Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Mexican Mafia controls Latinos in California prisons, MS-13 joined them referred to as Surenos that's why MS-13 is also known as SUR-13 which set up shop in Sarasota Fl.

MS-13 aka SUR 13 gang graffiti was found all along Beneva Rd near the intersection with Bee Ridge Rd in 2010, see photos. The "Mexican Mafia," which controlled the Latinos in the California prison system, had MS-13 join their ranks. "This larger group was referred to as the Surenos. That's why, to this day, MS-13 is sometimes referred to as SUR-13. MS-13 aka SUR-13 Gang members set up shop in Sarasota Fl.  Following two paragraphs are from a publication called "The Gangs of Sarasota" SUR-13, Sureños (Spanish for “Southerners”) are a group of Mexican American street gangs with origins in Southern California. The gang’s alleged roots came from a jail discussion between the Mexican Mafia (La EME) and Nuestra Familia (NF). 
Those who sided with La EME aligned themselves in the south (sureño=southerner) while those that sided with the NF aligned themselves in Northern California (norteños=northeners). Sureños represent themselves with symbols and phrases such as “Sur 13”, “Los Sureños” and “Sureño Trece.” These indentifications are accompanied by the color navy blue & gray, numeric code of number 13 and the Roman numeral of XIII or X3. “To a gang, graffiti serves to establish its presence, to establish its turf or territory, to warn of impending danger or threats and to put down rival gangs or issue a challenge. Part of the gang language includes the use of numbers as symbols or numbers that correspond to letters of the alphabet. It provides a kind of shorthand or code for gangs.
SOUTH GATE RIDGE SARASOTA FL BURGLARIES: One tactic of the SUR-13 Gang is to break into homes by using a pry bar to take a rear sliding glass door off it’s track and pull the glass door up and out, easy access to the home.  SARASOTA COUNTY – A dangerous street gang from Manatee County invaded rural Sarasota County during a string of burglaries that targeted affluent and secluded homes east of the interstate, according to authorities.The burglaries are believed to be the first time Sur 13, a gang with origins in California, has branched out from its home bases in Oneco and Palmetto into Sarasota County. Two gang members are in custody and detectives obtained arrest warrants for two others. The first break-in was in August and at least 20 homes — most of them along Fruitville and Clark roads — were burglarized.
The suspects are high-ranking gang members who planned the crimes, took part in the burglaries and used new recruits to carry them out, authorities say.Investigators believe members parked their cars on Fruitville or Clark roads and walked into the neighborhoods during the day. They likely knocked on doors to find out if anyone was home and if not, went around back and pried open glass sliding doors, said Sarasota Sheriff’s Maj. Ken Kenney. Sheriff’s officials in Sarasota say they believe effective crackdowns on gangs in Manatee are sending SUR-13 gang members over the county line to commit crimes, and authorities in Manatee have already assisted them in a gang investigation that led to arrests. “I am convinced that gang activity has been in Sarasota for quite some time,” Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube said. “They just happened to arrest some people from Manatee County, but I don’t think criminals see county lines.” Even if there has been migration of gang members to Sarasota, it has not curtailed gang activity in Manatee. Steube said he believes SUR-13 and numerous other gangs are still quite active in Manatee, including recent sporadic drive-by shootings. Sheriff’s detectives believe there are more than a dozen active gangs in Manatee with more than 700 members. Another racketeering case is being built against another Manatee gang.
MS-13 aka SUR-13 BOSS TAKE DOWN SARASOTA FL..U.S. Attorney Robert E. O’Neill announces that U.S. District Judge James S. Moody, Jr. sentenced Basillio Alvardo (44, Wachula) to 35 years in federal prison for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute; possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime; and possession of a firearm and ammunition after having been convicted of a felony offense. Alvardo was found guilty on February 23, 2011, following a trial. According to court documents, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) initially arrested Alvardo on June 15, 2010, following a traffic stop on Bee Ridge Road. An officer observed Alvardo’s vehicle, a Mitsubishi Gallant, had excessive window tint. Alvardo was the driver and sole occupant of the car. During the stop, an SCSO canine alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. Deputies searched the car and found more than 200 grams of methamphetamine, a loaded .38 caliber revolver, and a digital scale. Alvardo later admitted to being a member of the Sur 13 gang (SX3). He also admitted to having fired the revolver earlier on June 15, 2010, because he thought someone might be following him and trying to steal his drugs. Subsequent investigation revealed that Alvardo was a convicted felon. This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Southwest Florida Violent Crimes Task Force; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; and the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.
MANATEE — Thirteen reputed members of the SUR 13 criminal street gang have been charged with racketeering and related charges, culminating an 18-month investigation by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies. The sheriff’s gang unit Monday morning executed four search warrants and arrested two suspects. Four of the suspects were already in the Manatee County jail, two are in prison and five remain at large, according to a news release. Two of the suspects were also charged in 2009 homicide in Manatee County. This is the second time the sheriff’s office and agencies have targeted the SUR 13 gang with a racketeering investigation. Fourteen members were arrested in July 2007, and sentenced to prison terms of up to 60 years. Other gangs (the Mafia) have been similarly targeted with racketeering charges, which are similar to how authorities have prosecuted other organized crime activities
Mexican Mafia controls Latinos in California prisons had MS-13 join them referred to as Surenos that's why MS-13 is also known as SUR-13 which set up shop in Sarasota Fl. Take about a 15 min ride on Rte 301 northeast of the north Manatee County Fl line and you will end up in probably the most violent little town in all of Southwest Fl, Welcome to Gangland in Mexican SUR-13 Controlled Wimauma Fl. In what has to be the most disgusting crime ridden little town, Wimauma Fl is a place you do not want to venture day or night without a heavily armed SWAT team. Things are so bad in Wimauma Fl that just a couple of years ago the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office aided by 3 other agencies raided a targeted Mexican gang ridden neighborhood of 3 connecting streets and went door to door looking for violations and violators.

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