Sunday, May 14, 2017

CBS: Bin Laden's Son Hamza Al Qaeda's New Boss as Letters Seized in Raid Reveal 'Son of Osama' Seeks Payback I Profiled this Mook Last Year With Photos.

FOX NEWS: Published Sunday May 14, 2017. Usama bin Laden’s son reportedly seeks to avenge his father’s death and is poised to become the new leader of Al Qaeda. Personal letters seized in the raid that killed bin Laden show that his son, Hamza, is set on continuing his father's legacy, Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent, told CBS News in an interview that will air Sunday. "He tells him that…he remembers 'every look…every smile you gave me, every word you told me,’” Soufan said about bin Laden’s son. Soufan also told CBS News that Hamza wrote that he considers himself “to be forged in steel."

Soufan said that Hamza’s bin Laden's path to become the leader of the terrorist organization was created years ago when he was used as a propaganda tool in bin Laden’s videos. He was seen sometimes holding a gun. The agent added that he has even started to sound like his father. “His recent message that came out, he delivered the speech as if it's his father, using sentences, terminology that was used by Usama bin Laden,” Soufan said. 

Hamza bin Laden is believed to be about 28 years old and has been named as a “specially designated global terrorist” by the U.S. Hamza has recorded four audio messages in the last two years, aimed at the U.S. "He's basically saying, 'American people, we're coming and you're going to feel it,” Soufan said. “And we're going to take revenge for what you did to my father. Iraq, Afghanistan'. The whole thing was about vengeance."
Sunday, July 10, 2016 'Son of Osama' is Taking Over Al-Qaeda and Seeking Payback, Hamza bin Laden Threatens USA in Recent As-Sahab Propaganda Video. Hamza bin Laden in an As-Sahab video from 2006 comments on the 9/11 Manhattan Raid, Credit Reuters: Hamza bin Laden the son of Usama bin Laden warned that Al Qaeda would take revenge against the U.S. for assassinating his father in 2011, according to audio released by the terror network's media arm. The audio was heard in video released by As-Sahab on Saturday. Hamza bin Laden has the same long angular face and eyebrows as his father, put a full beard on him and you get a true 'Son of Osama". see
Hamza bin Laden apparently told Americans that they were accountable for the decisions of their leaders. In a 2005 video titled The Mujahideen of Waziristan, Hamza bin Laden, then 15 years old, is shown participating in an al-Qaeda assault on Pakistani security forces in the south Waziristan tribal region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Osama bin Laden's son has threatened revenge against the United States for killing his father. In a video released by al-Qaeda's media arm, As-Sahab, Hamza bin Laden tells Americans they are accountable for the decisions of their leaders. Hamza bin Laden, understood to be 23 or 24 years old, was not found among the bodies after the 2011 CIA raid on the compound in Pakistan housing the world’s most-wanted terrorist.
In May 2011 US Navy Seals carried out a raid on a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where bin Laden was hiding and killed him. In the video Hamza bin Laden pledges that al-Qaeda will continue waging jihad against the US in response to its "oppression" of Muslims. "If you think that your sinful crime that you committed in Abbottabad has passed without punishment, then you thought wrong. – Hamza bin Laden".

Picture from Al Jazeera TV purportedly showing Hamza bin Laden (centre), one of the sons of Osama bin Laden, seated between two Taliban fighters near Ghazni Afghanistan in 2001 REUTERS/Al-Jazeera TV. The whereabouts of Hamza bin
Laden are not known, but it is believed he may be preparing to take over leadership of al-Qaeda.

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