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FBI NEEDS TO TAKE OVER IRENE IZAK's LONG GONE UNSOLVED MURDER, A VERY COLD CASE: I will continue to aggressively promote my investigation of Irene Izak's unsolved murder and hopefully with the aid of the media we can get the FBI involved in the investigation of her 'covered up' murder by a NYS Trooper.  

WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES, 12/17/2010…”The body of Irene J. Izak, a 25-year-old French teacher from Scranton, Pa., was found in a ditch near the rest area on the grounds of DeWolf Point State Park on Wellesley Island early on June 10, 1968 at about 2:00 A.M. during a rain storm by NY State Trooper David Hennigan. She had been savagely bludgeoned about the head, although a revived investigation 12 years ago revealed a blow to the back of her neck was likely what killed her. Irene Izak, a young French teacher from Scranton, Pennsylvania, was headed north on I-81 toward a new job and the promise of a new life in Quebec. She never reached the border that early June morning. Her still unsolved murder that took place in Watertown, NY, on a island that’s part of the Thousand Islands between Canada and the US. Savagely bludgeoned, her face and head pummeled with possibly a large metal flashlight which takes 5 D cell batteries. No way in hell NY State Trooper David Hennigan could have seen or found her body under those conditions. I spent several summers up at nearby Alexandria Bay, no way to see anything or anyone from Route 81 in a ravine at night in the rain, there were no lights in that area, what the hell?

Irene Izak's body was discovered in a ravine near the rest area on the grounds of DeWolf Point State Park on Wellesley Island at around 2:00 A.M. in the morning of June 10, 1968, in pitch black darkness during a rain storm, by NY State Trooper David Hennigan patrolling Route 81 in Jefferson County, no way in hell he could have seen or found her body under those conditions. NY State Trooper David Hennigan had previously stopped Irene Izak for speeding in a 1960’s VW Bug with top speed of 58 mph standing on it, what the hell? By all appearances the killing was done in a fit of rage. As state police began their investigation they picked up several problems with Trooper Hennigan's story. For one thing, his uniform was stained with Ms. Izak's blood. He said he got it on him when he raised her head to check for vital signs, an action that goes against police protocol. In addition, the toll booth operator said Ms. Izak was extremely distressed during their encounter, during which Trooper Hennigan passed by in his unmarked cruiser. And the fact that he was able to spot her body with such ease, despite the pitch-black conditions, puzzled investigators. "There's so many ingredients here". Trooper Hennigan was ultimately taken in for questioning, but his wife showed up and dragged him out. His role as a potential suspect effectively ended there. Family members said, "we would hear Irene Izak's father say in Ukrainian, 'They covered up for one of their own'.

I was able to expand the search for murderer Yaser Said (murdered his 2 daughters) from Dallas TX to New York City and got the FBI New York City office involved in the unsolved case along with an upgraded reward for info to $100,000 by going on Fox News, Inside Edition and John Walsh's America's Most Wanted and voicing my concerns that this man was a threat to the community at large. The unsolved murder of the 'Said Girls' has now gone from a local murder case in Dallas TX to a 'World Wide Hunt' for the father, Yaser Said, with a Interpol Arrest Warrant, he is now one of the FBI's 'Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals', all because the Media put a burning spotlight on the unsolved murder case of the 'Said Girls' and the father Yaser Said.
  photo credits WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES.
There is no Statute of Limitations on a murder case, having no statute of limitations on murder allows law enforcement to occasionally solve cold cases like this one. The Media needs to get involved and put a burning spotlight on why the murder of Irene Izak never moved forward when there were several incriminating pieces of evidence that implicated the NYS Trooper in her murder. FBI needs to take over the investigation of Irene Izak's murder, the family of Irene Izak needs closure, she still has siblings in the Binghamton NY area, this is not 'CASE CLOSED', yet.

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