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LISK's M.O. He Kept Severed Head & Feet & Hands of Hookers and Discarded At Gilgo Beach, Pimp Somorie Moses Kept Girlfriend's Severed Head & Feet & Hands in Freezer

The Long Island Serial Killer, LISK, reign of terror appears to start in 1996 and end on or about in the fall of 2012, just before Hurricane Sandy swept in on October 29th 2012. Sex offender and frequently arrested Somorie Moses, 40, a longtime Pimp in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn NY was sent to prison at the Gouverneur Correctional Facility on September 17th 2012 for three years on a gun charge, the exact same time frame LISK's murderous activity stopped. Somorie Moses got out of prison on January 8th, 2016. It appears that all LISK activity stopped in the Fall of 2012 while Somorie Moses was in prison and now he (Moses/LISK) is back and chopping the head off of a sex worker.
Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island on October 29th 2012 and wiped out any additional evidence linking to LISK, the Long Island Serial Killer. An evacuation was ordered for South Shore LI, including areas south of Sunrise Highway, north of Route 25A, and in elevations of less than 16 feet above sea level on the North Shore. In Suffolk County, mandatory evacuations were ordered for residents of Fire Island and six towns.
LISK's M.O. He Kept Severed Head & Feet & Hands of Hookers and Discarded At Gilgo Beach, Pimp Somorie Moses Kept Girlfriend's Severed Head & Feet & Hands in Freezer.Somorie Moses life as a pimp makes for a perfect cover job as LISK. Somorie Moses aka Somorie Barfield is a long time pimp, he is very street wise, he speaks the lingo of prostitutes, he would have had no problem convincing sex workers to come out to Queens, were he lived prior to 2007, for bogus 'dates' and killing them, dumping their dismembered bodies at Gilgo Beach. Somorie Moses aka Somorie Barfield hates women, look what he did to his girl friend Leondra Foster in Brooklyn and this is not the first body Somorie Moses chopped up, you can bet on that. Leondra Foster's headless torso and limbs had turned up at a Bronx waste facility last week, her head and hands and feet were found in Somorie Moses apartment stuffed in his freezer over the weekend, this is exactly what LISK did. Leondra 'Lee Lee' Foster was a known sex worker, sources said, and Moses’ name was tattooed on one of the victim’s dismembered feet. Foster’s father told The Post Tuesday that his daughter had been abused by Moses for months before her death, and that the two had been living together.
Killer's M.O. Severed Head, Feet & Hands:
'LISK', The Long island Serial Killer left several sex worker victims torso's, body parts and heads in different areas. DNA linked a woman’s torso found in 1997 in Nassau County, New York, and the body parts of a woman whose remains were found years later on Gilgo Beach in Suffolk County, New York. The link, showing the torso belong to the unidentified female victim known as “Peaches,” is according to information in the federal National Missing & Unidentified Persons System. Also police revealed that a second set of remains found in Nassau County on April 11, 2011, matched two legs that were found in a garbage bag that had washed up on Fire Island in 1996. 

Jessica Taylor, 20, most recently of Manhattan, went missing in July, 2003. On July 26, 2003, her naked torso, chopped in pieces and missing its head and hands, was discovered 45 miles east of Gilgo Beach in Manorville, New York, these remains were identified by DNA analysis later that year. On May 9, 2011, it was reported that the remains of a skull, a pair of hands, and a forearm found on March 29 at Gilgo belonged to Taylor. She had worked in Washington, D.C., and Manhattan as a prostitute. The remains of "Jane Doe No. 6" were also found both in Manorville (torso) and on Gilgo Beach (head, hands and foot). What was the next move for Somorie Moses, was he going to dump the head and hands and feet of his girlfriend in the Atlantic?

