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Tampa Fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa Threatens US Attorney Joseph Mott Claims "Punishment You White People Will Receive on Judgement Day Will be Great".

Tampa Fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa Threatens US Attorney Joseph Mott Claims "Punishment You White People Will Receive on Judgement Day Will be Great". Prior to 9/11, Osama Sam Mustafa owned Sam's Star Mart Texaco gas station and car wash in the La Mesa suburb of San Diego where future hijacker and battle hardened al-Qaeda terrorist Nawaf al-Hazmi worked for about a month in the fall of 2000 for minimum wage. Osama Mustafa previously had been the subject of several FBI counter terrorism investigation. The 2012 FBI report recounts Osama Mustafa’s May 15, 2012, arrest in Tampa for Treasury check fraud filed by U.S. Attorney Joseph Mott in Roanoke Virginia. Court records say the case involved a $17.8 million tax-refund fraud scheme, and that Osama Mustafa was found guilty in April 2013. Four months later, while out on bond, Osama Mustafa removed a monitoring bracelet and vanished. In June 2014, Osama Mustafa was sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison. He remains a fugitive. see
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dirty prosecutor Joseph Mott. "One day god will exact revenge on you like that dog prosecutor (Joseph Mott) who filed false IRS charges against me and dragged me to this Roanoke VA place to ensure he would get an all white jury to convict me. God already exacted revenge on him (Joseph Mott) as the insects are eating his son as I write".

Osama Sam Mustafa says; The bogus IRS check cashing charges I was charged with (convicted). Those charges were made up to force me to give them some kind of confession or some information or anything about 9/11. I was offered that they would get rid of the IRS check cashing charges if I helped them and pointed fingers. I told you I fear god and the day of judgement so I could never just falsely point the finger at people to save myself. That's why they cheated and denied me any kind of fair trial. They figured they would get me convicted and then come back and ask me again to point the finger. What I didn't realize is how badly they would cheat. Imagine I'm dragged to Roanoke VA on the pretense I had some co conspirator up there and no one is ever produced as my alleged co conspirator nor was there a single word said about me having anything to do with the Roanoke area. This is how you coward white people fight someone. You will see what God has in store for you. It was not more then 3 months after that dirty prosecutor (Joseph Mott) asked for 20 years for me. He was actually asking for 27 when God struck and took his son. God doesn't allow injustice. Just remember that. You will get a disease one day Warner just watch and see. You will be begging me for forgiveness for all your blatant lies. Just remember my warning. Every time I bowed in prayer to god I asked him to bring a tragedy on that criminal who prosecuted me Joe Mott. I thank god everyday for answering my prayer. I ask god all the time to put a hideous painful disease in you Warner and god willing one day it will be answered. Your a liar, a hypocrite. One day god will exact revenge on you like that dog prosecutor (Joseph Mott) who filed false charges against me and dragged me to this Roanoke VA place to ensure he would get an all white jury to convict me. God already exacted revenge on him (Joseph Mott) as the insects are eating his son as I write. I've never had anything to do with terrorism nor have I ever hurt anyone. Just remember what happened to Joseph Mott's kid 3 months after he asked a judge to sentence me for his phony charges and the injustice of the trial God doesn't forget anyone and god is great. Your really an idiot Warner. Your a very racist person. You will see on the day of judgement what will happen to you. As for Motts son it was karma for what he did to me denying me a fair trial. Your damn right I'm gloating . Ask yourself whats the chances god snatched his miserable offspring a couple of months after asking a judge to stick me with that racist sentence he asked for and this after cheating through out my trial. God doesn't allow injustice to go unpunished . 

