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BOLO Violent Ex-Con Sex Offender Kenneth Shepard Convicted of Strong Arm Rape Known to Carry a Knife Lists New Address 4010 Sawyer Rd in South Gate Ridge Sarasota, FL 34233

BOLO Violent Ex-Con Sex Offender Kenneth Shepard Convicted of Strong Arm Rape Known to Carry a Knife Lists New Address 4010 Sawyer Rd in South Gate Ridge Sarasota, FL 34233. Violent Sex Offender Kenneth S. Shepard appears to have gone back and forth between Worcester Massachusetts and Sarasota Fl since at least 2001. Upon release from prison in Massachusetts on or about July 2000, for the strong arm rape conviction Kenneth S. Shepard moved to Bradenton Fl in what appears to be on or about October 2000, he compiled a history of arrests (one violent) from December 2000 up to May 2006 in Bradenton, Sarasota and Tampa FL, in all the cases he resisted arrest from law enforcement and had to forced to the ground to be handcuffed. On December 5th 2000 Kenneth Shepard was arrested in Bradenton Fl on a Aggravated Battery Charge a Second Degree Felony. Violent Sex Offender Kenneth S. Shepard is supposed to be ‘living’ near 4010 Sawyer Rd in South Gate Ridge Sarasota, FL 34233. See link to FDLE Sex Offender registry for Kenneth Shepard

According to the FDLE Sex Registry violent sex offender, strong arm rape, Kenneth Shepard is currently confined at Centerstone Behavior Mental Health Facility at 4010 Sawyer Rd Sarasota Fl.  Centerstone offers both inpatient and outpatient care as well as on–site services for adults and with mental health, addictions or co–occurring disorders, we specialize in bipolar and schizophrenic disorders. Centerstone provides comprehensive 24/7, community–based treatment and recovery to persons with severe and persistent mental disorder to live successfully in the community is also provided by the professionals at Centerstone. Rape Treatment..If you or your loved one has experienced sexual trauma, the Centerstone Rape Crisis Center offers hope and healing for victims of all ages and their loved ones who have experienced sexual trauma. 

Violent sex offenders like Kenneth Shepard are never cured! In my opinion, based on Kenneth Shepard’s continued and extensive list of violent crimes from 1988 to 2014, and based on my up close and personal contact with Kenneth Shepard in Sarasota over the last year, I would classify him as a psychotic career criminal who undoubtedly will rape and injure someone again in the near future. Sarasota Homeless Ex-Con Sex Offender Kenneth S. Shepard is from Worcester Massachusetts, he forcibly raped a young female in 1988 and was convicted of the crime and sent to prison for what appears to be 12 years in Massachusetts. Violent Sex Offender Kenneth S. Shepard is known to carry and use a knife as he did in a 2013 assault case conviction and he used a “sword” in another assault case conviction in 2014, both in Worcester Massachusetts. Kenneth S. Shepard served 6 months on the second “sword” assault conviction, he got out of jail in May of 2015 in Worcester MA. Sex Offender Kenneth Shepard is just one more violent dirtball set loose in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl, see what happened last year with violent Sex Offender Daniel Esposito below.

Monday, February 29, 2016... 'TOLD YOU SO SARASOTA' SEX OFFENDERS ARE NEVER CURED DIRTBALL DANIEL ESPOSITO ROBBED AND RAPED 2 WOMEN THIS MORNING HE HAD BEEN LISTED AS HOMELESS IN SOUTH GATE RIDGE Fl. Time to start packing Ladies there are more guys just like this dirtball sex offender Daniel Esposito wandering around South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl, LOCK AND LOAD. Daniel Esposito was located and arrested in the gated community of Turtle Rock on Palmer Ranch Sarasota Fl. ....The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested Daniel Esposito after he robbed and SEXUALLY attacked two women Monday morning 2/29/2016, in their Sarasota home. The victim pulled into her garage around 5:45 a.m., when she was approached by 35-year-old Daniel Esposito, an acquaintance of hers. Daniel Esposito held a gun to her head and attempted to sexually assault her. The victim tried to break free and enter the wrong alarm code to notify law enforcement but Esposito caught on and continued to assault her. Once inside the home, Esposito also attacked the victim's 69-year-old mother. When the woman was able to break free and alert neighbors to call 911, Esposito fled and stole both women's cell phones. Aviation and K-9 Units assisted Patrol deputies in the search for Esposito. He was discovered hiding nearby several hours later and taken into custody. Detectives charged Esposito with two counts each of False Imprisonment, Armed Robbery and Armed Burglary of a Dwelling. He also faces Attempted Sexual Battery and Aggravated Battery of a Person over 65. Esposito is a registered Sex Offender who was sentenced to prison in 2006 after being convicted of Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor. He is a considered a prolific offender with a history that includes Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest and Vehicle Theft. He is currently being held at the Sarasota County Jail without bond.

 Daniel Esposito Criminal Charge(s):
1). Charge Description: ROBBERY: WITH WEAPON (FIREARM).
3). Charge Description: KIDNAP-FALSE IMPRISONMENT: ADULT (1).
4). Charge Description: KIDNAP-FALSE IMPRISONMENT: ADULT (2).
5). Charge Description: ROBBERY: WITH WEAPON.
MY POST OF JUST 38 DAYS AGO, TOLD YOU SO SARASOTA!...Thursday, January 21, 2016.... BOLO: Sarasota Homeless Sex Offender Daniel Esposito Wandering Around South Gate Ridge Area of Bee Ridge Rd and S. Beneva Rd Near Publix Grocery Store

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