Sunday, May 28, 2017

Orlando's Markeith Loyd is Another Sovereign Citizen Cop Killer and Shooting of 8 Today in Bogue Chitto MS by Willie Godbolt Appears to link to Sovereign Methods.

I have investigated, written extensively and appeared on local ABC-7 News several times talking about the extreme anti-government cop killers of the Sovereign Citizen movement, especially in and around Sarasota Fl. Members of the Sovereign Citizen movement even tried to infiltrate Florida State politics by backing Steve Vernon in his bid for the Florida House Seat 73 race with Joe Gruters, fortunately I was able to get the information out on my websites and to the Sarasota Herald Tribune about Vernon's backers and Joe Gruters won the seat, see 'Source of donations becomes issue in Gruters-Vernon race'. Today it appears that another cop killing has taken place in Bogue Chitto and the shooter Willie Godbolt appears to have followed the Sovereign Citizen playbook. It has also been recently revealed that Orlando's mad dog killer Markeith Loyd is another Sovereign Citizen who murdered his pregnant girl friend and a female Orlando police officer and refused to recognize the Judge and the Court at his first appearance, he added, “And I want to use my UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) financial statement, my number, to write these charges off.”

Published May 28, 2017 Fox News DEVELOPING: A Mississippi deputy sheriff was among eight people shot and killed Saturday and a suspect in the murders is in custody, The Daily Leader reports. Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said the shootings occurred at three separate homes Saturday night in rural Lincoln County. Two of the homes are in Brookhaven and one is in Bogue Chitto. The area is about 68 miles south of Jackson, the capital. Strain said investigators were gathering evidence at all three locations. The suspect, Willie Cory Godbolt, was taken into custody Sunday morning following the shootings. When the sheriff's deputy arrived at the house, Godbolt looked as if he were about to leave, then reached into his back pocket, pulled a gun and opened fire. Willie Cory Godbolt ambushed Lincoln County Sheriff's deputy William Durr, 36, and killed him as he responded to the domestic call at the residence, Sovereign Citizen tactics. Willie Cory Godbolt is a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing a firearm, he brought a gun to the residence in Bogue Chitto MS to take his children back and murdered everyone there. In addition to the sheriff's deputy, family members told affiliate WAPT that the victims at the first location included the mother, aunt and sister of Godbolt's estranged wife. Godbolt's wife escaped with their two children. At the the third location, they said, the victims were another of Godbolt's wife's sisters, as well as her husband. Willie Cory Godbolt appears to have had a plan in play and tracked down and murdered almost all of his wife's closets relatives. This was no random spur of the moment murder spree, it was planned and executed by Willie Cory Godbolt.
Authorities say Willie Cory Godbolt held a 16-year-old boy hostage. The teen was freed was unharmed. Godbolt, 35, has a long criminal record, including:
■ Charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault in 2005 after he allegedly struck a man with a pistol and took his cash and jewelry;
■ In 2013, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office charged him with simple assault;
■ Arrested in 2015 for disorderly conduct/breach of peace and failure to comply with a request from a sheriff; Sovereign Citizen tactics.
Arrested in 2015 for speeding, driving with a suspended license, and no proof of liability insurance by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Sovereign Citizen tactics. In 2016, Godbolt filed an appeal to a judgment against him in a simple assault and disorderly conduct case, Sovereign Citizen tactics.

March 3rd 2017 On social media, cop killer Markeith Loyd’s persona — documented in dozens of Facebook Live videos — was as fluid as his latest mood. Sometimes, he was a down-to-earth, God-fearing boyfriend who was eagerly looking forward to fatherhood. Other times, he was a weightlifting, womanizing “street legend” whose goal was to be on the television show “America’s Most Wanted.” More than a month after he was arrested and accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend and an Orlando police officer, Loyd made a court appearance this week in which he debuted another version of himself: Markeith Loyd, apparent sovereign citizen. A far-right, anti government group whose adherents believe they’re constitutionally exempt from U.S. laws, sovereign citizens have killed police officers, clogged courts with paperwork and refused to pay taxes. This week, Loyd — who has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder — appeared in an Orlando courtroom and refused to enter a guilty or innocent plea when asked to do so by Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten of the 9th Judicial Circuit. A heated exchange ensued, with Loyd interrupting Lauten and telling the judge that the government lacks jurisdiction to bring charges against him. “For the record, I want to state that I am Markeith Loyd,” Loyd told the judge. “Flesh and blood. I’m a human being. I’m not a fictitious person. I’m not a corporation.” “And therefore, I am going to tell you the fact, I am in due court, I accept the charges’ value,” he added. “And I want to use my UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) financial statement, my number, to write these charges off.” Loyd appeared to be under the impression that the court was responsible for leveling charges against him, but Lauten told him that the state of Florida — represented by the state attorneys office — had brought the charges against him. “For the record, Mr. Loyd wants to talk about the UCC and corporate status, which is a position that certain citizens that are sometimes called sovereign citizens take in courts of law, oftentimes misguided,” Lauten said. “But it is not the first time the court has heard that position.”

