Monday, January 30, 2017

Sarasota Herald Tribune Gets Played By Patrick Merchant, 30, Who Has Long History of Arrests for Unlicensed Contracting Work as a Plumber or Electrician

UPDATE May 18th, 2017...Got a call today about my article on Patrick Miles Merchant posted on January 30th, 2017 requesting that I soften the tone of my article about Mr. Merchant and all the legal troubles he has. I was told that he was working with the agency 'Turning Points' to obtain housing and getting his electrical license and becoming a productive citizen and all the arrests were just something in the past. I was told Patrick Merchant did not personally reflect all the good work that 'Turning Points' does nor do they actually do extensive background checks they just try to help families in need, which is very commendable. But just a quick look at Patrick Merchant's recent activity indicates continued arrests, a 3rd Degree Felony arrest on April 5th, 2017 related to his electrical contracting work for not obtaining workers' comp insurance and a Misdemeanor First Degree arrest on April 21st 2017 for driving while license revoked reduced from a 3rd Degree Felony. 

Sarasota Herald Tribune Gets Played By Patrick Merchant, 30, Who Has Long History of Arrests for Unlicensed Contracting Work as a Plumber or Electrician. Today's Herald Tribune boo-hoo article "A place to call their own again" goes into the trials and tribulations of Patrick Merchant, DOB 2/11/1986, and his family hard luck, evictions and homelessness. Herald Tribune Apparently the Herald Tribune does little or no fact checking of what people tell them, "The trouble started when Merchant, 30, was laid off from his plumbing job, which then led to an eviction. Merchant is starting an LLC for his handyman business and still goes to Turning Points each week to perform job searches
Did Herald TribuneUnlicensed Contracting Work as a Plumber or Electrician in Sarasota County during "Operation Freelancer" by the Sarasota County Sheriff Department. Patrick Merchant has multiple arrests for same in both Sarasota County and Manatee County dating back to February 27th, 2012 in Manatee County. Patrick Merchant was advertising on Crigslist that he was a Licensed Contractor stating "Fast & Quick response in a timely manner Service, repair's, insulation & minor electrical". Don't do the crimes if you can't do the time, Patrick Merchant's criminal history is his own doing with resulting financial trouble and evictions.
In several of Patrick Merchant's arrest reports and/or court cases his girlfriend Nicole Hatala is mentioned as next of kin or a contact person, same people, Nicole Hatala and Patrick Merchant, as in the Herald Tribune boo-hoo article "A place to call their own again". Patrick Merchant is currently on Probation for a conviction of Unlicensed Contracting Work as a Plumber or Electrician in Sarasota County, Case Number 2016-CF-007014-NC, with earliest termination of Probation 12/12/2017.
Patrick Miles Merchant, DOB 2/11/1986, was recently arrested, again, on November 25, 2016 in Manatee County for Unregulated Electrical Contracting booking number 2016011098. Manatee County 41 2016MM004189AX. Patrick Merchant has an open 1st degree Misdemeanor case in Manatee County for ACTING IN THE CAPACITY OF AN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR WITHOUT BEING REGISTERED OR LICENSED. On 12/28/2016 a PLEA OF NOT GUILTY, DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL, AND NOTICE OF PARTICIPATION IN DISCOVERY was entered. In the court papers his girlfriend Nicole is mentioned.

SARASOTA PATCH May 23, 2016....9 Unlicensed Contractors Arrested In Sarasota Bust. ‘Operation Freelancer III’ took aim at those who perform construction work without proper licensing. SARASOTA, FL — Nine people face criminal charges after Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies say they attempted to perform contracting work without the proper licenses. The men were arrested during “Operation Freelancer III,” the continuation of an ongoing effort meant to crack down on unlicensed contractors. Since 2012, the sheriff’s office has assigned several of its detectives to look into cases where people are accused of performing contracting work without proper certification, permits or licenses. The recent three-day sweep resulted in nine felony charges and 14 misdemeanor charges, the sheriff’s office said. Those arrested happen to have a combined history of 91 prior felony charges and 32 convictions, the agency noted in a media release.Those arrested are:

  • Patrick Merchant, DOB 02/11/86, 5222 47th Street E., Bradenton
  • Edilson Dos Santos Pereira, 49, of North Port
  • Robert Wieselman, 61, of Sarasota
  • Alejandro Ventura-Blanco, 53, of Sarasota
  • Moises Gonzalez, 43, of Sarasota
  • Michael Maggio, 53, of Sarasota
  • John Yoder, 68, of Sarasota
  • Eric Larson, 49, of North Port

BRADENTON HERALD February 27, 2012 Fourteen local laborers were charged with unlicensed contracting earlier this month as part of a sting aimed at unlicensed contractors. According to a Manatee County government news release. Working with the Manatee County Building and Development Services Department and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Manatee County sheriff's deputies on Feb. 15 and 16 arrested 14 people who were attempting contract work without proper licenses. Each man had submitted a proposal to undercover investigators for construction work that required a contractor’s license they didn’t have, according to the county. Those cited for unlicensed contracting work are: Eugene Rizzo, Michael Szjbut, Martin Rodriguez-Estrada, Joseph Ambrosino, Jose Rivera, Patrick Merchant, William Luff, Raymond Robinson, Jr., Matthew Wheatley, Lawrence Slipko, David Moore, James Reese, Timothy Gretsinger and Travis Hall.

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