charge, TBI in February 2012. Agent Mehr said Terry Britt is accused of picking up the women in vans, similar to the ones found outside his house in Parsons, and officers said he did not always work alone. “We don’t feel that this is an isolated incident, that he would drive around with another individual (Zach Adams?) and possibly seek out their victims,” Mehr said. In numerous abduction and rape cases in and around Parsons TN, one thing that always struck me was that the women were abducted in the early morning hours between 4:00 am to 7:40 am, who is out on the road before 7:40 am, the guy who delivers your newspaper. Ex-con rapist Terry Lee Britt has a pending charge in Decatur County TN, where he is accused of violating the sex offender registry law. That arrest warrant was issued late last year. The affidavit states Britt was seen loading and delivering newspapers for the News Leader in Parsons on August 30 th, 2011. Registered sex offenders are required to list the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all employers on a state registration form, and Britt had not listed the News Leader as an employer, according to the affidavit.
Terry Britt lived on the outskirts of Darden TN only 8 miles from Zach Adams in Holladay TN and only 5.6 miles from where the skeleton remains of Holly Bobo where found. Terry L. Britt had two vehicles registered in TN, a red 1993 Dodge Caravan and a black 1994 Dodge Dakota pick up. Terry Britt worked for the local newspaper in Darden and delivered newspapers to convenience stores and gas stations in rural Darden and Holladay TN, early in the morning, (4:30 am to 6:00 am) in his red 1993 Dodge Caravan. TBI Investigators believe Terry Britt was working with another person to assault women would that be Zach Adams? Convicted sex offender Terry Britt was sentenced to 180 months in jail as well as 2 years of supervised release for possession of a firearm in October 2013. Terry Britt is currently serving time in the WEST TENNESSEE STATE PENITENTIARY after pleading guilty in Madison County to attempted rape and kidnapping charges, he was arrested in January 2012 in Parsons TN and kept in jail until trial.
Serial abductor and rapist Terry Lee Britt, DOB 01/26/1959, terrorized Western Tennessee for over 35 years, he worked for a transportation company in Parsons TN shipping cars all over the South and Eastern states and he also delivered newspapers in the early morn to rural areas in Parsons and Darden TN where Holly Bobo lived. In 2011 Terry Britt was living/working at 3138 Jeanette Holladay Rd Parsons/Holladay TN just down the road from Zach Adams at 235 Adams Ln Holladay TN, and only 5 1/2 miles from where the body of Holly Bobo was found. In a database search for Terry Lee Britt, DOB 1/26/1959, I found prior address's in Hudson NC, Lexington TN, Claremont NC, Mountain city TN and Bowling Green KY. John Mehr, special agent in charge with the TBI in Jackson TN, said it's routine for investigators to question any sex offenders who are arrested in the area about the Holly Bobo case. Bobo, then 20, was abducted from outside her home in Darden, in Decatur County, in April 2011. Mehr would not comment further on whether Terry Britt has any connection to the Holly Bobo case. Britt was arrested in Parsons TN in January 2012, Mehr said investigators believe Britt may have worked with another person or more than one person in the Madison County kidnapping and other offenses, but no one else has been arrested.

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