Monday, April 03, 2017

Islamic Terrorist Bomb Blasts Kill 10 Wound 50+ at St Petersburg Rail Station

Ten people have died after a blast on the underground system in St Petersburg, Russia's anti-terrorism committee has said. Interfax and RIA news agencies said two blasts have been reported on the Russian city's Metro. Reuters said blasts took place in two train carriages at two stations. 
Three stations have been closed, according to local media outlet Fontanka. Interfax also said 10 have died, with many injured. Russian president Vladimir Putin, who is due to visit the city on Monday, confirmed there are dead and injured. 50 people have been injured following explosions that are reported to have involved shrapnel-filled devices. Pictures posted on social media show the door of at least one Metro train has been blown out in a blast. Other images showed passengers lying on the ground of a station platform in the Russian city.
Putin expressed his condolences and said he had spoken to the heads of the security services, who are trying to establish the cause. At least one of the devices was filled with shrapnel, according to an Interfax source. see more

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