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My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ramadan Bin Abdullah Indicted on 16 Weapons Charges, Ramadan Abdur Abdullah Convicted 1st Degree Murder of Sheriff Deputy both from Binghamton NY.

Ramadan Bin Abdullah Indicted on 16 Weapons Charges yesterday, Ramadan Abdur Abdullah Convicted 1st Degree Murder of Sheriff Deputy in 2008, both men from Binghamton NY and both men are linked to the Muslims of Americas compound in Hancock NY.
Ramadan Bin Abdullah, 64, who list addresses in Johnson City and Bingahmton NY, has been indicted on 16 weapons charges. Ramadan Bin Abdullah, who lists addresses in Johnson City and Binghamton NY, had been arrested in June 2017 after a large weapons cache was found in his Town of Union storage unit. Assault weapons and high-powered ammunition were seized. Ramadan Bin Abdullah, 64, is linked to the Muslims of Americas compound in Hancock NY, he is supposedly an elder of the group. 

Ramadan Bin Abdullah, 64, had listed addresses all over Binghamton NY from the north side at Roosevelt Ave to Grand Blvd to Ely Park to Downs Ave to Morgan St to a Court St apartment. In May of 2008 the Muslims of Americas group held a march on Court St in downtown Binghamton NY, in 2008 Ramadan Bin Abdullah was living on Morgan St in downtown Binghamton. Ramadan Bin Abdullah, DOB 7/24/1953, most recent address was 82 Ackley Ave Johnson City NY. Ramadan Bin Abdullah, 64, also lived in Queens and Brooklyn NY. After discovering the stash of weapons in Ramadan Bin Abdullah's Town of Union storage unit, police also obtained search warrants for Abdullah's home at 82 Ackley Ave, Johnson City NY and another residence in Oneonta. Police say family members at both residences cooperated with police, but authorities could not comment on whether or not those family members knew about Abdullah's collection of weapons and ammo.
Ramadan Bin Abdullah Indicted on 16 Weapons Charges: Ramadan Abdullah, 64, DOB 7/24/1953, was indicted on the following charges:
*Six counts, criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, a *Nine counts, criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a class D felony
*Petit larceny, a misdemeanor
In June, local and state police announced they had seized numerous weapons from a storage unit belonging to Abdullah in the town of Union, as well as many other properties. Among the items recovered were pistols, assault rifles, thousands of rounds of ammo, several firearm parts and flak jackets.

COP KILLER: Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, 35, was found guilty in deputy's 2001 killing; Seven years after Telen's death, judge hands first-degree murder verdict. For seven years, the two mothers waited. Sharon Telen waited for justice: When would the man who killed her son, Fresno County sheriff's deputy Erik Telen, be punished? Yasmeen Abdullah Shuler from Binghamton NY waited for the inevitable: When would her son, Ramadan Abdullah, learn of his fate? Ramadan Abdullah was a member of the radical group "Muslims of the Americas". 

Ramadan Abdullah used a 12-gauge pump shotgun with a double-aught buckshot magnum round to the face that killed Fresno County sheriff's deputy Erik Telen. Their wait ended Friday when Judge Ralph Nunez found Abdullah guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances for fatally shooting Telen, rendering a judgment in what has been the most drawn-out criminal case in Fresno County Superior Court in recent memory. The 2001 murder was the first time in almost a century that a Fresno County deputy had been killed in the line of duty. Nunez's judgment means Abdullah almost certainly spend the rest of his life in prison. 

In July 2001, Abdullah ran away from his family in Binghamton New York and the Muslims of Americas compound in Hancock NY to join the Muslims of the Americas Islamic camp in the Tulare County foothills. A month later, he ran off and broke into an unoccupied home near Dunlap in rural Fresno County. When Telen, 26, and his partner entered the house to investigate, Abdullah fired almost a full load of buckshot at Telen, killing the deputy instantly. 
Ramadan Abdullah was born to Mahdi Abdullah and Yasmeen Abdullah aka Mahdi and Yasmeen Shuler in Brooklyn, New York in 1981. Ramadan Abdullah's father, Mahdi, and paternal grandfather were both law enforcement officers. Ramadan Abdullah's father occasionally took Ramadan Abdullah hunting and taught him firearm safety. Ramadan Abdullah's father followed the Islamic religion. He explained that a sheikh is a learned individual whose responsibilities include being a spiritual leader. Islamberg is a New York community of people practicing the Muslim faith together where Ramadan Abdullah had been staying. Sheikh Jilani, a direct descendant of the Prophet, is the owner and spiritual leader of Islamberg. 

Ramadan Abdullah's father took appellant back to the Binghamton apartment in which appellant lived with his sister, Hamidah. On the way, appellant asked what was wrong with him and why he was feeling so weird. Sometime after returning from Islamberg the second time, Ramadan Abdullah got into an argument with his stepbrother over what to watch on television. Ramadan Abdullah's father sent them both to bed. When he awoke early the next morning, appellant was gone. After several days, appellant telephoned his father and said he was in Fresno CA, having taken the bus. He said he was sick and had to get some help and to get his Quranic therapy, and that there was a Quranic doctor there. 

Ramadan Abdullah's father contacted Islamberg; the people there said they would call the people in California to get appellant at the bus station. Ramadan Abdullah's father subsequently received another call, this one from Uthman Aziz, saying that appellant was there and they would try the therapy there. They asked appellant's father to give it 30 days, and he agreed. He telephoned periodically to see how everything was going. Sometime after August 17, he learned appellant had been arrested. RAMADAN ABDUR-RAUF ABDULLAH, now 33 years old, is in the California State Prison, Corcoran CA.

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