Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Email from Fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa He Threatens US Attorney Joe Mott and Links to Criminal Defense Attorney Linda Moreno

Another Email from Fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa He Threatens US Attorney Joe Mott and Links to Criminal Defense Attorney Linda Moreno. Osama Sam Mustafa claims in his most recent email to me that US attorney Joseph Mott and attorney Tony Anderson violated his civil rights during his trail in Roanoke VA where he was convicted of masterminding a $17.8 Million Dollar IRS check scam in Tampa and Roanoke VA, the cash was never recovered. Sam Mustafa claims in the email to me "I want to remind everyone of the second amendment (right to bear arms) and there are a few other amendments that will form the basis of my defense when I go after them."
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Warner, Mott is nothing but a criminal who had to violate my rights in every way he could. He's like you a liar Warner. Soon there will be a series of emails outlining Mott's criminality and my attorney tony Anderson complicity. There will be no doubt about what they did. After that they will be given a chance to rectify there criminal behavior. I want to remind everyone of the second amendment and there are a few other amendments that will form the basis of my defense when I go after them. Unlike what my attorney tony Anderson did to me as we were walking into the courtroom and told me he was going to concede the first charge knowing the money laundering charge would fall right after that I am going to give them a deadline which will be ample time for them to admit they violated my civil and constitutional rights at every turn. On this thread you will be included Warner and thanks for the article you sent me . It explained everything I already knew on why I was prosecuted so unfairly and the criminal extent Mott went thru to get me convicted. The other lawyers will be included and people from the media although on a separate thread so the Feds don't intimidate them. I want to make sure there are enough witnesses that you were given a step by step guide on what criminal behavior was committed at trial and that they were given every opportunity to do the right thing.

Sam M.

ROANOKE, VA—A Tampa, Fla. man previously convicted of a scheme to profit from fraudulent United States Treasury checks was sentenced in absentia yesterday in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Roanoke. Osama “Sam” Mustafa, 51, of Tampa, Fla., was previously convicted of one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States for the purpose of impairing the lawful functions of the Internal Revenue Service, to receive fraudulent Treasury Checks, to commit wire fraud and to structure currency transaction, one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Mustafa was sentenced in absentia to 240 months of federal incarceration. In addition, $17.7 million in assets were ordered forfeited from the defendant. Mustafa removed his monitoring bracelet and fled law enforcement following his conviction and while awaiting sentencing, and his bail bond has been forfeited.
On the run fugitive appears to be sending his emails from around Amman Jordan, he has family and political connections to terrorists in Ramallah West Bank. In today's email Osama Sam Mustafa also includes copies to Roanoke Times news reporter jeff.sturgeon <> and criminal defense attorney lindamoreno.esquire <> . Attorney Linda Moreno was an attorney for convicted terrorist supporter Sami al-Arain and she also represented Ghassan Elashi, former chairman of the board for Holy Land Foundation, in what was called the biggest terrorism-financing trial since the Sept. 11 attacks. Ghassan Elashi and four other defendants, all leaders of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, based in Richardson, a Dallas suburb, were convicted on all 108 criminal counts against them, including support of terrorism, money laundering and tax fraud. The group was accused of funneling millions of dollars to the Palestinian militant group Hamas, an Islamist organization the government declared to be a terrorist group in 1995. If Attorney Linda Moreno takes on the defense of fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa I would sure like to know how he is paying her and with what money. The FBI was not able to recover any of the IRS $17.8 million Sam Mustafa stole.

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