Monday, August 21, 2017

False claims by George Webb and Jason Goodman lead to real problems as their Conspiracy theory shuts down Port in Charleston South Carolina

As Reported by CNN, REUTERS, the NYT and the Journal Gazette we have a new kind of terrorist who can disrupt container shipping and close down Sea Ports, it's the internet Crowdsourcing fraudsters like George Webb and Jason Goodman who both had operated on "Crowdsource the Truth". George Webb left/quit the Youtube program "Crowdsource the Truth" live on air on August 15th, 2017 after I called him out on some of his false claims.
Conspiracy Theorist George Webb Breaks From Jason Goodman and Crowdsource the Truth During PI Bill Warner's Live Segment on August 15th 2017. Mollys Maidi said: don't know why Jason Goodman is alienating long time supporters and fans of CrowdSource the truth.
Louise Nieder-Heitmann said 40 seconds ago Sad George Webb is not with the Jason & Trish on a regular basis. Was a great group. Anyway - not sure what happened. Important we all keep supporting each other and not creating more division. It appears the break between Jason Goodman and George Webb started on CROWDSOURCE during private investigator Bill Warner's live August 15th 2017 segment on stolen cars when he debunked George Webb's false theory on Seth Rich's supposed murderer Alpha Jalloh at the 44 min mark of the broadcast. George Webb pulled his own plug and would not respond to PI Bill Warner, see Youtube video
False claims by George Webb and Jason Goodman lead to real problems as their Conspiracy theory shuts down Port in Charleston South Carolina, story by FRANK GRAY | The Journal Gazette Fort Wayne IN. A man going by George Webb went onto a website he runs and claimed that a source had told him there was a dirty bomb planted in a major American city, possibly Memphis. He said the source had gotten his information from other “sources.” Before long the story changed to say there was a dirty bomb on a ship called the Memphis Maersk, a container ship headed for Charleston, South Carolina. In the end, Webb, whose actual name is George Webb Sweigert and who graduated from North Side High School in 1978 Fort Wayne IN, had managed to get the terminal evacuated where the container ship was located. The Coast Guard inspected the ship and found nothing. That upsets a man named David Sweigert, who happens to be “George Webb Sweigert's” brother and who graduated from North Side in 1977. 

Jason Goodman is/was worried that the NYPD at the bequest of the US Coast Guard would be kicking down his door at 252 7th Avenue, Apartment 6s, New York, New York 10001 for the false bomb threat he called in, but that's not how it works Jason. Jason Goodman and George Webb violated federal law with the False Bomb threat at the Port of Charleston, the FBI is the investigating agency that will handle the Jason Goodman and George Webb case and the FBI has their own SWAT team to make the arrest. The FBI will work very slowly building their case on Jason Goodman and George Webb and these guys can be sure that the FBI has full electronic surveillance on them 24/7. Newsflash for Jason the FBI pinged George Webb's cell phone to locate him in Ohio with a instrument called 'StringRay', which is widely used by Federal Law enforcement agencies to locate 'Bad Guys'.
Crowdsourcing sites that operate like games get fans to go online and solve mysteries and conspiracy theories, David Sweigert said in a paper he prepared after the event. Participants are told of a threat, creating a call to action, and soon fans start calling authorities about the imminent threat, he said. In the case of Charleston, the seaport had to be shut down. You can call it a game, but when so-called journalists George Webb and Jason Goodman conducting what they call independent investigations get their listeners worked up, it can lead to player hysteria, angst and fear. David Sweigert compared the possible public reaction to the War of the Worlds Halloween broadcast in the 1930s, when some listeners were convinced the planet was being invaded by Mars. The only difference now is that the broadcasts take place on the internet, and baseless attacks and public relations campaigns against public officials and infrastructure operators can develop. The whole incident is troubling to him because it was all orchestrated, in part, by his brother, George Webb Sweigert. 
CHARLESTON, S.C. (Reuters) June 15 2017-. FBI opens probe of false 'dirty bomb' threat at South Carolina port. The FBI on Thursday said it was investigating a false threat that a "dirty bomb" was on a container ship at a terminal at the Port of Charleston in South Carolina. The terminal was shut on Wednesday night and reopened early Thursday morning by the U.S. Coast Guard after law enforcement officials completed a scan of the container ship Maersk Memphis, the Coast Guard said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation opened its investigation because it is a crime to make a false threat against a U.S.-flagged ship, said Donald Wood, a spokesman for the bureau in Columbia, South Carolina. The Maersk Memphis is a U.S.-flagged ship, according to the Maersk Line website.

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