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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

POTUS Trump Right About the Sleazy Media Reporting Fake News and Being Dishonest I know For a Fact as Media Attacked Me for Writing the Truth

President Donald J. Trump is Right About the Sleazy Media Reporting Fake News and Being Dishonest I know For a Fact as Media Attacked Me for Being Honest: I Exposed the Al-Shabaab Terrorist Jihad Recruiting Website in Vancouver Washington And The Columbian Newspaper Writes In Our View "Internet Censor Bill Warner". VANCOUVER WA…The Columbian Newspaper; In our view: Internet censor (Bill Warner), Wednesday, May 07, 2008. A Florida man’s heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site. Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to Bill Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says supports an al-Qaida organization, AL-SHABAAB, in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life. There are groups like this one that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism,” Warner said in a Columbian story, “Dotster Under Fire For Web Content” see link click here, “It’s not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver, said bill Warner”. Certainly a Web page that is intended to inspire terrorism (Al-Shabbab) should be probed and be a candidate for closure. But the FBI or other experts should make that decision, with a judge if that’s required by law… It’s not Bill Warner’s call. SEE
Donald Trump is Right the Media is Sleazy: Sarasota Herald Tribune Bans PI Bill Warner from comment section, LOL. "Bill Warner PI you have been banned from our comment section. Reason: You have been permanently banned for repeat violations of our Terms of Service in our comment section. The final straw was Bill Warner doxxing another commentator, as per moderator Alan Shaw at the Sarasota Herald Tribune." Alan Shaw @AlanCShaw @Heraldtribune digital dude, appears to have had a hand in banning me from the comment section of the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Alan Shaw
Jun 01

@billdetective Yes, I banned you.

Following is one of the comments that I, Bill Warner, posted on the Herald Tribune article that got me banned: The city of Sarasota is not responsible for maintaining or upgrading any persons home it is the home owners responsibility. There are programs in the city of Sarasota were senior citizen home owners can get an interest free loan for up to $20,000 for home repairs that is added to the back of the mortgage with no payments and the loan does not have to be paid until the home owner sells the house, why not go that route???

Donald Trump is Right the Media is Sleazy. On Friday February 19th, 2016, the same day that WATN did the story on Dyer County Sheriff Box New Leads In Karen Swift Murder Investigation, Mary Jo Ola a reporter for Local 24 Memphis TN contacted me at 4:32 pm and asked me to do a Skype interview concerning the unsolved murder of Karen Swift, I agreed and she Skyped me at 5:24 pm and we did a 21 minute interview that she video tape recorded. Apparently, so far, Mary Jo Ola at Local 24 Memphis TN has not released the taped interview in which I went into great detail about all the circumstantial evidence that I have discovered that indicates David Swift did not kill Karen Swift and that others who should have been looked at by law enforcement in the murder of Karen Swift have not been interviewed. Mary Jo Ola shelved my Skype interview because I would not reveal who my client was and she accused me of making claims to call attention to myself, what a jerk! Oh, and by the way, there were no new leads found in the unsolved murder of Karen Swift, more fake news!
LEXINGTON WKYT ’Reporter’ Victor Puente Finds Fault With PI Bill Warner Posting Images of Unsolved Missing And Or Murdered Petite Blond Females. LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – June 10, 2014, On Thursday Florida private investigator Bill Warner told WKYT about his theory involving more than a dozen missing or murdered women, some from Kentucky, some from surrounding states. The women all share similar descriptions, petite with blond hair, and all of their cases are unsolved. “I’m just saying you have to step back, you have to look at other cases that are either in your state or surrounding state, do all these girls fit a profile and they do,” Bill Warner said. Police working the cases of Misty Gwinner, in Kentucky told us they didn’t think they were related. WKYT crime analyst… Don Evans… A retired Lexington homicide detective… says by creating that website, Bill Warner could potentially hinder some of those cases. “It’s not always beneficial when someone puts something out on social media, because it causes the police to basically chase rumors.” Bill Warner has talked with the families of four of the women he spotlighted, and they all say the exact same thing Local Cops, State Police and FBI Failed Miserably in Finding Missing Girls Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson, Jennifer Kesse and Claim No Link, Get Real. WKYT ’Reporter’ Victor Puente, 17 Look-A-Like Petite Blond Females Listed as Missing, Kidnapped or Murdered and Cops Have No Answers for Parents of Heather, Kelli, Paige, Holly, Lauren, and 12 others. Who is responsible?

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at