Sunday, June 25, 2017

Herald Tribune 'Communist' Reporter Tom Lyons Throws House of Reps Member Joe Gruters Under the Bus for Taking Over Vacated Clients of CPA Brian Strand in Sarasota.

Herald Tribune 'Communist' Reporter Tom Lyons Throws House of Reps Member Joe Gruters Under the Bus for Taking Over Vacated Clients of CPA Brian Strand in Sarasota. What the hell is far left liberal 'communist' reporter Tom Lyons trying to pull here, Florida House of Reps members Joe Gruters sends out mailer to CPA clients of jailed CPA Brian Strand offering to handle their accounts as Mr. Strand is in prison and no longer able to service the accounts and Mr. Gruters is buying the business, Lyons is a clown at best. CPA Joe Gruters has no prior connection to CPA Brian Strand, there are no business connections, no shared offices, no shared Sarasota County business records, no Limited Liability Companies, no shared Fictitious Name Businesses, no Florida Corporation records of any business dealing at all between Joe Gruters and Brian Strand, ever, and yet this bottom feeder Tom Lyons at the Herald Tribune is somehow making it look like some sort of shady deal is going down. CPA Joe Gruters is buying the old CPA business of Brian Strand through a Broker, nothing more! Joe Gruters needs to file a Slander/Defamation Lawsuit on the Sarasota Herald Tribune and BOZO Tom Lyons.
CPA Brian Strand is a bad dude, he stole $195,592.72 from one elderly client over the course of about 4 years, mostly ATM withdraws at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, high roller with someones cash, but there is no indication, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff report that any of the many other clients of CPA Brian Strand were effected. Brian Strand is currently in the Central Florida Reception Center (prison) 7000 H C Kelley Rd Orlando, FL. Brian Strand lost his CPA license in July 2016, Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) records.

License Relinquished
07/19/2016 - Voluntary Relinquishment
Closed Final Order 07/19/2016

03/13/2015 - Emergency Suspension Order

Lyons: Rep. Gruters announces “merger,” omits key details:

When he got two unexpected letters in the same envelope last month, one from his Sarasota accountant and the other from another CPA firm he had never dealt with, Sandy Fishbein could have recognized the name of the guy who signed the second letter. But he didn’t. He was more focused on what the heck was going on with his accountant, Brian Strand, who he says was “my trusted CPA” for well over a decade. The letters both said Strand’s firm was merging with one owned by certified public accountant Joe Gruters. Strand’s letter said Gruters “shares my values,” and Gruters’ letter said “I’m deeply honored and proud to serve you in both my CPA role and my other job as an elected member of the Florida House of Representatives.” Fishbein, now more concerned, eventually got Gruters on the phone. He says Gruters kept giving him reassuring but vague statements and calling Strand a nice guy. Feeling both mistrustful and frustrated, Fishbein pushed and pushed for more information about Strand. Finally, he says, Gruters just said it. “He’s in jail.” Strand was on his way to prison, actually, to serve a three-year sentence. No reasonable estimate has him getting out for well over two years. Strand had kept it pretty quiet, it seems, but he lost his CPA status in 2015 when he was charged with exploiting the elderly by taking more than $100,000 from the trust accounts of a client in her 90s. The case progressed slowly. Last month, Strand pleaded no contest to that charge after he had finally paid the money back into the pilfered trust fund as part of the plea deal. The victim never knew about that payback. She died before the plea deal was done. Strand admitted to having a gambling problem, a police arrest report says. I doubt anything else could explain such a sloppy series of “misappropriations” by a CPA. How sloppy? Much of the money was taken via ATM withdrawals at various casinos.

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