Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Binghamton NY Child Rapist and Murderer James B. Wales up for Parole in 90 Days he Could Be On the Streets in July 2017 Violent Sex Offenders Never Cured

UPDATE FROM ELMIRA CORRECTIONAL PRISON: James B. Wales, DOB 7/06/1948, raped and murdered a 12 year old girl in Binghamton NY in March of 1984. James B. Wales is currently in the Elmira Correctional Facility, Date Received 12/7/1984, Earliest Release Date 7/22/2017, Parole Hearing Date in March 2017. Since the conviction of James B. Wales came before the enactment of Megan’s Law, he won’t be required to register as a sex offender if released. “That was probably one of the worst things that ever happened in the city of Binghamton,” Cheri’s father David Lindsey said. “It was so blatant, the way it happened. She was just innocent. She was just out doing her little job, collecting on her paper route.” David Lindsey, a retired Binghamton police officer, said he’s convinced James Wales will re-offend if ever released. The Megan’s Law sex offender registration and community notification provisions were signed into law on October 31, 1994.  
32 years after her murder, the family of Cheri Lindsey is trying to ensure her killer stays behind bars. It was in March 1984 that Cheri Lindsey went on her paper route on afternoon, and didn’t return home. Cheri Ann Lindsey vanished in March 1984 after she had been collecting from customers on her paper route near her home on Binghamton’s North Side. After an extensive search, her body was found in the basement of the James B. Wales residence. Wales was sentenced to 33 and a third years to life, so far he has served 32 almost 33 years. Wales was moved from the maximum-security Auburn Correctional Facility to the medium-security Cayuga Correctional Facility in Moravia NY and he is now in the Elmira Correctional Facility. Elmira Correctional Facility is located in Chemung County New York.  It is a maximum security prison for adult males.  Elmira Correctional Facility serves two roles; it is a reception center that is responsible for the intake and classification of offenders, and it is a general confinement prison.

Identifying and Location Information
As of 12/20/16 DIN (Department Identification Number) 84C1060
Inmate Name WALES, JAMES B
Date of Birth 07/06/1948
Race / Ethnicity WHITE
Custody Status IN CUSTODY
Housing / Releasing Facility ELMIRA
Date Received (Original) 12/07/1984
Date Received (Current) 03/14/1985
County of Commitment BROOME
Crimes of Conviction. If all 4 crime fields contain data, there may be additional crimes not shown here. In this case, the crimes shown here are those with the longest sentences.
As of 12/20/16 Crime Class
Sentence Terms and Release Dates. Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 12/20/16 Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0033 Years, 04 Months, 00 Days.
Aggregate Maximum Sentence LIFE Years, 99 Months, 99 Days
Earliest Release Date 07/22/2017
Parole Hearing Date 03/2017
Parole Eligibility Date 07/22/2017
Conditional Release Date NONE
Maximum Expiration Date LIFE

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