Wednesday, January 04, 2017

4 Gitmo Terrorist Detainees Transferring to Saudi Arabia as Part of Obama's Wave of 'Get Out of Jail Free Cards' Will 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be Next?

4 Gitmo Terrorist Detainees Transferring to Saudi Arabia as Part of Obama's Wave of Lunatic 'Get Out of Jail Free Cards' For Al-Qaeda Will 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be Next? POTUS Obama is unhinged and dangerous, he needs to close up shop and hit the bricks, airing out Gitmo is only going to be the cause of another 9/11 terror attack! Sending Gitmo terrorists back to Saudi Arabia is the ultimate slap in the face to all the families of the FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority Cops, EMT's and every other civilian murdered by 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers on 9/11 who for the most part hailed from Saudi Arabia and were financed by Saudi Arabian financiers. Trump needs to shut Obama down!
Ammar Al Baluchi is in U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay detention camp along with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. U.S. officials allege that the majority of money that came to the Saudi hijackers for the September 11 attacks was transferred through Baluchi, will Obama free these bastards too? Four Gitmo detainees are slated to be transferred to Saudi Arabia in the next 24 hours, the first of the final wave of up to 20 transfers expected before Inauguration Day, two U.S. officials tell Fox News. The transfers are proceeding despite renewed opposition from President-elect Donald Trump, who tweeted on Tuesday: “There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield.” The Pentagon said Gitmo transfers would continue over Trump’s objection. There are 59 Gitmo detainees remaining. Roughly 20 are expected to be transferred before Trump is sworn in later this month. Saudi Arabia received detainees most recently in April, when the Obama administration transferred nine to the country, including an alleged bodyguard of Usama Bin Laden. All nine detainees were linked to Al Qaeda. U.S. officials say 30 percent of released detainees are suspected of returning to the battlefield. Trump’s nominee to run the Department of Homeland Security, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, told Pentagon reporters in January that all remaining Gitmo detainees were “bad boys.” “Some of them were more effective in being bad boys than others,” he said.

The last batch of violent terrorists released by Obama from Gitmo: The 15 men released from Guantánamo on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016. From left, top row: Day one detainee Mahmud al Mujahid, now 36. Mohammed Khusruf, now 66. Abd al Muhsin Salih al Busi, now 37. Abd al Rahman Sulayman, now 37. Zahir Omar Hamis bin Hamdoun, now 36. From left, middle row: Majid Mahmud Abdu Ahmed, now 36. Bashir al Marwalah, now 37. Saeed Sarem Jarabh, now 38. Ayub Murshid Ali Salih, now 38. Mohammed al Adahi, now 54. From left bottom row: Abdel Qadir al Mudhaffari, now 40. Abdul Muhammed al Muhajari, now 46. Afghan Obaidullah, now 36. Afghan Haji Hamdullah, in his 50s. Not pictured: Afghan Mohammed Kamin, now 38. All the photos except Hamdoun’s Inernational Red Cross picture obtained by the Miami Herald.

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