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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gaggle of Frustrated Female Trump Haters 'Women's March on Sarasota' Block Traffic at Bayfront Park

The new nasty women's Trump haters club rears it's ugly head in Sarasota were hundreds of frustrated female Trump haters 'Women's March on Sarasota' Blocked Traffic at Bayfront Park. The far left liberal lunatic fringe just can not stand losing as the better man won, President Donald J. Trump.
Comment from a single mom who has kids and a full time job.."just ridiculous, I don't think half the women there knew what the hell they were protesting lMAO. .They take one idea of what Trump said take it completely out of context and gain an excuse to exaggerate for a fictitious cause that hasn't even happened yet. Propaganda and lies, all for a rally to persuade women to do what exactly? Equal rights? That is exactly what Trump is about, If half the women would get their head out of their asses they would see past all the Political bull shit and see that Trump is trying to change a corrupt system that has been manipulated by people with Money that have power to influence therefore most presidents being funded by those in power have been infiltrating their ideas to stay in power. Trump doesn't need money, therefore he speaks his mind without any care for the political twist that the media uses for their persuasions on whatever they decide.

Far Left Liberal Losers Sarasota Solidarity March Hosted by: Action Together Suncoast formerly Pantsuit Nation Southwest Florida and Sponsored by the Sarasota Democratic Party. There will be a river of tears flowing over the Ringling Bridge at the Far Left Liberal Losers Sarasota Solidarity March, In Solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington – ALL supporters are wholly welcome! Hosted by: Action Together Suncoast. 

Meet at the Sailor Statue downtown for a march across the bridge. Sponsored by the Sarasota Democratic Party, "Our goal is to build the Democratic base at the precinct and county levels so that all residents of Sarasota County share in the dream of a better life—regardless of race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. We are working to turn Sarasota County BLUE!!! see
The Herald Tribune panders, again, to the far left liberal audience in Sarasota fl with a cry me a river story titled, "In Sarasota, preparing for Women's March in Washington" the Herald Tribune lists some of the Action Together SunCoast formerly Pantsuit Nation Southwest Florida crybaby losers dramatic stories: "Diane Perry, a member of a national group of Hillary Clinton supporters, sat in her tear-stained pantsuit, sobbing hysterically and shouting "No, no, no!"Sarasota native Beth Price, in a numb state of shock, opted for the oblivion of sleep, unable to "wrap my head around it."
Kay Mather, a lifelong Republican, made a decision to switch her party affiliation. Cathy Bryant retreated to the calming influence of her yoga practice. Susan Nilon, who recently entered law school in a mid-life career shift, got mad."And when you get angry, you get active," Nilon said. For the past two months, local women who felt the sting of Trump's victory like a personal slap in the face have been channeling their disappointment, activism and hope for the future into events that will take place Saturday".

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