Saturday, May 27, 2017

NC billboard supporting Trump Muslim travel ban ignites controversy with 9/11 reference by telling the truth


NC billboard supporting Trump Muslim travel ban ignites controversy with 9/11 reference by telling the truth. Lefty Libs have their panties in a wad over the billboard seen above that references the September 11th 2001 hijackers as "19 Muslim Immigrants" who killed 2,977 Americans, which they did.
CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. - Some residents believe a controversial billboard along Interstate 40 in Catawba County by a religious group is using it to support President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims has gone too far. The sign points to the 9/11 attack and those behind it. In the nearby towns of Claremont and Catawba, people are talking about its message. "I think the numbers are powerful enough in themselves,” one supporter said. “So, if you look at it and think something is wrong about it, it makes you wonder about you." Oliver Reitzell opposes the billboard. "I believe in the Christian way and that's to embrace everybody,” Reitzell said, WTF? “Kind of the hate message behind it. I'm not for that." 
The North Carolina Pastors Network, which funded the sign and claims to have support from 600 pastors across the state. It is headed by evangelist Dave Kistler, who doesn't believe the billboard's message is one of hate. "I'm saying it now, that this is not what this is about,” Kistler said. “There's certainly nothing hateful in our billboard. Some have interpreted it to be that and say that. It was not. It is the truth."

Sept. 11th, 2001….For the 1,400 people in the top 19 floors of the north tower WTC, there was no escape after the first jet smashed into the 94th through 98th floors at 8:46 a.m. But the people on the top floors of the south tower still had the chance to run, and for them, delay meant death. They had just 16½ minutes before a second jet, United Airlines Flight 175, would tear through the 78th through 84th floors of their building. In that brief window of time, 2,000 people from those floors and up faced a critical choice: stay or go. They didn’t know what was coming, but if they moved quickly enough, they survived.  Fourteen hundred people fled from the top floors of the south tower to the safe zone below the 78th floor.  Six hundred did not.

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