Osama Sam Mustafa says; Warner hell is awaiting you. Your a dirty hypocrite. You can't even answer a simple question. The Feds were following these 9/11 guys and new they had met overseas yet they still got visas to visit and were let right in. I wasn't an immigration officer opening the door for them. Those articles you keep recycling still say nothing about me having any knowledge of 9/11 or having any contact with these guys. Remember asshole it was my partner and I who notified the FBI after seeing there pictures that one of the guys worked for us one year prior to 9/11 for about 4 weeks in the car wash and he quit, Nawaf al-Hazmi, and we never heard from him again till we saw his picture in the newspaper. It's crazy your supposed to be an investigator and you never asked the San Diego FBI office why they never took me up on any of my offers. I'll even help you out and give you the agents name that are still at that office. One is named Kyle Scorggins and the other one is named Danny. I don't know his last name. Danny was the guy that interviewed me during the so called proffer.  

By Kelly Thornton

July 25, 2003 Dzwilewski was in charge of the FBI office in San Diego in 2003. A 900-page report issued by a joint panel of the House and Senate intelligence committees focuses closely on events in San Diego. The report detailed investigations of San Diego men by counter terrorism agents before or while the hijackers lived in San Diego. Those men, mentioned in the 832-page report, eventually became friends, helpers or employers of the two hijackers. Two of the men listed in the report are the owner and manager of a business that employed 9/11 hijacker Nawaf Al-Hazmi. The report indicated that one of the men, Osama Sam Mustafa a Palestinian-born U.S. citizen who owns several businesses in the San Diego area, "cheered upon learning of the Sept. 11 attacks" and had been investigated by the FBI in 1991, 1994 and 1997 for associations with terrorist groups and threats against Israelis. The men were not named in the report but Nawaf Al-hazmi worked briefly at Sam's Star Mart gas station on Spring Street in La Mesa, which at the time was a Texaco franchise owned by Osama "Sam" Mustafa and managed by Ed Salamah.
Osama Sam Mustafa says; Warner while we're on the subject of death let's see now. While Tony Khawaja was locked up his father died, his nephew muawi's son committed suicide because his girlfriend dumped him and his 42 year old brother died of a massive heart attack. There's no point in talking to you as racism is part of your DNA. God doesn't forget evil. We are all the children of god regardless of what language we speak or what color we are. The doors of hell await you Warner. Don't email me anymore I don't talk to racist pigs like you. I invited them (FBI) to search my home without a search warrant as I had nothing to hide. They are trying to cover up there crimes against what they did at trial. This article you sent me clarifies why they denied me a fair trial. They know they purposefully denied me a fair trial. It explains why they had no worries in the world on denying me my civil and constitutional rights at trial with there blatant corruption. From reading the article they had intended on revisiting the proffer once I was convicted, sentenced and sitting in the slammer for 20 years. They wanted to make sure I was convicted to pressure me to talk. Everything makes sense now why they were purposefully cheating and committing these crimes against me. This has been forwarded to the attorneys working on my case. The problem with there plan to make sure I was convicted and giving a death sentence is I would not have lied and sent someone to death row or life in a tiny cell and lie to these federal agents and tell them that someone was involved in 9/11 terrorism when they weren't. I have a conscience unlike you. I could never bear false witness against someone to save myself. I fear God and the day of judgement. It would be eternal damnation to falsely bear witness on someone. You If they truly believed I had 17 million dollars why didn't they find any money hidden at my home or any of my businesses . Why was my bail set at a measly 50k. See billy boy you can't answer anything can you. There's not a shred of evidence of me having any knowledge of 9/11 so go fuck yourself. Take the polygraph bitch and we will see who the liar is. I made you an offer pass the polygraph and I'll surrender myself. You should be jumping all over that deal.
Osama Sam Mustafa says; Just for your information Warner I never even stepped foot in the mosque where these guys went or any other mosque leading up to 9/11. This is all in the transcripts and my trial lasted a whole 4 days in Roanoke VA because they made sure I would have no witnesses show up when it was my turn to put on my defense. The punishment you white people will receive on the day of judgement will be great. Look at yourself billy boy. If I wanted to I could have accessed all your information, your credit report, who your friends were by way of a people trace and caused them financial damage, your driving record and almost anything else I wanted and never did. Even though you asked people to shoot me I still never did. Remember now I have absolutely no consequences for damaging you financially. I have a death sentence hanging over my head. I have one thing you don't posses, it's called integrity unlike you who tells people to shoot me and ask questions later. These are things you can't deny so you can continue with your lies and continue to tell people to kill me. God is watching over me. My plan is to come back home as America is my home country. America has been good to me and my family. My daughter was educated in America and today is a doctor.
Osama Sam Mustafa says; I plan to hold the prosecutor Joseph Mott responsible to pay for his crimes against me and expose him and the attorney Tony Anderson I was dumped on. I assure you billy they will be brought to justice. I want to give you a tiny example of what your white coward brethren did to get me convicted. The dirty prosecutor Joe Mott had my so called co conspirator Tony Khawaja testify that I was behind on my mortgage payments and that's why I agreed to cash checks through my account. Instead of telling the truth that he never told us the checks were obtained fraudulently that's the lie they came up with for there motive that I was behind on my house payments. Well let's see how easily this could have proven as false perjured testimony that was allowed to stand as true. Mr Warner even though you wished me harm I'm going to wish you a happy new year. Your writing about me being a terrorist is misguided. I hate everyday that I'm here away from my family but I did not commit bank fraud or the nonsense I was charged with. I had the most unfair trial anyone can have and I was wrong to run. I would have easily appealed the verdict and the ridiculous sentence. Mr Warner think about Tony Kawaja and his brother who made the false accusations that I threatened to harm them (kill them). They are here right where I need them if I really said I was going to harm them (Ramallah West Bank). It's obvious I have friends here (Ramallah West Bank) in high places that can get things done for me. It would only take I request for that animal Tony Khawaja to be hurt in any way I wanted (by the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine). I know exactly where he and his brother are at. As you can see they are unharmed. The question that should be asked if this dirty prosecutor Joseph Mott really thought it was true why didn't he stop Tony Khawaja's deportation. As with everything that came out of that pigs mouth (Joe Mott) it was an outright lie. This is further proof to just the level of depravity this animal Joseph Mott stooped to. I hope the new year clears the racist hate that resides in you.

