Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight Abdul, Dead Muslim Terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan Called Dead Al-Qeada Propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki a Hero


NBC NEWS: Minutes before his car-and-knife attack on the Ohio State University campus, Abdul Razak Ali Artan posted a photo to his Facebook page. It was a picture of a document on a Dell computer screen with the warning: "Screenshot this before it gets deleted." Below that was a jumbled screed in which the author railed about the treatment of Muslims around the world. It vented anger at the United States, cited the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma and name-checked radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, calling him a "hero." There was no specific threat of violence but a suggestion that the U.S. could stop "lone wolf attacks" by making peace with "dawla in al sham," an outdated name for ISIS. He wrote that he had reached "a boiling point" and included a bombastic vow to "kill a billion infidels" to save a single Muslim. "By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday," the post reads. The rant was not signed but it was posted just before police say Artan rammed a relative's car into a small crowd of OSU students and staff and then jumped up with a butcher knife, slashing at them. A campus police officer shot him dead.