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Amtrak Police Call to Jason Goodman at "Crowdsource the Truth" Car theft Ring & Amtrak Detective

Jason Goodman at "Crowdsource the Truth" (bullshit show) takes call from Detective Sullivan at Amtrack Police in Sanford FL that he recorded on 8/15/2017, but as per Detective Sullivan this private call was not to be reproduced. See youtube video

1). mdivinelyguided 13 hours ago (edited) THIS OFFICER has said NOT POSSIBLE - yet the cop didn't investigate... NO DETECTIVE SPEAKS LIKE THIS ...COP IS CORRUPT OR FAKE COP!....LPR IS NOT A MEASURE OF STOPPING THEFTS (2 DAY BATCHES DELAY SO TAKES 2 DAYS FOR STOLEN CARS TO APPEAR)....this guy on the phone would be better doing security at WalMart
2). sueloujo12 hours ago (edited) Totally agree with this..I give no credence to this call whatsoever. Has anyone called Amtrak to see what their policy would be? And if they gave permission for a detective to collude with a youtube channel?
3. Jason Goodman 10 hours ago He didn't want me to release the call but I determined he didn't have the right to prevent from publishing it.
4). sueloujo10 hours ago (edited) You said you could maybe use him for information in the future..was it get him onboard with the team? He would need Amtrak's permission for that.
5). Grace Shell15 hours ago This cop guy is full of shit! He flip flops from beginning to end then threatens you w i have u on video. No need to change his voice, hes a public servant bully.
Jason Goodman said 7 hours ago: The voice is disguised to protect his identity and because he was not a willing participant in the video. I didn't release the call for 2 weeks because I was emailing back and forth with the detective and Amtrak lawyers to get permission to release the call. They wouldn't give it and I ultimately determined they had no legal grounds to prevent me from releasing it. They failed to respond to that message because they knew I was right so here it is. Jason Goodman, you ass, Detective Sullivan at Amtrak in Sanford Fl told you not to post his private phone call to you, see email below to you and me that he sent on August 17, 2017. Jason Goodman at Crowdsource the Truth needs to be arrested, he did not have Det Sullivan's approval to tape the call and then to publish it on YouTube.
-----Original Message-----
From: Sullivan, Amtrak Police Department
To: Bill Warner <>; 
Sent: Thu, Aug 17, 2017 12:11 pm
Subject: RE: Car theft Ring & Amtrak Detective

Mr. Jason Goodman and Mr. Bill Warner,

I appreciate your time and attention to this issue. As Mr. Warner has indicated (in the attached below email); in his investigations the Amtrak Auto Train has no connection to the Car theft ring and the conversation between Mr. Goodman and myself has shown that it would be very difficult to use the Auto Train as a transport for stolen vehicles. "I do not believe and request that my recorded conversation between Mr. Goodman and myself not be used on the Crowdsource the truth show or investigation any further." However, in the future if you would find any credible information of a stolen vehicle being transported on the Auto Train I would be happy to investigate and check it out. Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Amtrak Police Department
Sanford Field Office
600 Persimmon Ave
Sanford, FL 32771

From: Bill Warner [mail to:]
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2017 7:55 AM
Cc: Sullivan, Amtrak Police Department
Subject: Re: Car theft Ring & Amtrak Detective

Ok, thanks, but I never found any connection to Amtrak and any stolen car racket, dead end trace.

Bill Warner

 See youtube video

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