VIDEO ABC-7 SOVEREIGN CITIZENS IN SARASOTA-BRADENTON FL.  ABC-7 SARASOTA FL: Sovereign Citizens number in the “hundreds” on the Suncoast. “Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive.”  Those are the words of Bill Warner, a Sarasota private detective whose been aware of the Sovereign Citizen movement for years. “It’s people with a mindset that the government is against its own citizens,” Bill Warner explained. Bill Warner sites two sovereign Citizen shootouts, one a courthouse incident in Atlanta where Sovereign Citizen Dennis Marx shot a deputy before being shot and killed himself. And then the shooting of two officers and a Walmart shopper in Las Vegas by Jerad and Amanda Miller who ambushed and killed two random Las Vegas Metro Police Department officers having lunch in Nevada. He says make no mistake, this is domestic terrorism. “Absolutely, it’s organized through the internet, and Facebook, and that’s how they get bigger an bigger, Bill Warner said.
Saturday, August 20, 2016 Source of Donations Becomes Issue in Joe Gruters- Steve Vernon House Seat 73 Race as Steve Vernon Donor Rodger Dowdell Proposal Linked to Sovereign Citizen Movement. Well, well well, it must really be a full moon as Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter Zac Anderson followed up on my investigation of District 73 candidate Steve Vernon's campaign contributions from dubious sources. Last Friday August 12th, 2016 I posted, "Steve Vernon Running For Fl State Dist. 73 Has Few Campaign Contributions One Large Donor of $1,000.00 is Rodger Dowdell of National Liberty Alliance Which Touts Wacky 'We The People Citizens Grand Jury'."

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE: Campaign contributions are essential for most candidates, but they also can come with baggage. State House candidate Joe Gruters learned that when his opponent, Steve Vernon, went after him as an establishment shill beholden to his well-heeled donors. Now Gruters and his allies (PI Bill Warner) are raising questions about whether Vernon shares the fringe views of a major donor, a man who has been pushing a concept associated with extremist groups. Manatee County resident Rodger Dowdell gave Vernon $1,000, the maximum allowed by law. Last year, Dowdell brought a proposal to the Sarasota County Charter Review Board that has roiled the normally low-key elected body. Dowdell wanted the board to support putting a referendum to voters that would create a “people's common law grand jury.” Such a system would allow average citizens to indict government officials on corruption without going through a judge or law enforcement agencies.

The people's grand jury idea has been linked to the sovereign citizen movement, which does not recognize government authority in many areas. Sovereign citizens have attracted attention for everything from refusing to pay taxes and use driver's licenses to so-called “paper terrorism” — filing frivolous lawsuits against government officials— and even, in extreme cases, violent acts against government workers and institutions. The FBI considers extremists within the sovereign citizen movement to be domestic terrorists. Dowdell is a state coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance. The group has disavowed the sovereign citizen movement but the Anti-Defamation League considers the alliance a major promoter of sovereign citizen ideology. Dowdell's proposal for a people's grand jury gained enough traction on the Charter Review Board that some prominent officials suggested the board become an appointed, rather than elected, body. They argued board members were abusing their authority. County officials say the people's grand jury violates the state Constitution. Vernon — a former Tea Party Manatee president — praised Dowdell, whom he met through other tea party groups.

Rodger Dowdell, of Bradenton Fl, is the Florida state coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance which touts the 'We The People Citizens Grand Jury. Sovereign Citizen Guru John Darash aka John Vidurek and National Lib­erty Alliance Sets Up Vigilante Peoples Grand Juries In USA With Assist From Posse Comitatus. The sovereign citizen movement arose from the ashes of the Posse Comitatus, a 1970s extremist group that believed the County (and the Sheriff) was the highest seat of government because all other levels of government had engaged in a conspiracy to destroy and override the Constitution. Sovereign citizens believe that the United States government is illegitimate and operating outside of its jurisdiction. Sarasota Citizens Grand Jury proposed by Rodger Dowdell, a Tea Party activist who denies being a sovereign citizen but, nonetheless, spouts sovereign citizen rhetoric says “Grand jury powers come from God.”

Steve Vernon Running For Fl State District 73 Has Very Few Campaign Contributions in the last year, only $11,964 from 7/27/2015 to 8/05/2016, Vernon has put in $90,000 of his own money. One of Steve Vernon's Largest Donors is Rodger Dowdell of the National Liberty Alliance Which Touts the Wacky 'We The People Citizens Grand Jury', Roger Dowdell put in $1,000 on 3/15/2016. Sarasota Citizens Grand Jury proposed by Rodger Dowdell who is the State coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance and a Tea Party activist denies being a sovereign citizen but, nonetheless, spouts sovereign citizen rhetoric says “Grand jury powers come from God.” I am very well aware of Rodger Dowdell and his crew, I do not know if Steve Vernon is aware of who and what Rodger Dowdell represents, but he should be.

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