Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorist George Webb Pins Murder of Seth Rich on NJ Car Thief Alpha Jalloh But Jalloh Was In Jail At Time of Murder and Still Is.

Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorist George Webb Pins Murder of Seth Rich on NJ Car Thief Alpha Jalloh But Jalloh Was In Jail At Time of Murder and Still Is. A man by the name of Alpha Jalloh had been linked by George Webb to the murder of Seth Rich in Washington D.C. on Sunday July 10, 2016 this is not true. Alpha Jalloh, DOB 4/01/1989, age 28 was arrested in a October 2015 car theft ring operation and he is still in the Morris County Jail in New Jersey awaiting trial. The indictment, which was returned late in the day on April 28 2015, stems from “Operation 17 Corridor,” a joint investigation led by the Division of Criminal Justice and the New Jersey State Police, with assistance from the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Police, ICE Homeland Security Investigations. The individuals who were arrested were processed and lodged in jail with bails ranging from $100,000 to $750,000. The defendants were scheduled to be in court on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. for a first appearance on the charges before Superior Court Judge Stephen J. Taylor in Morristown NJ.
SETH RICH CRIME SCENE FLAGLER PL NW WASHINGTON DC. BOLO For 2 Black Males Possible Link to Seth Rich Murder in Sketchy Bloomingdale D.C. Neighborhood Where Armed Robberies and Carjackings Nothing New. Two black males described as teens had been on a tear in the 2100 block of Flagler Pl NW and the 1400 block of W St NW and NOWHERE ELSE in the Bloomingdale D.C. area. the same two committed a armed robbery and carjacking June 13th and June 17th 2016 just days before Seth Rich was murdered on Sunday July 10th 2016, shot in the back, two times. Police say back in June 2016, they investigated three armed street robberies and a carjacking in the 2100 block of Flagler Place, near Sunday's Seth Rich shooting scene. MPD says there have been 20 armed robberies in Bloomingdale so far this year.
DC Police officers, alerted by a shot spotter listening device, found Seth Rich badly wounded around 4:15 a.m. on Sunday July 10th 2016. Shot twice in the back, Rich was initially stable, but died during emergency surgery, his father, Joel Rich tells ABC7 News. Seth Rich’s father told The Washington Post that Seth’s watch, wallet, cell phone and credit cards were not taken, but he believes that Rich was “killed after resisting a robbery in which the assailant got nothing.” Daily Mail says Rich was attacked across the street from a convenience store on the 2100 block of Flagler Place NW, not far from a brownstone he shared with three or four roommates. Rich was from Omaha, “where his family played a strong role in the Beth El Synagogue,” said Daily Mail. According to MPD reports, officers patrolling the Bloomingdale neighborhood heard gunshots around 4:15 a.m. on the morning of July 10, 2016. Officers discovered a “conscious and breathing” Rich in the 2100 block of Flagler Place in northwest Washington, D.C.. “MPD began their investigation of the Seth Rich murder on July 10, 2016 and has not released any new information since October 16, 2016.” “The case is now clearly a cold case.” The Profiling Project specifically demanded the release of surveillance footage from a second-floor camera on the
May 23, 2017: The parents of Rich write a piece in the Washington Post headlined: "We're Seth Rich's parents. Stop politicizing our son's murder." In it, they write: "Law-enforcement officials told us that Seth's murder looked like a botched robbery attempt in which the assailants — after shooting our son — panicked, immediately ran and abandoned Seth's personal belongings. We have seen no evidence, by any person at any time, that Seth's murder had any connection to his job at the Democratic National Committee or his life in politics. Anyone who claims to have such evidence is either concealing it from us or lying."
By Alan D. Harris Tomorrow, Internet researcher and “Crowdsource the Truth” partner George Webb (Sweigert) will be in Zanesville (OH) Municipal Court tomorrow morning to face a pre-trial hearing concerning his June arrest for DUI. Webb has been running a series of videos on YouTube where he has been investigation a variety of connections between the US government and corporations like DynCorp and Palantir as well apparent pay-to-play arrangements with the Clinton Foundation. Recently he has gained new audiences after the arrest of Imran Awan, an IT specialist for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and part of a larger group that was regularly used as “shared employees” throughout Democratic House offices. I covered the Awans here

Webb made the national news back in June when he was on the trail of suspected radioactive shipments that he and others believed were being brought into the Port of Charleston. Jason Goodman, of Crowdsource the Truth, called the FBI to report Webb’s suspicions of a possible “dirty bomb.” The US Coast Guard shut down the Port and secured the Maersk Memphis, the suspected ship. Nothing has been reported as found, and the ship was cleared. In the meantime, Webb was known to be calling from Ohio. The FBI located him, and he was arrested in his car for suspicion of DUI. While in custody, Webb was reportedly questioned by the FBI about the “dirty bomb” tip. FINAL UPDATE: According to court docs, charges were dropped at the request of prosecution. EDIT: Added the fact that Goodman was the caller, not Webb.

Jason Goodman is/was worried that the NYPD at the bequest of the US Coast Guard would be kicking down his door at 252 7th Avenue, Apartment 6s, New York, New York 10001 for the false bomb threat he called in, but that's not how it works Jason. Jason Goodman and George Webb violated federal law with the False Bomb threat at the Port of Charleston, the FBI is the investigating agency that will handle the Jason Goodman and George Webb case and the FBI has their own SWAT team to make the arrest. The FBI will work very slowly building their case on Jason Goodman and George Webb and these guys can be sure that the FBI has full electronic surveillance on them 24/7. Newsflash for Jason the FBI pinged George Webb's cell phone to locate him in Ohio with a instrument called 'StringRay', which is widely used by Federal Law enforcement agencies to locate 'Bad Guys'.

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