LISK MURDER VICTIM: The Long Island Serial Killer dumped the bodies of his victims along Ocean Parkway, a fifteen mile stretch of highway that traverses Jones Beach Island on Long Island, New York. Located near the popular beach towns of Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach in Suffolk County as well as near Jones Beach State Park in Nassau County, the killer dumps his victims, above ground in thick brush, often only a few feet from the heavily-travelled roadway. Police surmised that the killer lured the prostitutes back to his home where he killed them and chopped them up and disposed of the body parts along the beach-front roadway. Jessica Taylor worked as a prostitute all over the East Coast and had been arrested multiple times in New York City on a variety of charges including car theft and prostitution police records show. She was just 20 years old, had a tattoo on her back of a red heart with an angel wing ("Remy's Angel"), wore hoop earrings and had moved on to Washington, D.C., after her release from a Rikers Island jail. But then she returned. On July 26, 2003, days after she was seen working as a prostitute on the streets near the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan Taylor got into a car in this area she ended up 70 miles away in Manorville LI, where police say she was merely dumped, after being killed somewhere else.
Jessica Taylor's nude torso was found in the woods in Manorville, near the Long Island Expressway, Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota said that a woman's head, hands and forearm discovered March 29 in the brush along Ocean Parkway, about a mile east of where the original Gilgo victims were found, belonged to Taylor, establishing a grim connection between two body dumping grounds in the county. Jessica Taylor had been arrested on prostitution charges in Washington, Atlantic City and New York City. In one case, from Feb. 4, 2003, Taylor solicited an undercover officer for $50 to perform a sex act in Long Island City, Queens, records show. Taylor might have remained anonymous had it not been for a Washington police officer. Poring over police bulletins of unidentified remains, he realized that a tattoo of a red heart with an angel wing and the words "Remy's Angel" on the back of the torso found in Manorville fit her description. The tattoo had been cut and mutilated to make identification harder. Taylor’s was the third body to turn up along this patch of woods since Nov. 19, 2000. The first body belonged to a white woman in her 30s with brown hair. She had been dead for several weeks before her nude, headless body was found, cut into pieces and stuffed in plastic bags. Her hands and right foot were never located, and police say the woman must have had some kind of identifying mark, like a tattoo, on her foot/ankle that the killer had wanted to get rid of (Somorie Moses's murdered and chopped up girlfriend had his name tattooed on her foot) .  
The torso of a black or Hispanic woman, also with her head and hands cut off, was found by a hiker in Hempstead Lake State Park on June 28, 1997. Nassau County Medical Examiner Eric Smith, who worked on the case, which is still active—cold cases are never closed in New York State until they are solved—says she is known among law enforcement as “Peaches” due to a tattoo of a peach above her left breast. “Cut the fingers out, decapitate the head,” says Smith. “Those are two ways of preventing people from tracing that person.” Her fingerprints and dental history gone, “Peaches” torso was wrapped in black plastic garbage bags. 
Nassau County and New York State investigators reported that DNA evidence confirmed partial skeletal remains found in the brush near Zach’s Bay at Jones Beach State Park in 2011 belong to "Peaches" whose torso was found in Hempstead Lake State Park in 1997. Investigators have said the Jones Beach remains, which authorities had dubbed Jane Doe No. 3 ("Peaches") was determined via DNA evidence to be the mother of Baby Doe, a toddler whose skeletal remains, head and hands, were found east of Cedar Beach on April 4, 2011.  
Somorie Moses prior address in 2006, as listed on the New York State sex offender registry, was 112-48 205 St Albans in Queens NY which is only 6 miles from Hempstead Lake State Park where the torso of Peaches was found wrapped in black plastic garbage bags. Somorie Moses murdered his sex worker girlfriend and chopped up her body, disposing of her torso and arms and legs in the Bronx wrapped in black plastic garbage bags. Somorie Moses kept Leondra Foster' head and hands and feet in his freezer in Brooklyn. One of Leondra Foster's feet had Somorie Moses name tattooed on it.

NYP The father of a woman who was murdered, hacked up and stuffed into a freezer said his daughter’s suspected killer boyfriend is a sadistic woman-hater who deserves “medieval torture.” Kenneth Foster told The Post on Tuesday that his daughter, Leondra Foster, 32, had been abused for months by her sex-offender beau, Somorie Moses, 40, before her gruesome death. “He has a thing against women,” Foster said. “We tried to get her to leave him, but she would just get mad at us. I guess she had battered-woman syndrome.” Moses, a longtime pimp, was arrested Sunday after investigators found Foster’s head, hands and feet crammed inside an icebox at his Flatbush home, police sources said. 

Photo above from Facebook page of Leondra 'Lee Lee' Foster. Ex-con sex offender Somorie Moses has a tattoo on his right wrist, he is a long time pimp and enforcer and at 6' 4" tall and 210 lbs he gets respect on the streets, no snitchin. Leondra Foster's headless torso and limbs had turned up at a Bronx waste facility last week. 32-year-old Leondra Foster of Brooklyn died from multiple blunt force traumas, including skull fractures (just like Asian Male murdered by LISK). Her death was ruled a homicide by the Medical Examiner. "This really hurt my whole family," said Shanicqua Figueroa, the victim's sister. That family's pain was on full display in anguish over the death of Leondra Foster. The brutality of Foster's murder only added to the heartbreak of loved ones. Last week, body parts were discovered at a waste transfer station in the Bronx. A woman's torso and arms were recovered, and then the investigation led police to East Flatbush where 40-year old Somorie Moses, an ex-con and registered sex offender, was arrested.
Why did Sex Offender Somorie Moses drive up to the Bronx NY to dump a body when he lives at 185 ERASMUS STREET Apt B7 BROOKLYN NY which is about 18 miles away and through heavy NYC traffic anywhere from a 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour drive with a decapitated body in the vehicle? The remains were “housed in black garbage bags,” according to the criminal complaint, which said Moses threw the black garbage bags into the rear of a garbage truck in the vicinity of Burnside and Jerome Ave in the Bronx NY on Jan. 17 at about 3:15 a.m. Cops used surveillance footage from the transfer station and cell phone records to identify Moses, police sources said. Somehow, somewhere NYPD officers were able to match a license plate seen on surveillance footage in the Bronx to a vehicle linked to Somorie Moses who lives n Brooklyn.

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