Thursday, June 22, 2017

President D. J. Trump Lifestyle is Mirror Image of President Kennedy Prior to His Assassination, Will History Repeat Itself?

President D. J. Trump most likely to be assassinated, that's a fact jack. Whatever assassinated President John F. Kennedy did, so does/did President D. J. Trump, same guys just different era's. Prior to his presidency, many of D. J. Trump's political colleagues considered him merely a playboy whose wealthy father Fred Trump had bankrolled him and his projects, just like JFK's father Joe Kennedy did. Many critics see recklessness, impatience, impetuosity in POTUS D. J. Trump, just like critics saw in JFK. POTUS D. J. Trump has a beautiful fashionable wife and a highly photographic family, so did JFK. POTUS D. J. Trump was/is known as a womanizer, so was JFK. President D. J. Trump takes power in a violently divided USA, so did JFK. On June 18, 2016, an attempt was made to assassinate Donald J. Trump while Trump was speaking at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Briton Michael Steven Sandford attempted to seize the sidearm of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer providing security for the event before being subdued. Sandford stated that he had wished to kill Trump to prevent him from becoming President.
Trump Haters Call for Presidential Assassination. No facet of the First Amendment shields those who promote the murder of the president of the United States. People are casually and cavalierly advocating the murder of the president of the United States Donald J. Trump. Trump haters are eager to make assassination great again. Such comments are not just muttered by demented vagrants as they relax on subway grates. Those who say such things too often are prominent, powerful people with platforms from which they publically spew their potentially lethal venom. Calvin Broadus, Jr., alias Snoop Dogg, recently released a music video for a rap song called “Lavender” in which he aims a handgun right at the skull of a clown dressed as President Donald J. Trump and pulls the trigger. Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy from a distance with a long gun and scope in Dallas Texas. How many more "Lee Harvey Oswald's" will be out there during Trump's presidency?
Left wing zealots find it OK to call for murder of President Donald J. Trump. Kathy Griffin Becomes Cover Girl For ISIS Terrorist Recruiting Efforts, Kathy Griffin Number 1 with ISIS Terrorists. You can count on it in the next issue of the ISIS recruiting magazine 'Dabiq' or Al-Qaeda's 'Inspire' magazine Kathy Griffin and her bloody Trump head will grace the front cover, way to go Kathy G. ISIS or Al-Qaeda can do a side by side photo layout piece with now dead terrorist Mohamed Elomar, who became famous for holding the heads of decapitated men for the camera, in fact it looks like Kathy G. was mimicking terrorist Mohamed Elomar for her photo shoot. Your Fired Kathy G. “I’m not good at being appropriate,” Griffen said. “I’m only good at doing comedy one way. It’s in your face. I’m going to make fun of the president (Trump). And I’m going to do it more now.”
President Kennedy spent less than three years in the White House. His first year was a disaster, as he himself acknowledged. The Bay of Pigs invasion of Communist Cuba was only the first in a series of failed efforts to undo Fidel Castro’s regime. His 1961 summit meeting in Vienna with the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was a humiliating experience. Most of his legislative proposals died on Capitol Hill. Yet he was also responsible for some extraordinary accomplishments. The most important, and most famous, was his adept management of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, widely considered the most perilous moment since World War II.
A series of articles in USA Today failed to mention that John F. Kennedy was possibly the most morally corrupt and reckless president in American history, who came tragically close to bringing about a “nuclear winter” that might have destroyed the United States and other parts of the world. Also, he plunged America into the Vietnam war. USA Today’s entire series would fall like a “house of cards” if the truth about Kennedy and his family had been told, instead of repeating the factual distortions that have been spun since he was assassinated in Dallas.
In shaping his legend, Kennedy’s personal charm helped. A witty and articulate speaker, he seemed built for the age of television. He was wealthy. He had a captivating wife and children, a photogenic family, just like President Donald Trump has now. The Kennedy legacy has a darker side as well. Prior to his presidency, many of JFK’s political colleagues considered him merely a playboy whose wealthy father had bankrolled his campaigns, just like President Donald Trump's dad did. Many critics saw recklessness, impatience, impetuosity in JFK just like many see in President Donald Trump.
Much has been written about Kennedy’s covert private life. Like his father, he was obsessed with the ritual of sexual conquest—before and during his marriage, before and during his presidency. While he was alive, the many women, the Secret Service agents, and the others who knew of his philandering kept it a secret. Donald J. Trump's womanizing became an issue during his campaign. President John F. Kennedy’s writings do not reveal whether he was influenced by his anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi father Joseph Kennedy, who was US ambassador to London in the late 1930s and regarded by the Nazis as “Germany’s best friend in London”. President Roosevelt sacked Joe Kennedy in 1940 after he remarked during the Battle of Britain that “democracy is finished in England” and sought to negotiate with Hitler to prevent America entering the Second World War. Both of President Donald J. Trump's grandparents were born in Germany and German citizens and his father Fred Trump had been conceived in Germany but born in the Bronx NY in 1905 as the grandparents had immigrated to New York City.

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