Sam M.

A little more on the background of Osama Sam Mustafa, he is a member of the terrorist organization the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, one of his relatives, Abu Ali Mustafa was was the Secretary General of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) before he was assassinated by the Israelis. Abu Ali Mustafa was killed by two rockets fired from two Israeli Apache helicopters through his two office windows, as he sat at his desk in his office in Ramallah, in a targeted killing on Monday August 27th 2001 just 14 days before the September 11th 2001 terror attacks on the USA. The military wing of the PFLP is called the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades. The FBI conducted several investigations of Osama Sam Mustafa prior to September 11. The first was opened in August 1991 upon receipt of reports from the San Diego Police Department that, during a traffic stop, Osama Sam Mustafa had stated that the United States needed another Pan Am 103 attack and that he could be the one to carry it out. Osama Sam Mustafa also said that all Americans should be killed for what they did to Iraqis. During the investigation, the FBI developed information that Osama Sam Mustafa was associated with members of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a known terrorist organization, in San Diego and Chicago (Mustafa is from Chicago). In 1994, San Diego police also received an anonymous call stating that Osama Sam Mustafa was a PFLP member. The FBI received information in 1994 that Osama Sam Mustafa had threatened to kill a former Israeli intelligence officer who resided in San Diego. Osama Sam Mustafa informed the Israeli that he was a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and that the orders to kill him had come from the PLO. The FBI closed its investigation of Osama Sam Mustafa, but reopened it in 1997 when it received information tying him to a possible terrorist plot based in North Carolina. In February 2001, a stockbroker called the FBI to say that the Osama Sam Mustafa had closed his account, explaining that he was sending the money to freedom fighters in Afghanistan. During its post-September 11 investigation, the FBI discovered that Osama Sam Mustafa was associating with Osama Bassnan and [classified], two other possible hijacker associates in San Diego.

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