Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Unsolved Murder of Binghamton North High French Teacher Irene Izak from a blow to the back of her neck from a large flashlight

  photo credits WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES.
WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES, 12/17/2010…”The body of Irene J. Izak, a 25-year-old French teacher from Scranton, Pa., was found in a ditch near the grounds of DeWolf Point State Park on Wellesley Island early on June 10, 1968. She had been savagely bludgeoned about the head, although a revived investigation 12 years ago revealed a blow to the back of her neck was likely what killed her. 
The murder was reported by a state trooper, David N. Hennigan, who had stopped her car about an hour and 20 minutes earlier on Interstate 81 near Watertown. No arrest was ever made. Late in 1998, the victim’s remains were exhumed at a cemetery outside Scranton for examination by Dr. Michael Baden, chief forensic pathologist for the state police. He made the determination about a blow to her neck from a round cylinder item, like a large flashlight.
  photo credits WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES.
UNSOLVED MURDER OF IRENE IZAK: Irene Izak, a young French teacher from Scranton, Pennsylvania, was headed toward a new job and the promise of a new life in Quebec. She never reached the border that early June morning. Her still unsolved murder that took place in Watertown, NY, on a island that’s part of the Thousand Islands between Canada and the US. Savagely bludgeoned, her face and head pummeled with possibly a large metal flashlight which takes 5 D cell batteries. Irene’s body was discovered in a ravine by state trooper David Hennigan patrolling Route 81 in Jefferson County, who had previously stopped her for speeding in a 1960’s VW Bug with top speed of 58 mph standing on it, what the hell? 

Irene Izak was 25 years old when she was murdered, she was 5′ 0″ tall and 110 lbs, she had at least 3 skull fractures and her face was pushed 2 to 3 inches in to the mud. Information from a Binghamton North High student with direct links to very specific Police Intel concerning the murder of North High French teacher Irene J. Izak by a New York State Trooper. “Dear Bill, I read your post on FB about the murder of Ms. Izak with great interest. I went to Binghamton North in 1966 to 1968. My brother went there from 1964 to 1967. We both had Ms. Izak for a French teacher. Ms. Izak came to our home and tutored my brother in French. We lived very near the high school. So, we knew her better than one would usually know a teacher. After she died, the police came to our house and questioned us about our connection to Ms. Izak. They concluded we had nothing to do with it, which, of course, we didn’t. My uncle was a Binghamton police officer, a detective on the Binghamton police force at the time.
Here’s the interesting part. I never knew until now that this was an “unsolved” case! My uncle told us the trooper “went nuts” and killed her and he was “being treated”. They KNEW the trooper did it! It was covered up. Of course, my uncle isn’t the one who covered it up, but he knew about it and told us very matter of fact that the trooper did it. So, I never realized that it was considered unsolved. My uncle passed away twenty years ago. I remember that even when the newspaper account first came out, it sounded like the trooper did it, but then they “clarified” that he had pulled her over and later “found” her. They did say it was rocks, but, of course, it was the flashlight.”

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