Monday, May 01, 2017

Two Dirtballs, William Robbins-Rosokow and Chance Terrill, Arrested in Armed Home Invasion in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl.

SARASOTA Co., Fla (WWSB) – Two men were arrested after detectives connected them with a home invasion from April in Sarasota. Deputies first responded to 3234 Restful Lane on April 25, just after 2 a.m., for reports of an armed home invasion. Two men kicked in the front door of the home, held victims at gunpoint with a rifle, and stole one of the victims' fanny packs, according to neighbors. One of the victims told detectives he recognized one of the suspects as an employee at a nearby convenience store. Detectives investigated and identified William Robbins-Rosokow, 21, as the lead suspect in the home invasion. He was arrested on April 28 on an outstanding warrant for violation of probation. Robbins-Rosokow admitted to planning the robbery and recruiting Chance Terrill, 21, and Terrill's father, to help him. Detectives made contact with Terrill's father who admitted to providing the gun used in the robbery and traveling with his son and Robbins-Rosokow to the victims' home at the time of the crime. READ MORE AT
UPDATE: TWO MORE DIRTBALLS ARRESTED IN SARASOTA ARMED HOME INVASION. A couple have been arrested, bringing to four the number of people charged in an April home invasion robbery that the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office says was planned using Facebook Messenger. The Sheriff’s Office says Aaron Montiel, DOB 8/1/1987, age 29, drove the robbers in his car to the home in the 3200 block of Restful Lane early April 25. His girlfriend, Kari Ruggles, DOB 2/8/1988, age 29, later burned items stolen during the robbery. Montiel, who is charged with principle to armed home invasion robbery and Ruggles, who is charged with accessory after the fact to armed home invasion robbery, remain in the Sarasota County jail without bail.
I noticed a heavy prescience of Sarasota County Sheriff Department deputies patrolling around Wilkerson Rd, Bee Ridge Rd, S. Beneva Rd, and McIntosh Rd on Friday April 28th in South Gate Ridge, knew something was up. Chance Terrill, DOB 4/13/1996, he is 21, was arrested on Saturday April 29th 2017 at the corner of Bee Ridge Rd and McIntosh Rd Sarasota Fl on the ROBBERY-RESIDENTIAL HOME INVASION W/FIREARM OTHER DEADLY WEAPON charge, some of his prior charges are BURGLARY and POSSESSION OF A WEAPON BY A VIOLENT CAREER CRIMINAL.
William ROBBINS-ROSOKOW, DOB 5/10/1995, he is 21, arrested on the ROBBERY-RESIDENTIAL: HOME INVASION W/FIREARM OTHER DEADLY WEAPON charge on Friday April 28th, 2017, one of the victims recognized one of the robbers, ROBBINS-ROSOKOW, as a former employee at the 7-Eleven at 3156 Clark Road. The victims, aged 80 and 56, said two men kicked open the front door of the house. One of the men, identified as Chance Terrill, held the father and son at gunpoint while the other, identified as William Robbins-Rosokow, snatched the son’s fanny pack.
This is outrageous that violent KNOWN criminals like these two mooks are out an about in South Gate Ridge Sarasota attacking and targeting elderly victims, buy a revolver, when they kick in your door fight back shoot the bastards.
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